The Five Most Luxurious Hotels in Mallorca You Could Visit: Living Like an El Gordo Lottery Winner

We all like to dream of winning the lottery – and every Christmas, this dream comes true for many Spanish residents who’ve won on the El Gordo Christmas Lottery. With this in mind, today, we’re taking a look at some of the five most luxurious hotels in all of Mallorca that you could visit – although you don’t necessarily need to be an El Gordo winner to treat yourself! 

Go on – treat yourself to a luxury vacation this year and enjoy the luxury of the El Gordo lottery winner lifestyle. After all, you deserve a little pampering from time to time – and today’s five most luxurious hotels will certainly help you feel indulged.

What is the El Gordo Lottery? 

The El Gordo lottery is an annual lottery event held on the 22nd December in Spain and is commonly referred to as the Christmas Lottery. The event was first launched in 1812, and it has remained a popular occasion ever since and is an integral part of the traditional Spanish Christmas festivities.

However, with a jackpot prize of €400,000 available per person, it’s clear to see that those individuals lucky enough to win on the El Gordo lottery are in a more than reasonable position to treat themselves to a little luxury. With this in mind, many El Gordo lottery winners choose to spend some of their winnings on luxury holidays – and today’s top five picks for the best luxury hotels in Mallorca could be top considerations.

You Don’t Need to Win the El Gordo Lottery to Pamper Yourself

Winning the El Gordo lottery is a dream come true for many people. However, you don’t need to necessarily have €400,000 to spend to enjoy a luxurious visit at today’s hotels; in fact, we’ve purposely picked out five of the best luxury hotels that aren’t outside the realms of possibility for a luxury holiday. As such, with a little time to save up for the big trip, you too can pamper yourself with one of these luxurious holiday destinations in Mallorca.

The Five Most Luxurious Hotels in Mallorca You Could Visit

Regardless of whether you chose to play El Gordo online and were lucky enough to get a win, or if you simply have spare savings and want to treat yourself to a truly luxurious holiday, there are plenty of options that could help you enjoy a little of that ultra-rich lifestyle and luxury. The following five most luxurious hotels in Mallorca could hence offer an excellent opportunity for your own holiday needs – and help you enjoy a little of that lottery-winner luxury.

#1 Es Princep 

It’s the most expensive hotel on today’s list – but then, if you truly want to feel like an El Gordo lottery winner, few others can compare. This stunning 5-star hotel offers a truly stunning and luxurious experience; you can be confident that your every whim will be catered for! What’s more, the hotel is located in some of the most breathtaking surroundings, giving you stunning views from your hotel room.

#2 Gran Hotel Son Net

If you’re looking for something a little different from your holiday to Mallorca, then the truly iconic and breathtaking Gran Hotel Son Net is one of the most incredible hotels near Mallorca. Indeed, located within the south-western region of Mallorca, it’s a little further from the hubbub – but sometimes, that’s exactly what you need from your next holiday.

Indeed, located specifically within the Galatzo nature reserve, you won’t quite find anywhere else that can offer the same experience and luxury as this intimate and expertly manicured hotel. Or, for something a little different, why not take to the hotel’s unique treehouse for a truly unforgettable, luxurious holiday experience.

#3 Summum Prime Boutique Hotel

A favourite for those wanting a luxurious experience from their stay in Mallorca, this truly iconic hotel scores 5-stars across the board and offers a great value stay overall considering the large number of amenities on offer with every room. Private balconies, flatscreen TVs, in-room minibars, room service, and more are just some of the excellent luxuries you can expect from this stunning 

#4 Hotel Sant Jaume

Located in the very heart of Palma’s historical region and nestled comfortably between both the Santa Magdalena Convent and the Church of Sant Jaume, there’s irrefutably something quite unique and luxurious about a stay in the Hotel Sant Jaume. Meanwhile, the property itself is located within a picturesque 18th-century building and has been expanded to offer everything that an El Gordo winner might want. Between the designer loungers, stunning views, and picturesque plunge pool, as well as being just five minutes from the Paseo Maritimo Promenade, it might be just the destination you need for a little pampering.

#5 Hotel Samos

If you’ve been looking for a taste of luxury but don’t have the cash to splurge on an exceptionally luxurious 5-star hotel, then Hotel Samos might be just the destination you need. Ranked as the best value hotel in all of Mallorca by Trip Advisor, it’s truly a stunning destination that offers all of the amenities and luxuries you’d expect from a world-class, 4-star hotel. 

With access to a stunning, pristine blue swimming pool (and an additional rooftop pool, if that wasn’t already enough luxury), an on-site bar and lounge, a games room, fitness classes, family activities, a snack bar, a restaurant, and even an all-inclusive spa experience, there’s something for every guest. 

Final Thoughts

Winning the El Gordo lottery is a dream come true. Still, to treat yourself to a luxurious holidaying experience, you don’t necessarily need hundreds of thousands of pounds or euros spare. As such, we hope that today’s top five picks may help you enjoy a luxurious holiday in Mallorca that’ll help you feel like an El Gordo lottery winner but without the five-figure price tag!

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