Seven Winter Staples Men Should Keep In Their Wardrobe

The chill winds are upon us and winter is looming around the corner. This means it’s time to get cosy and up the warmth factor of your wardrobe. There’s nothing to stop you from being stylish while you do so, either. Here are some staples you should make sure you equip yourself with before heading out there.

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A good pair of black jeans

In terms of keeping things as fashionable and versatile as possible, don’t underestimate the power of denim. However, in winter, when you’re more likely to be wearing boots, coats, and things like leather jackets to keep you warm, you should opt for black jeans since they’re more likely to work well with the muted palettes more common for that reason. Don’t choose too tight a fit, either, as they can make you feel that cold much more closely.

Keep plenty of scarves

Even when the rest of your outfit might be fairly muted and conservative, since you’re dressing predominantly for warmth, you can still inject a little personality into your outfits by way of your accessories. The accessories that matter the most? Your scarves, of course. A touch of wrap-around comfort and colour can do wonders to bring your outfit to life a little more. Since winter is the time to go comfy, you might want to use combinations of warmer colours alongside more classic patterns to evoke feelings of nostalgia and timelessness.

The coat is everything

In the winter, there is, of course, no piece of clothing that is more important than a decent coat. However, you need to make sure that you’re being as picky as you need to be with mens winter coats as often it’s easy to choose style over substance and find it’s not quite as practical as you need it to be. Aside from being able to keep out the cold, how effective is your coat at dealing with the rain? It doesn’t have to be entirely rainproof, but if you’re not able to withstand even a bit of a shower before you get into some shelter, you’re going to find snow soaks through just as easily.

Bring out the wool blazers

Even in winter, we do have to occasionally switch things up to be a little more formal. Winter weddings are a thing, after all, as are end of year office get-togethers and the like. When you need to look a little fancier (but not quite full formal) then the wool blazer is the perfect smart casual wear for winter. It’s a warmer jacket that also tends to have slightly more expressive patterns, and it works well with button-down shirts and undervests to help keep you comfortable even on those somewhat chiller nights out.

Get the jump on winter

When you don’t need to be quite as formal and you don’t have to deck yourself out in a full coat or leather jacket, then the jumpers are what it’s all about when those days start getting colder. With jumpers, you do run the risk of looking a little more boring than usual, so it’s a good idea to choose those that have ribbing or textures to bring a bit of visual diversity to them. You don’t have to go extra colourful, however. Whatever you do, make sure that you keep a lint roller on hand as even the best jumpers can get into something of a state.

Put your boots on

The footwear that you wear is going to be as important as anything during winter to help you deal with wet roads, not to mention the occasional patches of ice. Getting a good grip is number one, so you should be looking at things like Chelsea style boots that not only have padded and textured soles, but also high ankles that keep your legs from starting to freeze. It’s good to go a little more formal in winter since you’re more likely to be wearing more layers and looking a little more organized in general.

A good pair of gloves

There are plenty of different types of gloves that can suit a man in winter. If you’re looking to do some practical work outdoors, whether for your job or during some DIY project, you need thick, protective, padded things. However, even if you’re staying inside and on the computer, you can keep yourself a little more snug with a decent pair of writing gloves to warm up your hands.

With the staples above, you’ve got enough basics to build enough outfits to keep you through the winter. Don’t catch a cold out there.

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