Caffe Monza (West End, Glasgow) : Review


381 Dumbarton Road
G11 6BA, UK

V: 18th November 2017      T:  0141 339 8972

Child Friendly: Yes     Accepts: Cash & Card

To be honest with you I only came across this place, about 1 week prior to tonights visit as I was out walking and passed it and instantly added to my list.

I actually went in for dinner, but this is not a dinner place its more an Italian Cafe for snacks cake and coffee. On that note this place was good, as I wasn’t too hungry tonight so a snack was perfect.


The Food…

Soup £2.00 and Focaccia £4.50


I am not normally a soup fan, but today I thought lets have a soup (my family would be shocked to read this). It was tomato soup and was the perfect size as I still had the focaccia to eat.

The focaccia was very very tasty, the flavours were nice and worked really well.

For me this was a perfect combo for a light snack and I would have it again.

Portion Size : 5 (For a snack)
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 3

Toffee Fudge Cake £3.00 & Cappuccino (Large) £2.60

I asked the staff for a recommendation for the cake as I said I wanted something very sweet, so this cake was recommended.

This was very sweet and a perfect recommendation, so I would like to thank Carin and I cant wait to have this again.

The cappuccino was very good and worked well with this cake.


Tonight was a very nice visit, I am glad I found this little cafe as it was the perfect spot for what I needed.

If you haven’t visited here yet and fancy a nice Italian snack, do check them out.

Review Scores – 

  • Atmosphere : 4
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu : 5
  • Service : 5
  • The portion sizes & taste : 5
  • Value for money: 5
  • Overall : 5

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New Years Eve at the Glasgow Blythswood Square Hotel

11 Blythswood Square
Glasgow G2 4AD

T: +44 141 248 8888


I have been to the Blythswood several times, sometimes with family and others with friends or my mum. The last few times I have been for Afternoon Tea, and family events.

The Blythswood Hotel has been done up nicely, and the staff and service has always been very good. Atmosphere the past few times I have been, has always been very hit or miss…I don’t know what it is but every visit there is always a little something missing for me.

Tonight was a family a friends night, I went with my parents and my best friend and his mum and dad. My grandparents were there, and so were my aunt, uncle and two cousins. Some of my Aunt’s friends and cousins friends were also there, so it was a busy and big table.


Once everyone arrived and introduced themselves we all found out places and sat down.


We all sat and talked, and also had a look at the menu to see what we wanted.

Starter :

Cream of parsnip and pear velouté
Parmesan wafer, herb oil


I am not a soup person but I have been trying take a better mixed meal every time I go out, and the soup was a good option for me to start with.

This was very nice, you could taste the parsnip and the honey. The Parmesan wafer was very nice, and added that extra little flavour to the dish.

Main :

Ironbark pumpkin and mascarpone risotto
Grilled artichokes, blue cheese croquette, chive cream sauce


I love risotto so when I saw it on the menu tonight, it was the dish for me.

This was very nice, very creamy and full of flavour. The blue cheese croquette was very nice, and I could have had more of that with it.


Knocraich Farm yoghurt and red berry panna cotta
Spiced honey and clementine macaron, blackcurrant sorbet, fresh red currants and cinder toffee.


Again another dish where I couldn’t fault it, it again was a perfect portion size and was full of flavour.

Throughout this meal there was a live singer, his name is Henrick Solera. Henrick Solera who is a singer and entertainer came over from the Martinez Hotel France to perform for tonights dinner. If you check out his Facebook page you will see he sings in many different venues.

Henrick Solera Facebook :
Twitter : @henricksolera
Website :

Henrick Solera is an international singer, musician & entertainer. Singing Sinatra classics as well as contemporary hits by Josh Groban and Michael Bublé, an evening with Solera is one that will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

His passion for the great American songbook, beloved evergreens, retro swing tunes, broadway classics, and unforgettable majestic ballads will move you and speak to your heart.

