An attempt at Chef Ajay Kumar (Swadish Restaurant) Dal Tadka

Chef Ajay Kumar

One of my fav Indian restaurant’s in Glasgow is Swadish.

You can see my blogs and vlogs from some of my visits, by typing Swadish in the search box on my blog.

Like most people who are currently at home due to the pandemic, I decided to start trying to make some dishes at home.

Chef Ajay recently started a YouTube channel and I thought let’s see what I could try, and if I have all or most of the ingredients in the flat.

I decided to try the Dal Tadka or Dhal.

Dal tadka (dhal)

So I slowly watched and started preparing and following the video!

A few of the items that Ajay was using I didn’t have in the kitchen, but I had alternatives that I decided to use.

I didn’t have cumin seeds but I had grounded cumin , and I didn’t have curry leaves so I used grounded curry powder.

Following Ajay’s video I found it very easy to follow and the smell from start to finish was amazing, I couldn’t wait to try it 🙂

This was the finished attempt.

As you can see its….kind of close…but it did taste very very good.

I want to try this again, and know how i could improve what I did so the next attempt will be closer to Chef Ajay’s version…..well thats the aim 🙂

Chef Ajay’s Version

View Ajays Channel :

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For a first attempt I was very happy with the result, and as I said I know what I need to do to improve on what I did this time for next time.

Please do try this, as its a very nice dish and very tasty 🙂

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have tried any of his dishes and what you thought. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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