Spanish Wine & Tapas with the Glasgow School of Wine Event (Glasgow) : Review

36 Cambridge Street
Glasgow G2 3HN, UK

V: 4th September 2018     T:  01786 396 044  W:

Tonight I was invited back to try one of the Glasgow School of Wine’s other events, tonight was Spanish wines with tapas.

Tonight was held in a different location from my other, this time the Hilton. The Glasgow School of Wine will use both locations, to host their events so do check the details if you’re going.

On arrival again I noticed some paper and a pen on the tables, so I knew what was coming…..wonder how well I would do this time round.


Just like the last event, I attended the Glasgow School of Wine (Posh vs Plonk) there were several glasses on the table in front of me with white and red wine.


…but this time round there were tapas to the side, and they looked very good but I was good and kept them for the wines.


And it starts…

From the start to the end of the night we went through each wine, and the tutor was telling a little history and the tastes and what tapas matched the types of wines.


This was very fun as I got to hear more about where the wine came from, and what colour of wine to pair with my food.

There were some winners tonight with the wine selection for me, and at some point, I will be trying them at home.


This is a very fun and educational event, again I went in not knowing anything about Spanish wines or the tastes. I came out knowing some information on the wines, and have a few favourites from tonights tasting that I would buy.

Check these guys out as I will definitely be doing another course or two.

Thanks again to everyone at the School for my invite.


Review Scores – 

  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Value for Money: 5
  • Overall : 5


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Glasgow Wine School Posh vs Plonk Event : Review

31 Royal Exchange Square
Glasgow G1 3AJ

V: 28th August 2018      T:  01786 396 044  W:

I was lucky enough to be invited along to tonight’s Glasgow School of Wine’s wine tasting event, the event was located in Zizzi at Royal Exchange Square and tonight’s tasting was hosted in the private area upstairs.

A good few years ago I saw someone in Glasgow doing something like this, and wanted to try it but never got around to it so I had to now.

The event was titled “Posh vs Plonk: The Battle of the Bottle” and everyone tonight was going to learn how to smell and taste the difference between a cheap wine and a more expensive one.

I know nothing about wine apart from the colours it comes in, and that’s really it so tonight was going to be very interesting.

In front of me, I noticed a printed sheet and a pen, so I knew I was going to get a little task to do tonight.


Also sitting in front of me were several glasses of wine, 4 had white and 4 red….now the sheet in front of me made sense.


The event started…

The event was hosted by Justin Hoy and he introduced the evenings plan to everyone and information about the Glasgow School of Wine.

After the introduction and a little about the cost of wines, and the reasons they are priced at a specific cost it was time to taste.

The Wines…

The first two wines were: Gufetto Pinot Grigio, IGT Italy 2017 vs Stell Alpina Pinot Grigio Alto Adige, Italy 2017

This was very interesting as I wasn’t really sure if I could tell the difference, I won’t tell you what one was the cheaper one and what was more expensive as you can go on this course to learn and guess yourself.

We then continued comparing the white and then moved on to the red wine.

The red wine for me was the hardest to judge, but it was fun to try and pick out all the different tastes.

For the whites, I got them correct, and for the red…well I got 1 out of 2 so not that bad…but it does mean I liked the cheaper wine over the more expensive 🙂


If you want to learn about wines or learn more about wines then this course and the courses Glasgow Wine School offer is perfect for you.

The Glasgow School of Wine have 23 schools around the UK and offer tastings and courses and tonight I experienced one of those.  The Glasgow School of wine is a local wine company specialising in wine tastings, courses and corporate events.

The events are very relaxed and very enjoyable to all with little knowledge or with some knowledge.

I went in knowing nothing apart from colours and left knowing a little which was good and I really had a fun and educational time….plus tasting different wines was fun.

Check these guys out as I will definitely be doing another course or two.

Thanks again to everyone at the School for my invite.



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Glasgow Central Railway Victorian Platform Tour (Glasgow) : Review

View the old Glasgow Central Railway Victorian Platform below Glasgow Central Station. Platforms for suburban railway lines that ran from the west end of the city to the east end and incorporated the famous Glasgow Botanical Gardens Station. We have a special viewing point set up on the tour to allow you to see the platform from a unique position. You can almost smell the smoke and steam of the engines as they travelled through the darkness beneath the city’s streets

I won’t be showing a lot of photos or going in to great detail, as it would spoil the tour for you and I highly recommend it.

I did the tour on the 21st of April 2016 (better late than never for a review), I had a some time off work and it was just a random booking and I didn’t know what to expect. There was a good sized group and it was a mix of different ages, so it was good to see young and old interested in some history and some sightseeing.


You start off on the main level and as the tour progresses, you go lower and lower till you reach the Victorian platform.

The tour lasts for a good length of time, and the guide gives you a lot of detail and is really good and passionate about his job which draws you in more and makes you enjoy it more.

There is one part of the tour about the war which might make you get a little upset hearing about the treatment, thats all I will say but its very interesting.

If your don’t like small spaces, be warned there are a few corridors that are but most of it is very open so you should be fine. Also if you don’t have great mobility then there is a lot of walking and some steep stairs then maybe avoid the tour.


Overall the tour is really good and very educational, I have heard that they are trying to add more to it and also continue improving all the area’s they are showing e.g. cleaning up, making safer, putting more on display etc

Please do try this tour as 100% of the ticket money goes to help them continue the great work, and continue this great tour. I will be doing this tour again in the near future to see what else has changed, and also to refresh my memory with the history.

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