Back at Chaakoo Bombay Cafe (Glasgow) : Review

79 St Vincet Street
Glasgow G2 5TF

Chaakoo is open:

Now open for Breakfast!!!!

Mon-Sat 9am
Sunday 10:30am

Monday — Thursday
12noon -10pm (food)
11.30am -11pm(drinks)

Friday & Saturday
12noon -10:30pm(food)
11.30am -12am(drinks)

12noon -10pm (food)
11.30am -11pm (drinks)

T: 0141 229 0000
W :

Visit Date : 6 Nov 2016


I had recently had a few food styles so this weekend its was time to have Indian, so as you learned from my last review of Chaakoo its now my favourite Indian restaurant in Glasgow.

This time I had in my mind I WILL try different dishes….did that happen? keep reading.


So I did pick two dishes that I didn’t have last time, but unfortunately one wasn’t available so I opted for a dish I had the last time.

Iranian kofta meatballs in our cafe curry sauce.


Yes, I did get this the last time but it was really really good, was it good second time round? Yes, just as nice! The meatballs are full of flavour and so is the sauce, a great combo.

KORMA £4.95

From Turkish origin, braised chicken in mildly spiced sauce made with yogurt & ground cashew.


So this was a new one today, I am a big fan of Korma as I really love its smooth taste so I was very interested in trying Chaakoo’s.

It was really nice, nice and creamy…could have had some more coconut flavour to it but thats just me as I have a sweet tooth and like my Korma with plenty of coconut flavour….but as I said it was very nice.


Huge prawns steeped overnight in our house masala marinade then gently charred.


Yes, yes I know what you’re thinking “Kris you had this last time” yes….but please try this and you will know why I had to have it again. One thing you may have noticed is the cost of this, I think I mentioned this in my last review but this is classes as a chef special.


(V) Crispy fried vegetable pakora.


I am a big fan of vegetable pakora, so I thought lets try it tonight and again I wasn’t disappointed it was very nice.


My favourite Indian dessert is Gulub Jamun, and I didn’t get this last time as I wanted to try something different so this time round it was a must.


This tasted different to any Gulub Jamun I have had before, for me this was more like deep fried dough balls. Dont get me wrong this was very nice, but very different to any Gulub Jamun I have had before.


Something I didn’t have the last time were some cocktails, so I thought lets even have one and try more next time. I was very lucky tonight as the manager asked Cal the mixologist to come over and talk me through the cocktail menu.

The cocktail menu is very unique at Chaakoo, what Cal did was some research in to India and then come up with names and unique tastes for every cocktail. What I think is really cool is that you will not find any of these cocktails at other restaurants or clubs, so if you’re a fan of trying new cocktails come try some.


Cal is very passionate about his job, and you could see he took pride in every single cocktail on the list. I really enjoyed listening to the breakdown of every cocktail.

This night I tried two cocktails :


Diplomatico Reserva, Ting, cinnamon tincture — Bitter yet refreshing with a subtle coconut avour


This cocktail is a very easy to drink cocktail, and very refreshing.

When you taste it, you get a subtle orange flavour and just as that goes a quick and very subtle hint of cinnamon for a split second.

If you have pigged out like me and need something light to drink to end the night then go for this cocktail.


Cocchi Torino, Arbikie chilli vodka, fresh orange, nutmeg, egg white — Sweet with subtle spice and the texture of a cloud


When Cal was going through the list, this is one that stood out for me and I knew I wanted to try it.

Just like the other cocktail when you drink this you get a sutble flavlour or chocolate then a quick burst of the chilli. The chilli kick is not in anyway overpowering or painful, its just a quick hint that lasts for a second or two.

Both cocktails I would have again, as both were very enjoyable.

Overall :

Overall my second visit was just as good as the last, the staff were very friendly and very attentive just like last time.

Cal was very nice and very passionate as I said and I enjoyed learning about the cocktails, and Annie the waitress she served us the first time and again tonight very friendly and very nice.

Again if you haven’t been yet, do go you will not be disappointed!

The Rating for this visit (out of 5) :

  • Service : *****
  • Menu Choice : *****
  • Taste : *****
  • Overall : *****
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Miller & Carter Steakhouse (Glasgow) : Review

47 St Vincent Street
Glasgow G2 5QX

T: 0141 404 2914
W: Miller & Carter Glasgow

Visit : 28 May 2016

Miller & Carter recently opened up a new restaurant in Glasgow, and since its been opened I have heard good things about it. Miller & Carter specialise on steaks, which for me I am not keen on but I did notice they did burgers which I like.

I tried to get in about 2 weeks ago but there was about a 3 hour wait and I didn’t feel like waiting. I did the smart thing and book online, so I knew I could get in and try it.

The restaurant has been done up very nice, its very smart and modern inside and very spacious.

On entering the staff were very welcoming and I was shown to my seat. The waiter introduced himself and explained the menu etc.

Starters :

For my started I ordered Dusted Calamari.

Dusted Calamari

I have to say this was very nice, and probably the best Calamai I have had so far in any Glasgow restaurant. The portion size was perfect and yes I would order this again or recommend it.

Mains :

For my main I ordered the bacon and cheese steak burger with sweet potato fries.

bacon and cheese steak burger with sweet potato fries

Overall I was a little disappointed with this, as I felt the burger didn’t really have much flavour to it as the bacon flavour on it came over more. Don’t get me wrong It was nice and yes I am in a restaurant that focuses more on steak, but It just lacked something for me. My friend he ordered the T-Bone steak and it did look really nice, and I tried a small bit and coming from someone who doesn’t eat steak I really liked this and would give it a try.

Dessert :

For my last course I ordered the Crème brûlée.

Crème brûlée

I have always loved Crème brûlée and this was very nice, as you can see by the photo it comes with 2 strawberries on top to be honest this wasn’t needed as its nice just on its own and the crust could have been harder but that’s me being fussy.

My final part of the meal was an After Eight cocktail which was amazing, thats all I will say and yes I would have more of these anytime.

After Eight cocktail

Overall :

Overall my experience was very good, the only letdown for me was the burger but it is a steakhouse and focuses on steaks. As I said i did try the T-bone steak and i was surprised how good it was, as any time I have tried steak I have hated it and this T-bone was very very very nice.

Would I go back?…..probably! and I would be willing to try the T-Bone next time but since it’s costly might wait a while till my pennies build up again.

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