Liomen Prime Skincare Anti-Aging Cream For Men : Review

About Liomen

Liomen is an all-in-one anti-aging cream for men that does all you need it to do. Clearer, healthier, younger-looking skin in just 7-seconds a day. 

Clearer, healthier, younger-looking skin in just 7-seconds a day

  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Firmer and tighter skin
  • Healthy skin tone
  • Lifted and contoured jawline

The Packaging

4 Bottles of Liomen (4 x 50ml 1.7 fl. oz.)

The sad truth is we are not getting any younger, and sometimes when we look in the mirror this fact is easy to see…sometimes sooner than later so a little help can be useful.

The guys at Liomen sent me 4 months’ worth, and as you can see each container lasts for one month.

Visually they looked very nice, but personally, if they were on a shelf in a shop they wouldn’t stand out too much…I would maybe have the lion in the same dark yellow that they use on the website but that’s just me.

The Cream

Every bottle of Liomen is made in the UK in laboratories adhering to cGMP standards. Every anti-aging ingredient has been personally assessed by a Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science. Each was selected based on independent clinical studies, often undertaken by some of the world’s most prestigious universities, on skincare and anti-aging.

Quite simply, Liomen is backed by clinically proven evidence-based science.

Since this was cream and a product, I wanted to spend some time with it and see how it actually is and if it does do what it says.

I first tried this after a shower and shave, and I have sensitive skin so normally I am red for a little after I shave so I waited till the redness calmed down to apply this.

When I applied it, I felt no stinging, and my face didn’t go read or have any stinging feelings from it which are really good.

That tells me it’s good for sensitive skin, so we were off to a good start.

First few weeks…

I always like to give a product a good test as that’s the only way I know if it does what it’s meant to do.

Obviously, any antiaging product won’t turn the clock back many years, and you suddenly look like you are back in your 20s but they should help a little.

Over the few weeks, I put this on every night after my normal shave and shower routine.

I have sensitive skin and found this not to irritate it which was great, and this continued every time I applied it.

Now did I notice anything?… actually I did!

I have always had great skin apart from being sensitive, but I did notice my skin felt softer, and also some lines on my forehead were not as visible.

I was gifted 4 months’ worth so I will hopefully see more improvements in the following months.

The Remaining Months

I have continued this every day at night before I go to sleep, and now to let you know what my overall thoughts are.

After all this time my skin was still ok with this cream, no irritation or nipping etc so that’s really good and something I always look for.

Does it help reduce wrinkles etc? as you have read I have put this to the test and now I can tell you yes it does.

I wouldn’t say I look 10 years younger, but I have noticed improvements in some lines on my forehead and around my eyes. These lines are now not as obvious or the very small ones are practically gone now…plus my skin does feel softer but that’s due to a daily routine.

With what I have seen, I have no issues recommending Liomen as I have seen results and yes even the results I got are good for me.

I will keep up my daily routine and let you know once I’ve finished my gifted amount.


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