Back at Poco Havana (Glasgow) : Review

48a West Regent Street
G2 2RA Glasgow

Tel : 0141 353 6098
Website :

A colourful, vibrant basement bar/restaurant featuring the best of Cuban, Mexican and Spanish cuisine. Mixed in with our sunshine-vibe cocktails, quality craft beers and eclectic mix of great tunes, our Poco Havana is the finest corner of Cuba in Glasgow

Visit Date : Saturday 4th January 2017

Most of you that have been following this blog know i’ve been to Poco Havana a few times, you can read my previous reviews here and here

I have been hitting the Glasgow restaurants very hard recently, and spent a little more than I wanted. When I recently came across an itison voucher that I purchased a while back, and noticed that it was expiring soon so I thought lets head back and use it for a cheap weekend dinner.

My voucher was for two mains, so I will still show the cost of the dishes so you know what they would have been.

Main Course :

Chipotle Pulled Pork Burrito 12″ £8.95 (normally but I had the voucher)

This was the first time I have had a Burrito at Poco Havana, so I was looking forward to seeing how they did them and also how it tasted.

I know in my recent previous posts I said I would try and be more critical and not always say it was really good, well this was really really good. With every bite I had my mouth was bursting with flavour, and I could have easily had another.

Sorry I didn’t show how it looked inside, I was enjoying it too much it was finished before that thought pop’d in my head.

Cocktail :

Again I have had a few cocktails here in the past, so I decided to try something new.

Frozen Margarita/Daiquiri £13.50
“Sharing jugs of our classic Margaritas and Daiquiris”


My girlfriend and I opted for the Mango one.

As you can see from the photo, you get a large amount since its a sharing jug. You get about 2 glasses full each from this, so its really worth the money.

Overall :

This was a very enjoyable visit, I felt very relaxed and enjoyed the food and cocktails.

Poco Havana have had a few deals on itison, so if you want to check it out but worries about trying somewhere new then this is the option for you.

The staff have always been very friendly and very helpful, and if you like burritos then you should check Poco Havana’s.

  • Child Friendly : Yes
  • Service : 5
  • The portion sizes and taste : 5
  • Atmosphere : 4
  • Value for money : 5
  • Overall : 4.5
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Poco Havana Bar & Cantina Mexican Restaurant (Glasgow) : Review

48a West Regent Street
G2 2RA Glasgow

Tel : 0141 353 6098

Visit Date : 4th December 2016

This weekend I fancied having a Mexican for my style of food, and I opted to go back to Poco Havana.

My last visit to Poco Havana was 20th November 2016 and this was the review for then VIEW

Tonight I did try different dishes, as I am trying hard not to have the same thing every time. Again just like last time, we were welcomed and shown to a table. The staff have always been very pleasant and very helpful and it was the same tonight.

Starters :

“rolled in brown butter panko crumb, manchego and paprika”

The sweetcorn was very nice, biting in to it the cobs were coming off nice and easy. The flavour was good, and the crumb topping was very nice. It not a spicy topping, the paprika just adds a little flavour you taste more of the manchego than paprika.

Everything about this worked, and I would order this again.


“tortilla chips with melted mozzarella, salsa, sour cream and jalapenos
Add guacamole £1. Add almost death sauce £1″

Yes I know I got these the last time, but for me these have been the best nachos I have tasted in any Mexican restaurant so far in Glasgow.


Main :

“crispy open taco stuffed with chipotle pork, salsa fresca, cheese, crema and fresh coriander”

Yip so not really what you would call a burger visually, but this is loaded with great flavours and every mouthful did not get boring after a while. I would really recommend this if you try Poco Havana, and I would have this again!


Dessert :

Fried Jamaica cake £4.95
“chargrilled bananas, spiced rum toffee sauce and whipped demerara coffee cream with crushed Oreos”

When I saw the menu this was a must, as you know I have been attending monthly rum clubs so a Jamaican rum cake was the one to order.

This was so good, packed with flavour and every mouthful was so so good. If I wasn’t full after tonight’s meals and this cake, I would have ordered another one.

Finishing Cocktail :


Overall :

This visit for me was a lot better than my first, mostly due to I really enjoyed everything a lot from the food, dessert and the cocktail. Don’t get me wrong my first visit was good, but I enjoyed what I ordered more this time round.

The one thing I must point out, is once a dish is ready its just brought out. Tonight I had starters and my main sitting on the table, if this isn’t for you maybe ask them to hold the mains back till your ready.

The Rating for this visit (out of 5) :

  • Service : *****
  • Menu Choice : *****
  • Taste : *****
  • Overall : *****


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