Sugar Dumplin Rum Club – Spiced Rum (Glasgow) : Revie

Put a little spice in your life


Event Date : 5th December 2016

Type of Rum : Spiced

Cost : FREE

Rum Featured :

  • Foursquare Spiced Rum
  • Dark Matter Spiced Rum
  • The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

– and free nibbles

For those of you that don’t know the Glasgow Caribbean restaurant Sugar Dumplin, do a monthly rum club. Each month a new brand, style of rum or both is featured and discussed and sampled.

I am no expert in rum, I am slowly learning about the different styles, flavours etc

This month the topic was Spiced Rum.

First rum up was by Foursquare :

A delicious, high-quality spiced rum from Richard Seale’s Foursquare distillery on Barbados, home of Doorly’s and St. Nicholas Abbey.

This rum has hints of cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg. For me when I smelled this i got a very light hint of vanilla, but others at tonights club got cinnamon or nutmeg or all.

It comes in a tall bottle with a dripped wax sealing, this covers the metallic screw top.

For me this was nice, it was nice to smell and also the flavour was pleasant.

Next was the Dark Matter Spiced Rum :

The first release from Scotland’s Dark Matter Distillers is Dark Matter Spiced Rum – very exciting stuff! Created in Banchory by two brothers, Jim and John Ewen, Dark Matter Spiced Rum is a molasses-based rum that features full-bodied notes of long pepper, fresh ginger, green peppercorns and allspice.

The spice was so overpowering! The smell off the small shot we got was very powerful, the cinnamon could be smelt right away. The first and every taste after was very powerful again, it wasn’t a burning feeling it was a thick and warm after feeling on the throat.

This was nice, in small amounts on its own it could be ok but it really needs to be mixed with something to lessen the strong taste.

Last up was The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

A dark spiced Caribbean rum introduced to the UK in Spring 2010, Kraken’s old-style bottle and superlative packaging seem to earmark it out for greatness, and perhaps it will help some of those many thousands of punters nursing an old-recipe-Sailor-Jerry-sized hole in their hearts.

This rum has a lighter and sweeter taste to it, the combination of flavours gives this a more sweet and very appealing taste for me as I have a very sweet tooth.

For me this was the best out the three.

Just like the others it had a nice smell to it, and this was not as strong as Dark Matter and was nice and sweet to taste.

I was told tonight to try mixing this with coke as it will taste like an alcoholic Dr Pepper, so not to be rude I had to give it a try and yes it was very very very good. This could be my rum mix of choice now 🙂


We then got to try a cocktail made from one of the above Spiced Rums, this was really nice and good to taste as the rum added the nice spiced flavour to a sweet cocktail.

Again I don’t like to go into too much detail about these Rum Clubs, as it more of a you need to be there than a read about it.

If your interested in coming and why wouldn’t you be? its free, fun, you get to meet new people, learn about rum, have a laugh and get some really good food. So if your a yes then I would say follow Sugar Dumplin on Facebook, or me on Twitter or both as I always try and help promote the event on Twitter.

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Scotland for Haiti 2 Glasgow Event (Sugar Dumpling, Glasgow) : Review

Event Date : Sunday 27th November

Location : Sugar Dumplin in Glasgow

Event Description : 

Come and celebrate 50 years of Barbados Independence with us in our second fundraiser for Haiti, this time at Sugar Dumplin restaurant in Glasgow. Enjoy a welcome cocktail courtesy of Clayton’s Kola Tonic and Caribbean buffet from Sugar Dumplin. 

Talk from historian and genealogist Selena Carty from Black Poppy Rose for stories of the contribution of Caribbean servicemen and women to Britain in times of war. 

Poetry from Lesley Traynor of Women Poets with Fierce Words

LIVE music from Afrobeats singer Levis Albano and Afro-Jazz fusion duet Ladies of Midnight Blue

Party on with DJ Marshal Telisman, the king of Glasgow party nights, for the best selections of soca, dancehall and reggae…

Enter our raffle to win great prizes and buy something from the special menu for a chance to win a week’s stay for two at Divi Southwinds Beach Resort, Barbados. 

All profits from tickets and raffle going to support community organisations in Haiti.

Tonight I attended the charity fundraiser Scotland for Haiti 2, this was being held at the Glasgow Caribbean restaurant Sugar Dumplin. On arriving we were welcomed to Sugar Dumplin and given a welcome cocktail. The cocktail is called a Jamestone 2 Tonic and was courtesy of Clayton’s Kola Tonic, this is how its made :

  • 1 part rum
  • 1 part Kola Tonic
  • 1 part Falernum
  • Soda and lime

This is a very nice cocktail and I will be ordering this again.

Once I got my welcome drink I looked for a table, I wanted something near where the performances were so I could try and get some good photos and videos and to get a good view.

The DJ for the night was already setting up and started playing some tunes, while we waited for everyone else to turn up. I really liked the tunes he played and was happy that it wasn’t loud that you needed to shout over it.


Everyone was ready and it was time for the event to offically start.

