Club Sock : The Last Sock


This months delivery is my very last from Club Sock, as I opted for the three month subscription.

As you have read in the last posts, I have been 50/50 with my subscription socks.

The first were ok, the second were pink and not a colour I would normally wear so I was hoping that they saved the best for last.

I opened the package…


My first thought was these are ok looking, again not a design I would normally select but hey its good to try something different sometimes.

Just like the previous socks, the material is very very good quality. The design is ok, I am sure someone reading this will like it when others won’t so its all down to personal taste.

These also felt nice to wear, very comfy and were a perfect size for me. When wearing these with shoes they felt good, and kept my feet nice and warm.

Overall this idea is a funky one, as more and more items are being packaged as a subscription box clothes, aftershaves etc

I probably won’t continue as the styles are not to my taste, but if you have liked what you have seen why not try Club Sock out?  Just because it wasn’t for me, doesn’t mean its not something for you so check them out.

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Cornerstone Mens Shaving in the post : Review

In January 2016 I decided that I was paying too much for my grooming gear, so I decided to look about and try a few different products to see if I could cut my cost even just a little.

I tried many different shop brands, and found my shave still wasn’t as good as my original selection which I had been using for many years. After a while I noticed that there were a few companies that do shaving gear for guys, but done via the post which I thought sounded interesting.

I found 3 companies that did this, and started working my way through them.

I won’t mention the ones I didn’t like, but I will mention the reasons.

  • The Blades : I found sometimes one blade would be fine, then the next one I used would slice me, would only work for one shave and be blunt
  • The Handle : The shaving handle wasn’t great, it was meant to be flexible to go round the contours of the face. Due to it being flexible I found it tricky to use or it would break and I would have to order another.
  • The Gel : I have sensitive skin and even the ones that were meant for that, i always found it felt like it burned my skin or made me very red after it.

These are the main reasons, and then I came across Cornerstone.

Just like the other mail ones I tried, Cornerstone is also nicely presented.


My first order I ordered what I needed, as some things I preferred a specific brand :

First Box : 

  • Razor Blade  (optional engraving with your initials free)
  • Blades
  • Shaving Gel
This was my most recent box, as I didn’t need to order a razor blade again.

For me I can’t fault this service, it arrives when it says and gives a really good shave. The quality of the products are all top, and nothing about this screams cheap.

Why not give it a try for a month? you can cancel when you like plus if you click the link below it gives you £10 off your first order. The joining process is very simple, and only takes a few clicks.

Overall : 

For me this is a great service, I always get a good close shave and I have managed to cut my monthly costs. I have recommend this to a few friends, and just like me they think the same.

** Disclaimer : I have not been asked to promote Cornerstone, and I have not had any freebies from them. This post is all my own thoughts.
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