Money Making IOS Apps : Review

Before I start you need to know you will not be giving up your job with these apps I mention below, or with any of the other money making apps on iOS or Android.

These apps over time will give you some free cash, but its not enough to get you a dream holiday or home…now that I have said that lets continue.

The Apps

As always I only review products etc that I have used that way I can give you the best information and you can get a honest review.

As I said these apps wont give you your dream holiday but they will give you some cash, and yes its free….to a point. With every app you use, they collect data from you in some way but if your ok with this which you probably are since you are using many apps that do that right now then lets start the list of apps.

1. Airtime Rewards

Now this is a very cool app, you join for free connect your mobile network account and your credit cards and earn money towards your phone bill as you shop.

The shops are limited but am sure there are some you probably shop at on a regular basis like Primark, Boots, Debenhams to name a few and some get added on a regular basis so keep watching.

Last year I managed to get £25 off one of my months phone bill, which was great. Yeah its not much but I dont spend a lot in some of the shops linked to Airtime Rewards.

Currently in the past few weeks I now have a balance of £1.11 so once that gets to £10 I can send it to my phone bill how cool is that.

Use my code 7P79WHBY to get 0.50P when you join and then if you spend at one of the shops you will get an extra £1.00 all for free 🙂

Overall : 5/5

2. Quidco

Everyone shops online loads these days, so why not get some cash back when you do? this is what Quidco does.

Login to Quidco, search the retailer you want to shop at, click the link and the tracking starts. Do what you need to do, and purchase your item or items and pay.

Now that you have paid quidco tracks the click through and payment, and adds to the “Pending” in your account. Once the payment has been confirmed you get paid whatever the percentage was.

I have had £84.52 so far cash back in a year, with £5.00 in my account to be withdrawn

Join now using my link and get £10 FREE :

Overall : 5/5

3. Enlightly

So this one is a questionnaire app, and you earn £x amount per questionnaire you complete and the amount adds up.

I have used this for a while and earned £20 but the past few months I have not had any questions asked to build up my cash. You may be lucky if you join but hey every little helps right? plus its free.

Overall : 2.5/5

4. Google Rewards

A new app for me, I have heard good things about this. Again you wait for questions to come to your account, answer them and earn cash. The amounts are small, but overtime will add up.

So far with a few weeks installed I have only managed to get £0.55, as I have not had many questions but you could have a different experience.

Overall : not used long enough to fully comment

Overall :

Dont be fulled into thinking you will earn loads of cash with any apps, as its always a low amount. The best ones are your cash back apps, as you will be able to withdraw your money faster.

Please do check these out if your interested, and also use my refer codes to get some free cash when you join 🙂

Airtime Rewards : code 7P79WHBY get 0.50P when you join then if you spend at one of the shops you will get an extra £1.00 all for free 🙂

Quidco : Join now using my link and get £10 FREE :

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have been here or even tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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