Edinburgh Caribbean Association Twitter :


A Lisa Williams from The Edinburgh Caribbean Association got up and welcomed us to the event, and what we were to expect from the evening. Lisa’s welcome speaks started with its now 50 years that Barbados has been independent, and how this event and others are continuing to support Haiti and a brief talk about Haiti.

Lisa then introduced us to the first guest speaker Selena Carty.


Selena Carty Twitter :

Black Poppy Roses Website :

Before tonight I didn’t know any of the names that were going to be speaking or performing.

Selena Carty is a Historian and founder from Black Poppy Rose on British West Indies Regiment in WW1.


I am still getting to grips with WordPress and seems I need to upgrade to upload videos, so please check out my Instagram to view the videos :

What Selena was telling us was very emotional, powerful and very educational. If you ever get a chance to see her and to listen to her do take the time.

Next was some touching and funny poetry from Lesley Traynor, from Woman Poets with Fierce words.

Twitter :

Lesley told us a little about herself and let us hear a few poems, one was even about a family member and one which was my favourite from the night was called “Big Bad WolF”.

I am not really into poetry but I did enjoy listening to Lesley, and by going to this event I got to try something I wouldn’t normally have gone to see.

Now its was time to get some food from the buffet, I just took a small sample of everything. I have to say I have been to Sugar Dumplin before but whatever glaze they used tonight on the chicken wings wow it was amazing!!!


The next act to go up was Chief Kofi Amu Master Drummer who was from Ghana, and he was also going to do poetry for us.

This type of poetry again was new to me, and different to Lesley’s. Chief Kofi was very entertaining, and even got some audience participation with everyone going “mmmmm” a lot….you had to be there.


The next act was my favourite part of the event, it was very entertaining and great to listen to. The act that ended the night were called Ladies of Midnight Blue. Ladies of Midnight Blue are an Afro-Jazz Fusion brass/drums and vocals act.

Twitter :

Ladies of Midnight Blue’s performance was entertaining, amazing to watch and listen to but also since they are so energetic on the drums you feel tired just watching them. For me I would love to see them perform again, so I will be keeping an eye out for when they are back in Glasgow.

Again check out my Instagram as I have two videos from Ladies of Midnight Blue :

Near the close of the night there was a charity raffle, where you could win goodie bags with random items e.g Jam, sugar etc all from Barbados. I was lucky to win a bag, which contained several booklets on Barbados and also some “Hot Hot” sauce which I will use at some point.

Overall I had a really good night, it was educational and entertaining. I learned about black history, different styles of poetry and got to experience Afro-Jazz for the first time. Everyone around me also really enjoyed the night, as there were lots of smiles, laughs and dancing.

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Barbados Island Promo Event & Interview with Chef Henderson

The event was looking to promote links with Scotland and Barbados one of which are sports exchanges and will be hosting an event to network with interested sports disciplines throughout Scotland as we will be looking into implementing direct flights with Remac Tours from Scotland to Barbados next year.

Remac Tours is a Barbadian Tour Company that is delighted to announce the development of a sports and leisure direct service launch. This launch highlights tours to Barbados for sports exchanges with Scotland via Inspire Sports in disciplines such as Netball, Rugby, Football, Cycling, Marathons, Cricket and Hockey.

The event was held on Tuesday 1st of November in a Glasgow Caribbean restaurant called Sugar Dumpling.

On arrival, we were given a free drink and welcomed to the event. It was good to see that there was a good turn out, and I knew a few faces from other events and clubs I go to… a rather furry bear was in the room.

Once everyone arrived the event started.


Jed McCabe was first to get up and speak, and he introduced us to the large bear. The bear is known as Babakoochi, and was created by St Mirren legend Tony Fitzpatrick.


The bear’s name has a special background, Tony has written many stories in memory of his young son Tony who tragically passed away in 1983 (age 6) with acute myeloid leukaemia — His nickname was “Babakoochi Bear”.

I got the chance to have a look at this book, and I have to say it’s very colourful and from the quick flick through there seemed to be a lot of story detail and also a few cool looking characters which I am sure will keep any young readers attention.


The next part of Jed’s talk was all about the island, and how sports is a major part of Barbados. There are many sports on the island, and most of them are enjoyed by adults, families and also children. The sports included football to the very popular golf which I have to admit did look like a great course even though I am not a golf fan.

Jed then went on to give more details about the island, the population, size etc and it is even Rihanna’s homeland.

Jed then ended his talk on what the plan is to get Barbados and Scotland working together and making it easy for people to go and visit for sports or leisure or both.

They are aiming to have it all up and running for November 2017, you will have the option of a 6 or 13 night holiday plus optional excursions. I must state that you don’t need to book this for the sports, it will be open to just a nice holiday option.

The flight time is around 8 hours, and you will have the standard options for the hotel all inclusive /self-catering/ half board and bed and breakfast.


The next speaker was Reynold McClean who is the managing director of Remac Tours. Reynold summed up the evening and thanked everyone who turned up. Reynold then introduced the chef who was behind the scenes making us nibbles throughout the night, that were full of taste and very very moreish.

