Glasgow Central Railway Victorian Platform Tour (Glasgow) : Review

View the old Glasgow Central Railway Victorian Platform below Glasgow Central Station. Platforms for suburban railway lines that ran from the west end of the city to the east end and incorporated the famous Glasgow Botanical Gardens Station. We have a special viewing point set up on the tour to allow you to see the platform from a unique position. You can almost smell the smoke and steam of the engines as they travelled through the darkness beneath the city’s streets

I won’t be showing a lot of photos or going into great detail, as it would spoil the tour for you and I highly recommend it.

I did the tour on the 21st of April 2016 (better late than never for a review), I had some time off work and it was just a random booking and I didn’t know what to expect. There was a good sized group and it was a mix of different ages, so it was good to see young and old interested in some history and some sightseeing.


You start off on the main level and as the tour progresses, you go lower and lower till you reach the Victorian platform.

The tour lasts for a good length of time, and the guide gives you a lot of detail and is really good and passionate about his job which draws you in more and makes you enjoy it more.

There is one part of the tour about the war which might make you get a little upset hearing about the treatment, thats all I will say but its very interesting.

If your don’t like small spaces, be warned there are a few corridors that are but most of it is very open so you should be fine. Also if you don’t have great mobility then there is a lot of walking and some steep stairs then maybe avoid the tour.


Overall the tour is really good and very educational, I have heard that they are trying to add more to it and also continue improving all the area’s they are showing e.g. cleaning up, making safer, putting more on display etc

Please do try this tour as 100% of the ticket money goes to help them continue the great work, and continue this great tour. I will be doing this tour again in the near future to see what else has changed, and also to refresh my memory with the history.

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