Strathaven Hotel Birthday Dinner 2021 : Review

The Visit

Tonight we had booked here for an early 90th birthday dinner for my grandpa, we have been here many times before and really enjoy it here.

The Food

Crispy Brie Wedges £8
onion chutney

I normally stick with the same starter but tonight I thought lets try something different.

This was very nice, the light crunch of the batter and the flavour of it all mixed with the chutney was perfect.

It was a perfect size for a starter and one that I would have again.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

6oz Scotch Cheeseburger £13
baby gem, sweet chilli mango, fries

I have not had the burger her for a long long time, and this was different to the one from ages ago so I ordered it.

On arrival wow this was a massive burger, and smelled really good.

Now time to dig in.

This was some bite! the flavour was nice, the burger was tender and it all tasted really really good. My only comment would be it was just too thick, a little thinner would have really helped with a perfect bite but thats just a personal thing.

My Rating :

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Overall :

Tonight we all had a great night, very relaxing, filled with laughs and the birthday boy enjoyed his night.

Another really nice visit at the Strathaven Hotel and if you have never been add it to your list.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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La Laterna 1 Year Birthday Party : Event Review

447 Great Western Road
Glasgow G12 8HH

T:  0141 334 0686  W:

Child-Friendly: Yes (well-behaved kids)      Accepts: Cash & Card

The guys at La Laterna were lovely to invite me to their 1-year birthday party, and I couldn’t miss this as I love Italian food and it sounded fun.

I have been here several times but only ever done one review (you can view it here).

For me, up until last time, it was just so-so, and my last visit was nice. Don’t get me wrong, I am not sure why I felt this way but it was just how I felt so I was looking forward to going back and trying the food again.

Tonight we were told there would be food to sample, tapas style which was in keeping with the new menu and some cocktails plus music….this sounded like a fun night.



Inside is very cosy, it’s not the biggest restaurant but has a really nice atmosphere.

The Food

The food was served up in a buffet style which was perfect for tonight’s party, that way everyone could help themselves to what they wanted and how much

I was told tonight that here was changing their menu to be Italian Tapas, which I think is a good idea as its becoming a very popular trend.

They brought out round 1 of the food, so I headed up and took a little of everything.

Round 2

Round 3 & 4

Round 4


As you can see everyone tonight was spoiled, and very very well fed.

The food tonight some will be found on the new menu, and some were just for tonight. Due to this, I will tell you the ones I liked from the above.

I narrowed it down to my top 5 from tonight.

The first looked like a small calzone, and it basically was and the flavour was so so good!!! so good I had to have 3 🙂 Next was Arancini and WOW so so good again!! the flavours were perfect and again I was a little greedy and had 3 🙂

The pasta came out near the end and it was worth the wait, there were three types I only sampled two. One was a meatball pasta and one was a crab/prawn pasta, both the flavours were perfect and very very moreish.

Overall :

I am very impressed with everything tonight, and more so the food! The last few times I have been here I enjoyed the food but thought it was just ok…..tonight really changed my mind and can’t wait to come back to try more of the new menu.

I am very happy I got this invite and could be part of the celebration with everyone tonight, congratulations to everyone and thanks again 🙂

See you soon!!

Grazie mille

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The Bothy (West End, Glasgow) : Review



11 Ruthven Lane,
Glasgow West End
G12 9BG


Visit Date : 8th April 2017

This was a treat for my birthday, and also a first time for me visiting here. 

I had a look at the menu online before coming, so I had a rough idea of a few things I wanted to order.

6oz Beef Burger
Smoked Mull Of Kintyre, Maple Cured Bacon, Baby Gem Lettuce Gherkin & Caper Slaw, With Bothy Burger Sauce & Chunky Chips.


The presentation of the burger was nice, and the smell was good so I was looking forward to this as I haven’t had a burger in a while.

The burger was very nice, flavours were good and it was very filling. The chips were nice and fresh, normally I prefer the thin chips but I enjoyed these today.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 4
Presentation : 5

Overall :

Overall I enjoyed my visit, the staff were very attentive and very pleasant. What I did like due to its Scottish theme, the staff all wore kilts this was a nice touch.

Food wise it was very nice, and the atmosphere was good.

  • Child Friendly : Yes (only if they are well behaved)
  • Cash/Credit Card : Both
  • Service : 5
  • The portion sizes & taste : 5
  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Value for money : N/A as dinner was paid for me
  • Overall : 5
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