Via Italia (Glasgow) : Review

115 Union Street
Glasgow G1 3TA

V: 29th May 2017      T: 0141 222 2368 W:

Child Friendly: Yes      Accepts: Cash & Card

Well finally after promising Via Italia on Twitter I would visit, I finally did so here is what I thought.

I love all things Italian, and more so the food so I was looking forward to trying some street food and what it was like inside.

I decided on my first visit to only have 1 item and a drink just to get a feel for the place, and aim to pop in again in the future.

Inside has a very relaxed and modern Italian cafe look, along with the decor on the walls.

The Food :

Today I ordered :

Piada Stick (Pepperoni and cheese) £3.75


This was basically like a flat bread pizza, and it was very nice. The dough was a little too doughy for me but overall it was nice and very filling.

If you plan on having this and a few other items be warned this is very filling, well it was for me and I am a big eater.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 4
Presentation : 3
Value for money : 5

Fruit Juice £2.60


I thought lets try a different drink rather than my normal coffee with my lunch, and I opted for this not knowing how it would taste.

This was very pleasant and very refreshing.

Flavour : 5
Value for money : 5


Overall :

For a quick snack or lunch, or even a light dinner this place is worth a visit.

I saw a few other things I would like to try next time, so keep watching as I aim to be back soon.

Review Scores – 

  • Atmosphere : 3.5
  • Staff : 4
  • Menu : 4.5
  • Service : 4.5
  • The portion sizes & taste : 4.5
  • Value for money: 5
  • Overall : 4
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One thought on “Via Italia (Glasgow) : Review”

  1. This is Giuliano Delia, he is the manager of Via Italia on Hope Street. We have now heard from several sources including customers, former and current staff that he likes to bully and victimise his workers. Reducing young women to tears with intimidation and verbal attacks. Here’s just one story:

    “Yesterday I went for a 3 hour training shift at via Italia. Walked up the stairs and introduced myself to the girls working there. Within the first minute of me being there this is what happened. The girl looked at me with tears in her eyes and said its horrible …. I asked what’s going on and got told quietly that we are not allowed to talk or we get shouted at. I then went and introduced myself to the manager an Italian man named julinio . To get a blank response … Explained that I was in for training to which he replied I’m to buisy and walked away standing about with a smug look on his face. When he wondered of the girl whispered to me that she’s leaving she can’t take it anymore. A asked again what’s going on. Didn’t take me long to find out what was going on … As about two minutes later the manager started shouting at the girls calling then “stupid” and there idiots. He then went and started slamming his board in front of the girl while hurling abuse at her And then he stormed in the back. I approached the girl and asked if she was oky she just looked at me and shaked her head. I asked is this how yous are usually treated to which the response was “no he gets much worse then that” the girls then told me how he takes them in the back individually up against a corner and shouts at them. I said to the girls … Yous do know that this isn’t oky that’s intimidation and bullying . They said yes we know but there’s nothing we can do about it. I spoke to the Italian girl and she said she doesn’t get it that bad the other girls get it much worse. He then came back through again and started picking on the Scottish girl again. Who just kept looking at me with tears in her eyes shaking. All the while the manager was walking about with a smug look on his face aware that he made all the girls upset and looked to be rather enjoying it as if he was taken pleasure from all of this. A customer had asked for something so the girl started preparing it mid way through the customer changed his mind the manager walked over and I could see the girl she was panicking and nervous. He started shouting at her because the customer had changed his mind and she had started making something else. By this time the 4 girls I was on with were walking about like nervous wrecks trying to keep themselves buisy…. Cause if there seen standing for a second they will get pulled into the back I was told. At this point I overheard the manager talking to a customer about the girls saying they are all useless and pointing over to them and laughing. The girls were aware of all of this but just kept there heads down. A couple of guys came in….the girls were doing great serving away then the manager came over and started shouting at the girls again stopping them mid way through serving and sending them of to do other things and shouting at one girl to stop half way throw her order to finish of another to which she then got confused to what it was she was meant to do. The customers who had took all this in and seen that one of the girls was nearly in tears asked if she was oky to which she just shook her head… One of the guys said to the manager trying to help out quote “the girls were doing great until you came over I take it your the manager” to which the manager just smiled. By this point the girls were all nervous wrecks every one of them looked as if they were about to break down. I had seen more then enough by this point that I had already decided that I wasn’t stepping foot in that shop again. That was my 3 hours over and 3 hours a will never forget. When the Scottish girl saw that I was leaving she looked panicked and was like your not leaving are you. I reassured her that I’m going to do something about this …. bullying, intimidation and belittling is not acceptable in any situation and when you have young girls at 18 19 years old to scared to say anything because there terrified for there jobs so they put up with it that’s absolutely heartbreaking and something needs to get done about it. I have worked in hospitality for 5 years and never have I seen anything like that in the workplace. So to top it all of was downstairs getting my stuff getting ready to go. The manager unaware that I was in the next room stated yelling at the superviser about him hiring Scottish people he doesn’t like Scottish people and we are all “stupid” apparently! This rant went on for about 5minutes I just sat and listened in the next room while the manager when on a rant about how thick we all are and laughing away to himself. I have never been so outraged, upset, furious and offended by anything I have ever seen or heard happening in the workplace and something needs to be done about it! The girl asked me if there’s anything I can do to help. While I’m not going back there ever again those girls are still working there! To scared to say anything. If that is how you treat your staff then you will be named and shamed and your business will be affected by this! Until there staff get treated with the respect they deserve! A will continue on passing on everything I heard and saw happening in that shop yesterday. If anyone has any advice of who I could contact about this matter it would be much appreciated, and a will also be grateful to anyone who shares this! These girls are human beings not play things for a manager to bully, intimidate and ridicule.”

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