** Taken from his website

This was the first time I have really heard Henrick perform live, I have seen a few videos as my Aunt Uncle and cousins stay in the south of France and have seen Henrick a few times.

All the songs Henrick sang were perfect for the evening, and the level of music was ok. Yes, you did need to talk a little louder but it wasn’t to the level where you were shouting at the people around you so this was nice.

One part of the evening I was really looking forward to was my little cousin Danni, she got up and sang a few solo songs and a few duets with Henrick.

Danni was really amazing, she has a great voice and I wish she sang more last night. I am a very proud cousin, as she has a gift and was very brave singing to everyone….Something I know I couldn’t do even if I did have a good voice.

Overall :

One issue that everyone at the table wasn’t happy with, was the length of time it took for each course to come out. After we arrived and ordered it took an hour and a half for the first course to come out, and this continued per course.

I don’t know if it was due to the large amount at our table, they waited till every dish was made before bring it out or if they just didn’t have enough kitchen staff or to prolong it to the bells. I wasn’t really to fussed as we weren’t in a rush and it allowed us to have a good chat.

Apart from this delay, the food and night was very nice. Everyone enjoyed the evening and was nice to welcome the New Year with family and friends and I did it sitting close to my parents and my best friend and his parents 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Dakota Deluxe Hotel Bar & Grill : Review

179 West Regent Street
Glasgow G2 4DP

T: 0141 404 3680

Visit Date : 13 August 2016


The Dakota Deluxe Hotel is a new kid on the block as it’s only recently opened in Glasgow (spring 2016).

The night I was going here was for a family members birthday, and I hadn’t seen the hotel since it had opened though I had heard it opened. On entering the first thing you notice is how low lighting the entrance is, but it has a warm feeling to it. We were also greeted by the staff and they couldn’t have been more friendlier.


We were taken down the lift to the lower level, and again the decor is very nice and its also low lighting but don’t get me wrong it was nice and had a warm feeling to it.

We had a room to ourselves which was good as we required this as two members were in wheelchairs.

As you can see it was a very good sized table, and we had more than enough space. This room is the same style as the rest of the restaurant, so as you can see its nicely decorated but just a little dull.

We were given a few minutes to sit and order our drinks, after a short time we all ordered from the Market Menu which has an ok selection for each course and is priced ok. While we waited for our starters we were brought a nice bread dish to nibble on. It was a tomato sauce with a goats cheese centre. This was very good and very moreish!!


Starter :


For my starter I ordered the Creamed Sweetcorn Soup with morel mushrooms & creme fraiche. For those of you that know me I am not a soup person, for me soup is an older generation dish and I tend to never order it. I did this night and I am glad I did, this was very very nice and I would loved to have had another bowl.

Main :

For my second course I was toying between two dishes, but I decided on Confit Chicken Alsace bacon, black pudding & fine beans.


Presentation wise this was very nice, but my first impression was it looked good but not what I had in mind. Overall I was disappointed with this dish, the black pudding was dice sized, and there wasn’t really much flavour to it. Would I get this again….No! Granted it was off the Market Menu so its similar to a deals menu or a online voucher so the dish will be smaller, but it just didnt feel ok enough for me.


For my last course I ordered the Creme Brûlée fresh cherries & shortbread. I have always been a big fan of Creme Brûlée and if its done right it’s amazing. We were told this was a popular choice this night so the chef would need to make it fresh as they had run out of any that were ready, and would be about 20mins which was fine as it meant we could have coffee / tea and have a good chat.

After about 20mins it arrived, and looked really good. The top to the creme brûlée looked just right, but little disappointed when I smashed through it as it was a little runny. It still tasted amazing, but I think due to it being made fresh it could have done with spending a little longer cooking and maybe rushed a little to save everyone waiting much longer.

Overall I was impressed with Dakota, and yes I would go back but I probably wouldn’t order the chicken again and try something else.

Score (out of 5) :

  • Service : *****
  • Menu Choice : ****
  • Taste : ****
  • Overall : ****