Police CloseUP 3 Designer Glasses from SpecsDirect2U (Glasgow) : Review

Before starting I have to say that the thoughts on this frame are mine, and not in anyway influenced by SpecsDirect2U or Police. All celebrity photos in this blog post are copyright by Police.


Some of you might know I work for a family run opticians called SpecsDirect2U, they are based in Glasgow and have three practises.

SpecsDirect2U : specsdirect2u.co.uk

My current frame I really love so I thought since I am blogging now I would do a little post on it.

Frame Make : Police
Model : Close Up 3 V8918
Colour : 08EE
Size : 56×18
Year : 2014

Police Lifestyle Website : www.policelifestyle.com/en/


The Police glasses collection has a vast selection of styles, that will suit everyone. This model Police V8918 CLOSE UP 3 frame is made of Metal and comes in a stylish shiny blue tone.

Police frames optical or sunglasses have been worn by many celebrities, and for me, they look good on and feel good.

The glasses I own are optical with transition lenses with an anti-reflective coating, which is ideal for everyday use. They are very comfortable to wear, and very stylish even though it’s a 2014 model it is still very current with today’s fashion trends.

You may have seen a few celebs wearing Police but never knew, some that come to mind are David Beckham, Naymar Jr, and George Clooney.

I like them so much that I currently own three pairs, and I said earlier they are very popular with many celebrities.

After wearing this particular frame, I had many requests from customers for orders.

I also have this frame with white black legs and a silver front for when I want a brighter look.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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