My Second Doppio Malto Italian Restaurant visit (Glasgow) 2021 : Review

Visited 25/08/2021

The Visit

As you may have seen from my previous Doppio Malto visit, I always go back after any invite and check out how things are when its not a blogger event.

Tonight I was meeting good friends for a nice catch-up and some food.


I wanted to try something I didn’t at the pre launch event, so I opted for

Mini gnocco fritto, crudo e Mortadella £7.50
Small fried bread  sliced  with  PDO  Prosciutto di Parma dry cured ham, PGI Negrini Mortadella from Bologna and Bella Lodi grana cheese sauce

I didn’t know what this was, but it sounded good and I love Mortadella.

On arrival this looked very nice, and after the snaps I dug in.

This was a perfect starter, it was lovely and light and the mini gnocco with the meats and sauce was a perfect balance of flavour.

I can see me having this more often as I really enjoyed this, and LOVED the Mortadella mmmmm I could eat that all day.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Main Course:

At the prelaunch the standout food for me was the pork! this was so good but I wanted to try either a burger or a pizza tonight….so i opted for a random pizza.

Pancetta e Pecorino £13
Piacenza PDO bacon La Rocca, sweet Sardinian PDO Pecorino cheese Fratelli pinna, Fior di latte Mozzarella Autieri and black pepper

Ohhh now this looked interesting, as I just randomly selected one.

Visually this looked nice, but how did it taste? Time to dig in…

The flavour of this was very nice, everything worked really well together. I will admit I did leave some as it was VERY filling.

My only comment with this would be the bacon, there was too much fat left on it so if that was cut off or crispy that would have been much better.

My Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Yup there is always room for a little extra.

Cannoli siciliani £10.50
Six mini Sicilian crunchy cannoli, Marsala spirit and chinnamon flavoured. Our DIY Cannolis are not only delicious, but also fun: assemble these with ricotta cheese and served with pistachio grains and chocolate flakes

I had these at the pre launch event, and had to have them again to see if they were as good as I remembered.

YES they were!!! I am addicted to these they are so so good!

HIGHLY recommend you try these!!

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall :

As I said at the start of my review I always like to return to a place where its not a blogger invite, and see how things are and tonight I did that.

Just like the event tonight was very good!

The service, food and everything was very good and flawless.

I am now adding Doppio Molto to my Top Spots page.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Where :

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Doppio Malto Italian Restaurant (Glasgow) 2021 : Review

Visited 12/08/2021 (Invited)

The Event

The guys at Doppio Malto asked if I would like to come to their pre opening event for a fun filled night, I love finding new restaurants so I said yes.

Doppio Malto is at the former home of Jamie Oliver’s Italian, which is located on George Square. Its super easy to get to, as its in short walking distance to Glasgow Queen Street railway station, Glasgow Central railway station and Buchanan bus station.

Doppio Malto is popular and well known in Europe, and they have chosen Glasgow for their first venue.

Doppio Malto will welcome its first customers on Friday, August 13. I had a look at the menu and its massive offering a wide range of BBQ meats, pizza, burgers, pasta and desserts…some with a little twist.

They also offer 15 different craft beers which are brewed on site, and you can see the kegs next to the bar.

I got my invitation sent through the post, and LOVED how cool this was! such a great idea.

So I was ready for my Doppio Malto adventure.

The Evening

On arrival we were seated in what I will call for tonight the “departure lounge” for some drinks and snacks.

Inside from what I saw was very nice, and I loved how you could see the kitchen and the beer kegs. The decoration and layout was very good.

The snacks were honestly very tasty, they all had a great crunch to them and very flavoursome.

We got our boarding call to now go on a Glasgow Bus tour….how cool.

This was so random but really added to the fun, and we were very lucky we only had a very short burst of light rain but for the majority it was dry.

The Arrival

We arrived at our final destination the Doppio Malto.

The Inside

As I said earlier, it has been very nicely decorated. I loved everything about it as it felt very warm, cosy and homely…I was very relaxed.

I loved the umbrellas, it reminded me of a place in Italy called Noventa di Piave which is where I saw this idea for the first time. Its exactly as you would expect Italian décor, everything was perfectly placed and funky modern art work.

The Food

We were presented with this amazing platter, which had : Rooster, pork, Potatoes, dips, Steak and Italian sausages.

I started with the steak which was perfectly cooked, and not too chewy. Next was the pork…this was so so so so GOOD!!!!!

Everything was really tasty and cooked perfectly, but for me tonight’s winner was the pork.

Beer Tasting

Yes…and there was more…how cool was this event.

As I was driving I was more listening and watching, but my friend Chris participated in the tasting.

And ending the evening with dessert…

We got cannoli and Birramisù…yup you read that correct its not a typo.

I started with the Cannoli and WOW, these are the best I’ve ever had. The shell was a good texture and perfect crisp, and the cream inside was mega mega yum.

The Birramisu is just as you would expect, but rather than having a coffee flavour its more a subtle beer flavour. For me it was nice, but I did miss the coffee flavour.

Overall :

Firstly a massive thank you to Doppio Malto, this has been one of THE most fun events I’ve attended and one I definitely won’t forget.

I will be back soon to check out some of their other dishes so keep watching.

Guys check them out, and let me know what you thought and what you got.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Where :

Promo : Invited/Gifted

The review posted was not influenced in any way just because it was gifted, all comments and thoughts in this blog post are my 100% honest opinion.

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