Changes for 2020

Hey all

A late Happy New Year!

So its now 2020 and I thought lets start the year with positive changes, for the blog and also for me.

So lets start with the blog.

You may have seen some posts that have the social icons, this is the new layout for my 2020 blog posts. You may think is that it? well the address and telephone number above them are clickable so it makes it easier to GoogleMap them or call them from your browser.

I have a few posts from 2019 still to post as I went out a lot, so you will still see some old style mixed with the new till they are fully published.

Something I noticed that not many bloggers add (there are a few that do), is obviously they rate the food, the service and atmosphere etc but most don’t mention if there are disabled toilets, and how clean the toilets are as that’s a factor that could affect your dinning out experience as if the foods good but the toilets are yuk you kinda remember that more than the meal and probably put you off going back.

So this makes finding more details about the restaurant or business much easier for you, and benefits you and the businesses.

I am also making a change with regards to the style of my writing, since I started I was always praised that what I said in my posts were straight to the point. I will continue this but just add a little more detail, which will improve your reading experience.

One more thing, I will mention if a restaurant etc does Halal food 🙂 plus I will be blogging about a few other topics this year to 🙂 so lots of variety coming your way.

The changes for me…

This year I am going to start eating better, and trying more vegan options so again this will be good for me and give you more variety.

I am also going to try and improve little aspects of my everyday diet, so I will post about that to when I feel the times right.

Overall :

Overall as you see just small improvements that hopefully you will enjoy 🙂

Thanks again for the continued support

Till the next post 🙂

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