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The Exclamation! Magazine brand exists to inspire and inform the upscale, bold, and artistic; to showcase top creators of entertainment and arts; and to enrich all purveyors of fashion, music, and art in a refined, luxurious, and eloquent manner. 

Exclamation! Magazine is a quarterly print and online publication launching March 2019. We are focused on upscale, bold, and artistic fashion, music, and art. We are based in Jacksonville, FL with contributors and distribution internationally. We are seeking sponsors who are passionate about supporting the arts and print media .

Now this is an interesting post, a first for me but that’s good as I want to try and review different areas.

I came across this online magazine by accident and decided to check it out, as I liked how it sounded and also I wanted to see how the online magazine area is and if I liked that concept.

Design & Content

I am not a big reader of books, magazines etc so I decided to sit down and take my time checking it out.

This months magazine covered the following areas : Music, Art and Female Fashion.

A quick skim and I didn’t feel overwhelmed with information, which for me was good as my attention span is not the best 🙂

The first thing I noticed it had a very clean, minimalistic look but at the same time very professional.

I liked the use of language used, and tone, as I found it easy to understand and the use of images….very well edited.

As you can see there is a lot of information, but nothing that will bombard your brain too much plus the photos are nicely situated to break up the article. I found the photos helped to make an impact on the story, and they were really nice to look at.

The fonts used and spacing/layouts are also very easy on the eyes.


In this months issue several music bands and festivals were written about (Mostly in America), which for me was very good as I am always on the hunt to learn of new bands and styles.

To be honest from start to finish, I found it a very interesting read more so as I was reading about subjects that I wouldn’t normally read about.

This magazine comes in physical and digital format, the one I read was the digital version which is a lot cheaper to buy than the physical…as expected.

Fancy something different to read? then why not give this a shot like I did…I enjoyed the read so I am sure you will to.


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