Glasgow Wine School Posh vs Plonk Event : Review

31 Royal Exchange Square
Glasgow G1 3AJ

V: 28th August 2018      T:  01786 396 044  W:

I was lucky enough to be invited along to tonight’s Glasgow School of Wine’s wine tasting event, the event was located in Zizzi at Royal Exchange Square and tonight’s tasting was hosted in the private area upstairs.

A good few years ago I saw someone in Glasgow doing something like this, and wanted to try it but never got around to it so I had to now.

The event was titled “Posh vs Plonk: The Battle of the Bottle” and everyone tonight was going to learn how to smell and taste the difference between a cheap wine and a more expensive one.

I know nothing about wine apart from the colours it comes in, and that’s really it so tonight was going to be very interesting.

In front of me, I noticed a printed sheet and a pen, so I knew I was going to get a little task to do tonight.


Also sitting in front of me were several glasses of wine, 4 had white and 4 red….now the sheet in front of me made sense.


The event started…

The event was hosted by Justin Hoy and he introduced the evenings plan to everyone and information about the Glasgow School of Wine.

After the introduction and a little about the cost of wines, and the reasons they are priced at a specific cost it was time to taste.

The Wines…

The first two wines were: Gufetto Pinot Grigio, IGT Italy 2017 vs Stell Alpina Pinot Grigio Alto Adige, Italy 2017

This was very interesting as I wasn’t really sure if I could tell the difference, I won’t tell you what one was the cheaper one and what was more expensive as you can go on this course to learn and guess yourself.

We then continued comparing the white and then moved on to the red wine.

The red wine for me was the hardest to judge, but it was fun to try and pick out all the different tastes.

For the whites, I got them correct, and for the red…well I got 1 out of 2 so not that bad…but it does mean I liked the cheaper wine over the more expensive 🙂


If you want to learn about wines or learn more about wines then this course and the courses Glasgow Wine School offer is perfect for you.

The Glasgow School of Wine have 23 schools around the UK and offer tastings and courses and tonight I experienced one of those.  The Glasgow School of wine is a local wine company specialising in wine tastings, courses and corporate events.

The events are very relaxed and very enjoyable to all with little knowledge or with some knowledge.

I went in knowing nothing apart from colours and left knowing a little which was good and I really had a fun and educational time….plus tasting different wines was fun.

Check these guys out as I will definitely be doing another course or two.

Thanks again to everyone at the School for my invite.



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Munro’s (West End, Glasgow) : Review


185 Great Western Road
G4 9EB

V: 30 April 2017      T:  0141 332 0972     W:

Child Friendly: N/A as its a pub      Accepts: Cash & Card

I was recently told that if your surname is Munro you get 50% discount here, so I looked into this place to see what it was like.

Today I thought I would go and visit and see what its like.

On entering it’s a very modern looking pub, very spacious and very clean looking.

We looked for a table and sat.

Where we seated was in the door to the left, a little area where you could look out at the street. The table behind us has a young guy playing his Guitar and singing, and a young girl singing a long with him so we had our very own entertainment.

The Food :


OH MY GOD!!!!!! when this arrived it was MASSIVE.

Yes I tried to take a bite but even though I do have a big mouth, I was unsuccessful so I resorted to taking one burger out and eating it that way.

The burger was nice and had a nice flavour, the black pudding adding the extra flavour it needed. For me it could have had more cheese on it, as it was a little dry yes I could have added sauce for me trying anything the first time its about how it is served to me.

Was it the best burger I have had? no…but it was an OK burger and I would have it again. Though in saying that I would have to not eat for the whole day, as I did leave a little which is very unusual for me as I was very full so next time I will make sure I have lots of space to finish it.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 3.5
Presentation : 4.5

Overall :

I did mention that I was a Munro, and showed proof which gave me 50% discount of my food. The waiter was kind enough to let me know that this is normally done with bookings, but he was OK to do it for me today.

Overall it was a nice time, service and food was good. My only two issues were one that I didn’t manage to finish my burger, and two that there could have been more cheese on the burger…..but that’s a personal thing.

I would like to go back and try a few more dishes.

Review Scores – 

  • Atmosphere : 4
  • Staff : 4
  • Menu : 4
  • Service : 5
  • The portion sizes & taste : 3
  • Value for money: 5
  • Overall : 4
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