The name of the chef is Chef Henderson Butcher, he was flown all the way in from Barbados to make us the food for the night and so we could taste true authentic Bajan cuisine.

One of Barbados’ most accomplished chefs and a veteran international ambassador for Bajan cuisine, Henderson Butcher is very enthusiastic about elevating Caribbean cuisine in the international culinary arena. He describes his cuisine style as “rustic elegance”, and uses an infusion of culinary styles to create contemporary Caribbean dishes that benefit from the influences of both his introduction to home‐style cooking from his mother and grandmother as well as his formal culinary training.


Chef Butcher is the Executive Chef at the Pure ocean Beachside Dining Restaurant at Divi Southwinds hotel, the newest restaurant of its kind in the St Lawrence Gap, Barbados. Here he serves some of the most creative twists on local foods, with property‐grown fresh herbs used at the restaurant it brings about the freshness and Caribbean flavours for which he is known.


I was very lucky to get some time to talk to Chef Henderson, and I was also lucky to be able to have a quick interview.

What made you become a chef?

“In 1987 my mom died, she had her own cook shop in Beidgetown, I had always liked what she use to do with food and I wanted to do the same and take it to the best level I could, so here I am these years later as a chef, just started out wanting to build on what my mother did.”

Since you’ve been over in Scotland, have you tried Haggis?

“I have not yet tried haggis but I will before I go.”

** Update : Chef Henderson tried it and said “tastes great”

What other types of cooking do you do apart from the Caribbean?

“The foods I love to cook are from all over the world but what I do is add a Barbados or Caribbean twist on whatever I do, like our cou cou I have looked at polenta and decided I want to make our cou cou be high quality so now I do savoury white chocolate cou cou.”

What is your favourite dish to make, and the reason it’s your favourite?

“I love to do our sour and sweet potato pudding, the flavours are so intense and puts a smile on the face of the person eating. Love that soul food.”

If you could work with a celebrity chef, who would it be and why?

“The celebrity chef I would love with is Marcus Samuelsson he is deep in his roots with cooking and I respect and love that in a chef”

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to become a chef?

“To anyone wanting to become a chef, first decide if you want to be a chef or just a cook, when they have decided that then be committed to training and working very hard, I normally ask young cooks and chefs to take pride in my craft, this art form is not to be seen as a game or just a job, treat it well, it’s the love of my life.”

After Chef Henderson said a few works we all just mingled and talked to each other, and as thanks, we all got a goodie bag. The contents of the bag are promo booklets and leaflets about the island and events.

Overall I enjoyed the event as I learned a few things about Barbados that I never knew, plus it got me interested in maybe going next year…if the cost is good for me.

More about the Chef

One of Barbados’ most accomplished chefs and a veteran international ambassador for Bajan cuisine, Henderson Butcher is very enthusiastic about elevating Caribbean cuisine in the international culinary arena. He describes his cuisine style as “rustic elegance”, and uses an infusion of culinary styles to create contemporary Caribbean dishes that benefit from the influences of both his introduction to home‐style cooking from his mother and grandmother as well as his formal culinary training.

Chef Butcher is the Executive Chef at the Pureocean Beachside Dining Restaurant at Divi Southwinds hotel, the newest restaurant of its kind in the St Lawrence Gap, Barbados. Here he serves some of the most creative twist on local foods, with property‐grown fresh herbs used at the restaurant it brings about the freshness and Caribbean flavors for which he is known.

Chef Butcher has over 18 years of expertise in the hotel industry, holds an Associate Degree in Hotel Culinary Arts from the Barbados Community College and received further Culinary Arts training at John Folse Culinary Institute from the Nicolls State University.
A gourmet cuisine trained chef Henderson is the Team Manager for the award winning Barbados Culinary Team, of which he has been a member since 2004. He first joined the team as a reserve chef, gaining the opportunity one year later to represent Barbados in the Taste of the Caribbean Culinary Competition where the team won a gold medal. In addition to wining several medals over the years with the team, Henderson has won numerous individual medals at competition level, and led the team to an unprecedented victory this year, also at Taste of the Caribbean. Chef Butcher won the Barbados Culinary Team Manager’s award for Taste of the Caribbean in 2007 and also managed the winning Barbados Culinary Team for Taste of the Caribbean in 2011, 2012 and 2015.

Henderson is a culinary ambassador for Barbados, representing the island at promotional events and food festivals worldwide. He has showcased in Germany, London, and the United States, including the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, the Central Park Taste of Summer and the recent New York Wine and Food festival, to great acclaim.

His passion for food in Barbados is to see the country’s cuisine grow more on the world stage. Chef Butcher grew up with a love for cooking as this was one of his family traits, and chartered his career to become a chef. These days, Chef Butcher spends his time developing the local foods on his menus and helping young budding chefs to discover their own talents. Chef Butcher has promoted Barbadian cuisine in Germany, Switzerland, various states in the USA, Canada, St. Maarten, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

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