Byron Hamburgers Glasgow : Review

100 West George Street
Glasgow G2 1PP

Byron is open:

Mon – Frid: 11:30–22:00


Sun/Bank Hol:11:30 – 23:00

T: 0141 354 0007
W :

Visit Date : 8th October 2016


I have been to Byron a few times, see my first visit here

The staff are always very helpful and very friendly, and I have always enjoyed the food.

It had been a while since I was last in and when I saw they had a few new items on the menu, I thought its time to go back and try them plus get a milkshake as they are the best in Glasgow….well thats what I think 🙂



Buffalo Chicken Wings


I really wanted to try the new chicken nuggets, but was told today that they didn’t have any left. The last time I was in I ordered the wings, so I thought lets go for them again.

Just like last time these are really nice, and very very tasty. They are very messy and my only complaint is there is no finger bowl to clean your fingers with….then again licking them works just as well.

Cost : £4.50 / 7.50


Clucky Balboa (fried chicken breast, guacamole, Sriracha mayonnaise, picked red onions and iceberg lettuce)

Another new edition that has been promoted by Byron via Twitter and Facebook, so I thought lets try it and see what I think.


I love the burgers here so I was looking forward to this, presentation wise it looks very good just like the burgers.

This was just OK, it did taste nice but for me the flavour was a little bland. I know there is another option which is the Buffalo sauce option, which now I regret not trying.

I think next time I would try with the Buffalo sauce, as for me it needed a little more flavour.


I opted to have the chips with bacon and cheese sauce as my side, this was very nice though I did notice the cheese they used tasted like the macaroni cheese rather than the normal cheese. For me this was nice, but I think using another cheese might have been better in flavour.

Chicken Burger Cost : £10.50 / Fries with bacon £4.75


I ordered this time round the Salted Caramel Milkshake, previously I tried the Chocolate and loved it so thought lets try something different.


This was just as nice and I would go for this again, it was very easy to drink whereas the chocolate is very thick but I don’t mind that.

Cost : £4.95

Overall :

Overall this visit was good, little disappointed with the new chicken burger but I think the other sauce version would have been much much better for me.

Staff as always and service both very good, and I will go back again.

Do check this place out and try the B-Rex mmm and a milkshake!!

Till next time

The Rating for this visit (out of 5) :

  • Service : *****
  • Menu Choice : ****
  • Taste : ****
  • Overall : ****

My win at Byron Glasgow

100 West George Street
Glasgow G2 1PP

Byron is open:

Mon – Frid: 11:30–22:00
Sun/Bank Hol:11:30 – 23:00

T: 0141 354 0007
W :

Visit Date : 21 May 2016

So I tried the new burger place in Glasgow called Bryron Hamburgers, as I won a Twitter competition for a free £50 meal.

After winning the Byron £50 notes, I looked at some of the reviews and found it to be very mixed but that didn’t put me off as I love trying new places.

On arriving we were greeted and the staff were very pleasant and showed us to our table. All the waiters and waitresses couldn’t have been nicer.

Starter :

Buffalo Chicken Wings (12) served with blue cheese dip.

This was really really good and my friend and I split the 12….to be honest I could have just had the 12 to myself.

Main :


B-REX Burger (Doubled Up) and Fries : 2x 6oz hamburger, onion ring, streaky bacon, American cheese, jalapeños, pickles, onion, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise.

Now this was a mouthful but it was so good and very very very filling. I think next time I will be a good boy and not double up.

Dessert :


OREO CHEESECAKE : Oreo cookie base, vanilla and Oreo cheesecake, topped with… more Oreos.

After my big B-Rez I didn’t know if i had room for this but i tried and finished it. Its a very tasty cheesecake that I found to be very light.

For my drink I decided to have the Chocolate Milkshake, well this was massive and very thick but the best Milkshake I have had to date.


Overall :

Overall I had a great experience and the food was really good. Yes I would go back again, as for burgers this is now probably my favourite place in Glasgow to date.

Also a big thanks to Byron Hamburgers for my win, very much appreciated