Beer52 Craft Beer Subscription: Review


I have always enjoyed drinking a beer when I am out, though normally it would be a cocktail or rum.

Around mid last year, I started doing a Craft Beer tour in my home city Glasgow, where I take a group of people around 3 breweries and they get to try some craft beer.

Craft Beer? hmm I had heard of this term but I never really looked into it much or tried many or any craft beers. Due to me being the guide I started to look into it more, and wow it’s a massive area and growing every single day.

At each of these stops, I tried the breweries own Craft Beer, and more recently one off the menu just at random to see what other ones were like.

I use an app when I am out doing these tours, and also when I go out and have a craft beer called UnTapped. Its basically like Facebook but for beer checking in. It’s a great app to use, firstly it’s free and also if you tried a beer ages ago at a place and couldn’t remember what it was just open the app and have a look…plus many more features so take a look.

While using this app I got an offer for Beer52, they are a subscription service for Craft Beers. With a promo code, I got my first box for £6.95, that was 12 beers, snack and a magazine…I couldn’t say no to this and thought let’s try it. (NOTE you are auto-enrolled into a subscription and after that first payment it’s around £25 a month unless you change the option or cancel)

My first box arrived and I had many beers to try…

Sorry guys no photos of this one, but don’t worry I continued my subscription and got a second box.

To drink all the beers from my first box, it took me a while as I am now driving more so I can’t drink and drive…

Next Months Delivery…the beers magazine and snack arrived. I won’t go into detail about all the beers, but these ones were my favourites.

The above pic of the three craft beers were my top 3 from this months box, I have found I like a dark beer that has coffee or chocolate notes to it. This is strange as my normal pub beer is a light beer, so my taste is expanding and enjoying more.

The far left beer Ninkasi Blanche WOW this was a REALLY REALLY good beer!!!!! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this one in the shops.


This is a good service and highly recommended, you can even have it every 2 months etc they will cater the subscription to your needs. The added magazine is a really great feature, as its a good read and you will learn more about beers etc.

What I have learned about my taste is, I like a dark sweet craft beer rather than a sour one but its good to try many styles.

Check them out at


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My Heverlee Beer Delivery : Review

The guys at Heverlee Beer contacted me and asked if I would like to try their beer and since I always like trying new food and drinks I accepted.

I received it just over a week ago, but due me driving more I couldn’t drink it till tonight.

I was at work when a BIG box arrived for me, and I knew this had to be the beer but I didn’t expect it too big this big.

It was time to open the package and see what was inside…


Wow, this was very cool, I never expect to get so many items so it was a great surprise.

I took the box home and emptied the contents


This was a great delivery, so it was time to check out the glass.


And there was more….even some chocolates 🙂

When Heverlee contacted me, to be honest, I only half recognised the name so I took to Google to have a little read about them.

Heverlee is a Belgium beer and a very nice light beer.

Heverlee is normally served in a chalice glass which is to preserve the beer head. The foam is then normally sliced off with a knife, which is known as ‘beheading’ and doing this removes the larger bubbles, which tend to cause the head to deteriorate faster, protecting the liquid underneath from exposure to the air and maintaining the head’s bitter aromas.

The artwork on the case, the beer, bag and glass were designed by the world-renowned Belgian street-artist DZIA. If you want to see more of his artwork click HERE

As I said at the start of this post, I had the beer for just over a week but only just getting round to drinking it as I have 2 days where I won’t be driving.

This is a very nice light beer and had a really nice taste to it. Heverlee will be now added to my top beers to order when I go out for a drink.

Thanks to the guys at Heverlee for contacting me, this was a great gift and a really nice beer.


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Cheese Posties – Jaffa Cake : Review

Subscription Type : One a month
Box 1 : Jaffa Cake

So until recently I had never heard of this company, it was only last week I was scrolling through my Instagram I saw this advert and thought “this sounds interesting”.

I went on to Cheese Posties website, and had a quick glance and played the video on the website and I thought why not give it a try and see what its like.

The joining process is extremely easy and quick, there is nothing complicated about it and before you know it you have created your account and selected to have your first box delivered.

You can have the boxes delivered weekly, for nightly and monthly. You can select savoury or sweet or a mix of both. The one part I thought was really good was the option if you don’t like or can’t take nuts, you can opt out of this which was good for me as I am allergic to nuts.

Unboxing : 

Opening the box you are presented with a few things, and also a few are hidden under what you see first.

  • 1 x Collectable card : This tells you what flavour your boxes contents will be
  • 1 x Booklet : This booklet tells you how to make your toastie, either with your toaster, in a pan, a sandwich press or if you stay near a volcano how to make it with one of those. Also the collectable card, you can use it to play a Cheese Postie card game.
  • Letter : This letter talks about the iOS app and the toastie bag

It was at this point on the back of the booklet I noticed something, for every postie the person that is buying it it provides a meal for a hungry child via Mary’s Meals. This is a great idea and even if you only get one once a month, you know that your are helping a charity.

Food Contents of this box : 

  • 2 x slice of bread
  • 1 x packet of grated dark chocolate
  • 1 x packet of marmalade
  • 1 x packet of Irish butter
  • 1 x packet of mascarpone cheese

It was now time to assemble the toastie

After about 3 to 5 minutes in the toaster TADA it was ready to eat.

I have a very sweet tooth so I was interested to how this would taste, at first I thought it would require more marmalade but after eating it it really doesn’t.

Does it taste like a jaffa cake? not really…I don’t really know what its like as for me it was a little too sweet? is sweet the right word? I don’t really know but it was just ok. Could I have had two of these no as it was too sickening for me but it was ok.

Overall : 


Overall my first experience was just ok. I think for this one it was just too sickening, but I am going to wait another month for my next one and give that a try to.

This is a very nice concept, so I look forward to seeing what is in my next box and I will do another review of that one.

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