Sock Life Socks Subscription Box : Review


The guys over at Sock Life sent me a subscription box to try.

Every month you will receive 2 brand new pairs of Sock Life socks to add to your amazing sock collection! That’s right, you get 2 pairs every month for only £8.99pm.

The Subscription Box

Woohoo so I popped out to get some shopping, and when I returned through my letterbox was my Sock Life Subscription Box.

This was nice and thin and the perfect size, so you wouldn’t need to worry about missing that guy at your door as it letter box friendly.

Socks for me are like friends, you can find them anywhere but only a few are good and only a few you want to keep….so now it was time to see if I made a new friend.

Pair 1

The first pair from Sock Life UK are taking you on a vibrate yet cool journey.

They are made from really nice and soft material, and still allow your feet to breath.

I put them on and wore them for a day before doing this review, and can say I found them to be very comfy and felt nice on.

I had happy feet 🙂

Pair 2

The second pair also took me on a comfy and bright journey.

Again the material allowed my feet to breath and also felt really nice and soft on.

Another day and more happy feet 🙂

Overall :

Note : Just because this was gifted, that has not influenced my thoughts in any way. The above is a 100% honest review of the product.

I have tried in the past a Socks subscription, and just like these they were really nice and vibrant but I feel these ones are of a slightly better quality and on and nice to touch.

The socks are really good quality, lovely and colourful with quirky designs. These style of socks would go with a smart suit, or just a smart but casual outfit.

I even had a few comments on my instagram about these, and everyone around me really liked the style and designs.

I have no hesitation to recommend these, as they are good quality and have funky designs. Plus for £8.99 per month for two cool funky and comfy socks, thats really good value for money.

Website :

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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Club Sock : The Last Sock


This months delivery is my very last from Club Sock, as I opted for the three month subscription.

As you have read in the last posts, I have been 50/50 with my subscription socks.

The first were ok, the second were pink and not a colour I would normally wear so I was hoping that they saved the best for last.

I opened the package…


My first thought was these are ok looking, again not a design I would normally select but hey its good to try something different sometimes.

Just like the previous socks, the material is very very good quality. The design is ok, I am sure someone reading this will like it when others won’t so its all down to personal taste.

These also felt nice to wear, very comfy and were a perfect size for me. When wearing these with shoes they felt good, and kept my feet nice and warm.

Overall this idea is a funky one, as more and more items are being packaged as a subscription box clothes, aftershaves etc

I probably won’t continue as the styles are not to my taste, but if you have liked what you have seen why not try Club Sock out?  Just because it wasn’t for me, doesn’t mean its not something for you so check them out.

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Club Sock : The First Sock Review

I recently saw on Twitter another Glasgow Blogger reviewing Club Sock, the idea sounded cool so I thought lets give them a try and see what its like. As you may have read I tried Cheese Postie in December so I wanted to try another subscription service.

There were two I had in mind, one was Club Sock and the other was for guys boxers…I selected Club Sock.

Twitter :
Website :

If you know subscription services like Netflix etc then this is just the same but with socks. You pay a monthly fee for how ever long you like, and each month premium socks are carefully selected and sent to you via the post.

Club Socks subscription is split in to two :

  • £7.99 a month
  • £23 for a one off pay

I went for a one off payment of £23 for a 3 month subscription, as I thought lets see what style and quality they were offering.

Basically when you subscribe you don’t know what colour, brand or design you get till they arrive, so it’s a fun time when they arrive and you open your package for the first time.


As you can see from the above photo, this is how they arrive via the post. This is good, as there is not a lot of wastage since its just socks.

Now was the reveal of what the socks looked like.


First Impressions :

First impression was “pink

Pink is not normally or really ever a colour I would choose, I am more a Black, or Blue person so this was a little disappointing.

The quality of the socks are really good, and the fit is very nice and comfy but its just the colour for me.

Yes, I did try them on, but due to the colour I wouldn’t wear this one so I am now hoping the next one is a better colour….well one that is more to my taste.

Overall :

Overall the idea is very nice, and the quality of the socks are really good. For me this first one was a little disappointing due to the colour, maybe someone out there doesn’t mind but for me it’s not a colour I would normally wear.

Looking forward to my next one now.

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