Katsu (Glasgow) 2022 : Review

Todays Visit

The guys at Katsu invited me to come and visit them to check out their food.

I have not had Japanese for a while, so I was really looking forward to my visit.

Inside is an ok size but probably only has 14 to 16 chairs inside and some outside. I really liked the atmosphere inside, and where I was seated as I could people watch while I waited and ate.

Noise Level★★★★★
Restaurant Temperature★★★★★
Table Dressing★★★★
Restaurant Cleanliness★★★★★
Disabled ToiletsYes

The Food

I had no idea what to order, as there were many many items I would like to try but I narrowed it down to the following:

Salmon Katsu £7.60 (n/a tonight)

I saw this on their Instagram, and it looked very nice so I had to get it and check it out.

On arrival, this visually looked very very nice, and also had a pleasant aroma from it.

I took a bite of the roll and mmm, the salmon, the sauce….everything in this bite was packed with flavour and tasted terrific!

I have to say it’s probably the best sushi I have had, and I loved every bite from start to finish.

Value for Money★★★★★

Chicken Katsu £5.50 (n/a tonight)

Another starter I ordered was this Chicken Katsu.

Again just like the previous dish, the presentation was very good and this again looked and smelled very good.

I took a bite without the dip and mm this was good! the batter was a perfect crispness and the flavours inside were amazing! I then tried it with the dip and it took it to another level mmm

I could have easily had another order of its dish!

Highly recommended.

Value for Money★★★★★

Chicken Karage £5.95 (n/a tonight)

My friend actually ordered this, but I took a bite and had to tell you what I thought since I did taste it.

Just like everything tonight the presentation of the dishes was perfect, they were all visually appetising.

The batter was thin but had a good crispness and flavour, and the chicken was very tender and very nice.

The sauce was also very nice as it had a very subtle kick to it, which was very good and worked great with this.

Value for Money★★★★★

Chicken Breast Katsu £11.50 (n/a tonight)

This was when my invitation got very interesting!

So far with all the starters, I was fine, I used my fingers but now it was time to use chopsticks which I am not very good at, as I have only ever used them twice in my lifetime…but I did manage to finish it and would even give myself 5 stars for trying…

on to my review…

How nice does this look? this was food porn right here! the aroma from this was so good and I couldn’t wait to dig right in.

I tried the chicken on its own and it was very tender with great flavour and now with some sauce mmmmmm it put a smile on my face it was so so good!

I really enjoyed this dish even if I struggled a little with the chopsticks, and if you visit it is another I highly recommend you check out.

Value for Money★★★★★

Visit Overall

Firstly a big thanks for my invite to Katsu, tonight’s food was amazing! and it was a flawless night.

As always this review was not influenced in any way just because it was an invite, it’s my 100% honest review.

I and my friend both loved the food tonight, and both said we would return.

I am adding here to my top spots to visit page.

Time between Courses★★★★★
Vegan FriendlyYES

My Overall Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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