Glasgow Mela (West End, Glasgow) – Event

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Sunday 2nd July 2017

Kelvingrove Park

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Cost : FREE

This was my 4th Mela, and I enjoyed the last 3 so I was really looking forward to todays event. I have to admit the past 3 times I’ve been, 2 out of 3 its rained none stop so I was hoping for a nice day which we kinda got.

The weather today said dull cloudy with light rain, and this was accurate as we did get rain on and off but mostly off so that didn’t put a downer on the day. Todays Mela was the busiest I have seen, which was good for all the stalls and acts that were here today.

If you have never attended a Mela you have many stalls that sell clothes, jewellery, food, toys etc all mixed. Then you have a few stages where there are several types of acts performing, these can range in dancing, singing, both etc so there is definitely a lot to keep you entertained.

My last visit I tried something called a Jalebi, it’s a traditional Indian sweet mostly eaten on its own or in warm milk and is an important part of festivals and celebrations. If you have a sweet tooth this is for you, if not then avoid but do be warned its very addictive well it was for me.

The event starts at 12 and finished around 7pm so it’s a good long day, so if you want to see the acts you have to get there early to catch all the performances.

I won’t go into full details about every act, I am going to mention the ones that stood out for me or you would be reading for hours and hours… will keep it short for you.


Abhinaya Dance Group

These girls were very good, they performed several times to different style of music and dances. Each move was perfectly times, and a smooth transition between songs and dances.

The colours were visually stunning, and the dances were perfect.

Kennedy Cupcakes

Twitter : @kennedycupcakes
Website :



This groups is a 1940’s/50’s inspired dance group, all the dances are performed to popular songs from the 1940’s/50’s and they were similar outfits.

This was very cool to see and fun to watch.

Roshan Prince

Twitter : @roshanprince


Video : View Video

Roshan Prince is a Punjabi singer, producer, musician, songwriter and actor.

For me Roshan Prince was someone I didn’t know, films or music (had a look when I got home) so I didn’t know what to expect. When he was introduced the audience went wild, and even more so when he was singing and not just from the girls.

He was very energetic and what I liked was he interacted with the crowd a lot, so it was a very fun performance to watch.

Overall : 

This years Mela was really good, and I was very pleased to see such a large turn out and even more so the rain didn’t last long.

Just like the previous years, I was introduced to more performers, dancers, singers etc which is always good.

Please do visit this next year, as you will see when you get there you will have lots to do and see.

See you next year Mela!

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Arta Cueva Club VIP Showcase Launch Event (Glasgow) : Review

62 Albion Street
Glasgow G1 1NY

T : 0141 552 2101
W :


I was contacted by Arta asking me if I would be interested in coming along to the Cueva launch night, and to also blog about it. I am always up for things like this, so I said yes.

I have never been in Arta till this event, and I have not really heard much about it from my friends so I was looking forward to seeing what it was like. I did a little research before going and found that Arta is a Mediterranean themed bar, restaurant and night club situated in the Merchant City.

I decided to arrive early to get in before everyone else, so I could get some good photos without invading anyones privacy.

On entering Arta you go in through a corridor and then depending on what floor, and area you are after go up, down etc. At this point I didn’t really take a good look at the surroundings as I was more focused on where I was going. The new Cueva area is located in the lower area in Arta.

On entering this new area I was greeted by staff and given a welcome glass of “Bed of Roses” which is “Lanique Rose Petal Vodka and Cava garnished with Fresh Rose Petals”. This was very nice and I really liked it.


I decided to sit near the dance floor, not because I am Mr Saturday Night Fever but I heard that there was going to be some Salsa Dancers and it would be the best seat for photos.

Here are a few photos before everyone turned up.

As I said I have never been here before, so I don’t know what any part of Arta looked like before any revamp. One of my friends I was with tonight, said the place (this area) has completely changed. It really looked nice, very modern and has a very relaxing feel.

Slowly people started to turn up, which was good to see but I was expecting more.

A DJ started playing music in the background a mix of popular tunes but a remixed version, most of the tunes I knew and loved it.

Throughout the night the staff brought round canopies they included : Prawn Tempura, Liver Pate, Fried Haggis Balls and bruschetta.

The only one I didn’t try was the bruschetta, but everything else was very nice and tasty.

At a few points at the start of the night everyone was treated to 2 girls who came out and did several Salsa dances. The girls were very good, and everyone seemed to enjoy watching (probably more the guys due to the lack of clothes the girls were wearing) and at one part they got a small group of woman up to dance with them.

I also decided to try a few of Arta’s cocktails, as I like to try at least one cocktail whenever I go out.

My first cocktail was the French Martini £5.50


My second cocktail was the Pina Colada £5.50


My last cocktail was the Espresso Martini £5.50

No photo for this one as drank it before I remembered to take a pic.

All cocktails were very nice, and £5.50 they are not any more expensive than anywhere else in town so it’s a good price. I have been to a few places for cocktails and it varies from £5 to £8 for a cocktail in Glasgow so this price for me was good to see.

As the night progressed more people did turn up, but again not as many as I thought would. I didn’t stay for the whole event as it was on till 3am, just as I was leaving the band were just about to start setting up.

I feel that this event could have been promoted a little better, as I really did think it would be very very packed with people. As I said I didn’t stay till 3am, so I can’t comment on if it did get busier or not.

On my way out I decided to take a look at the area that was on the same level as the entrance, and wow I was very very impressed. The decor is amazing and shows that they have got great attention to detail and it looked very Mediterranean.

I would like to thank Arta for the invite, and I would and probably will go back.  I had a fun night, I felt very relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere and the drinks. The two friends I was with also felt the same.

This was my first invite to an event or place since I have started blogging, and really enjoyed the experience and the night….it was good music, drinks, laughs and I was with good company.



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