Kris Eats Romania 🇷🇴 – 12 Doispe in Craiova VLOG

Hi and welcome to my YouTube Series Kris Eats, in this video while I was staying in Romania I visit a burger restaurant called 12 Doispe in Craiova.

This is my favorite place to get burgers while in Craiova, so I had to visit again.

Kris Drinks: Romania 🇷🇴 : Tasting Beers from Romania Review VLOG

This year I sat down to try a good selection of Romanian Beers, find out what my thoughts are.

I had a few favourites that I would have again on my next trip to Romania.

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VLOG : Kris Eats #Romania 🇷🇴 -Tasting Romanian Sweets & Candy

Join me for my first taste of Romanian treats where I sit in a park trying many different Romanian sweets and react.
If you’ve ever wondered what Romanian sweets look like and taste like watch my video to see and hear my thoughts.