Mozza (Glasgow) Launch Event


39 Renfield Street
G2 1JS

V: 29 June 2017      T:  0141 221 4508    W:

Child Friendly: Yes (well behaved kids)      Accepts: Cash & Card

I had seen the place where Mozza was going to be brought to life, as I passed the location many times when walking about Glasgow so I added it to my list.

I had recently heard that it was open and heard several reviews, so when my inbox went ding for tonights invite I couldn’t refuse.

First Impressions :

The style inside as you can see from the above photos, is a very modern and minimalistic design. Its got a nice clean and very relaxing look and feel to it.

We had a DJ tonight who was playing tunes, and I have to say I wish I knew the playlist as some tunes were very good. The music was being played at a good level, not loud enough that I couldn’t hear my friend who was sitting opposite me so this was good.

I was seated next to the window so I had a good view of most of what was going on (I like to be nosy), plus I could look outside at the nightlife passing.

Once seated we were brought a glass of prosecco, and then some Garlic bread.

I love prosecco so this made tonight start off really good, and the garlic bread was very nice and a little salty which worked perfect as a nibble while we looked at the menu.

The Food :

On the table there was a menu, which at first looks very full on but once you take a good look and focus on the food parts (it also contains a lot of informational text) then you will be fine.

There were several different pizzas you could have, so I thought lets ask the waitress and find out what is the most popular one and go for that.

Our waitress tonight was very friendly and very helpful, and she told me it was the Number 5.

Number 5
Tomato sauce, spicy ‘nduja’, mozzarella, ventricina salami, ricotta cheese, black pepper, basil, olive oil.


Before coming to Mozza I had heard a lot of people say the pizza’s were soggy, and I thought hmm not sure about this and I even heard on the night thats what they were like so I was 50/50 about this. I was told this is what the style of pizza is like, as its very thin base and uses oils which could explain the soggy comment.

On arrival it looked and smelled good, so it was time to see what it was like.

Yes I found the base to be soggy, but I don’t know if soggy is the right word to use. Its a very thin base so it could come over soggy its more very soft I would say, maybe not what some people are used to.

I love this, it was spicy bursting with flavour and the crusts were very nice. Don’t let what people are saying about the pizzas put you off, its just very thin and a different style of pizza to what you may be used to but trust me its very nice.

Portion Size : N/A Tonight
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5

After the pizza we were all treated to a very special treat, the chef Antonio Starita who has flown to Glasgow just for tonight.


Chef Antonio Starita is the owner of the famous restaurant Materdei in Naples, and his style of crusts are very famous. Chef Antonio Starita gave us all a nice talk to everyone tonight, so this was a very cool night and an honour to listen to him.

Next up I was recommended to try a light beer, as I am a light beer fan. The one that was recommended to me was :

Curmi Beer 75cl 5.8%
Spiced top-fermented ale made with spelt & barley malt. A refreshing medium-bodied beer.


I have to admit this was a very nice and good recommendation, this was very light and had a very nice taste. If you are a fan of Peroni or another light beer, please do give this a try.

To finish off the evening Mozza then brought us out a glass of red wine “Rosamaro”


This was a nice easy and light, and had a really nice fruity taste which was perfect for me. I am not normally a wine person more cocktails, but this I would and probably will have again.

Overall my first impression of Mozza was very good, the food and drinks and staff I couldn’t fault tonight. The design inside was very relaxing and very modern, which suited my style and it looked very nice.

Mozza is now in my top two pizza places in Glasgow, so I do highly recommend here and if you visit do let me know what you think.

Finally a big thank you to Mozza for my invite, I really enjoyed the evening and the food.

Arta Glasgow Cueva Club VIP Showcase Launch Event

62 Albion Street
Glasgow G1 1NY

T : 0141 552 2101
W :


I was contacted by Arta asking me if I would be interested in coming along to the Cueva launch night, and to also blog about it. I am always up for things like this, so I said yes.

I have never been in Arta till this event, and I have not really heard much about it from my friends so I was looking forward to seeing what it was like. I did a little research before going and found that Arta is a Mediterranean themed bar, restaurant and night club situated in the Merchant City.

I decided to arrive early to get in before everyone else, so I could get some good photos without invading anyones privacy.

On entering Arta you go in through a corridor and then depending on what floor, and area you are after go up, down etc. At this point I didn’t really take a good look at the surroundings as I was more focused on where I was going. The new Cueva area is located in the lower area in Arta.

On entering this new area I was greeted by staff and given a welcome glass of “Bed of Roses” which is “Lanique Rose Petal Vodka and Cava garnished with Fresh Rose Petals”. This was very nice and I really liked it.


I decided to sit near the dance floor, not because I am Mr Saturday Night Fever but I heard that there was going to be some Salsa Dancers and it would be the best seat for photos.

Here are a few photos before everyone turned up.

As I said I have never been here before, so I don’t know what any part of Arta looked like before any revamp. One of my friends I was with tonight, said the place (this area) has completely changed. It really looked nice, very modern and has a very relaxing feel.

Slowly people started to turn up, which was good to see but I was expecting more.

A DJ started playing music in the background a mix of popular tunes but a remixed version, most of the tunes I knew and loved it.

Throughout the night the staff brought round canopies they included : Prawn Tempura, Liver Pate, Fried Haggis Balls and bruschetta.

The only one I didn’t try was the bruschetta, but everything else was very nice and tasty.

At a few points at the start of the night everyone was treated to 2 girls who came out and did several Salsa dances. The girls were very good, and everyone seemed to enjoy watching (probably more the guys due to the lack of clothes the girls were wearing) and at one part they got a small group of woman up to dance with them.

I also decided to try a few of Arta’s cocktails, as I like to try at least one cocktail whenever I go out.

My first cocktail was the French Martini £5.50


My second cocktail was the Pina Colada £5.50


My last cocktail was the Espresso Martini £5.50

No photo for this one as drank it before I remembered to take a pic.

All cocktails were very nice, and £5.50 they are not any more expensive than anywhere else in town so it’s a good price. I have been to a few places for cocktails and it varies from £5 to £8 for a cocktail in Glasgow so this price for me was good to see.

As the night progressed more people did turn up, but again not as many as I thought would. I didn’t stay for the whole event as it was on till 3am, just as I was leaving the band were just about to start setting up.

I feel that this event could have been promoted a little better, as I really did think it would be very very packed with people. As I said I didn’t stay till 3am, so I can’t comment on if it did get busier or not.

On my way out I decided to take a look at the area that was on the same level as the entrance, and wow I was very very impressed. The decor is amazing and shows that they have got great attention to detail and it looked very Mediterranean.

I would like to thank Arta for the invite, and I would and probably will go back.  I had a fun night, I felt very relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere and the drinks. The two friends I was with also felt the same.

This was my first invite to an event or place since I have started blogging, and really enjoyed the experience and the night….it was good music, drinks, laughs and I was with good company.