Ashoka Ashton Lane (West End, Glasgow) 2021 : Review

The Visit

The last proper visit here was ages ago, and more recently it was a quick stop as the night we came we felt like Dosa but they had just ran out.

Tonight we visited again as I was keen to try the Dosa here


Haggis Pakora £5.25

The friend I was with tonight, she had never tried Haggis so I thought lets get this as my starter and she can have a bite.

For me this was a big portion, but the taste mmm so good as I love haggis and haggis pakora.

I would get this again.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chicken Masala Dosa

On arrival the smell instantly hit me, this smelled so so good.

I tried the dosa and it was light, fluffy and had a nice taste.

I took a bite of everything and WOW the flavour of this was very good, so good I didn’t want to stop eating it.

My friend tried a bite and it was so good, she ordered it for herself.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Halal FriendlyYes
Venue Cleanliness*****

Overall :

Firstly it was nice to be back for a proper meal here, as Ashoka Ashton Lane was always a fav of mine.

Tonight we both enjoyed our meal very much, and left feeling full but satisfied.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Innis & Gunn NEW Brewery Taproom : Event (Glasgow, West End)

tap room

Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom
44 Ashton Lane
Glasgow G12 8SJ

V: 20th June 2019. T: 0141 334 6688. W:

I have been to Innis & Gunn on Ashton Lane a few times, for food, drinks or both so when I got an email for an invite to their Tap Room launch I had to accept.

I have been getting in to the beer scene in a big way this year, so I was very excited to see what they have done to the place as its been a while since my last visit.

Official Opening : 21 June 2019

Looking Around

When I entered I instantly noticed a massive!! difference!! the place looked so much more modern from the last time and had a very good vibe tonight.

They have created a new Scottish soul food menu, and £5 before five lunch menus which is really good. It also has its own brew room which will be used for tastings, so this again is going to be very cool and I am sure attract a lot of people.

I actually learned tonight and its bad saying this, as it shows how much attention I payed when I visited my last times…..there are several floors in here! yip tonight I learned its not just a ground floor place, there are a few above….shame on me.

The second floor was more for eating, and again just like downstairs it had a very modern look and a really nice feel to it.

The top floor is the cocktail area, which just like the other floors has a very nice modern look.

As I said I never really knew that there were more floors here, so I cant comment on the changes made to them.


Firstly thank you for my invite tonight guys 🙂

I had a great night tonight, and really loved what changes has been made and the feel and look of each floor.

Looking around at everyone when I stopped at each level, everyone was enjoying looking around, having a nibble and having some beer.

Some little food nibbles were passed around the whole night, and the ones that I sampled were really good so I aim to go back for some food and a beer at some point.

If you have been here before or fancy checking out the new Tap Room do take a visit, you will see many good beers and have a great night.

Official Opening : 21st June 2019

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have been here or even tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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Brel (West End, Glasgow) : Review

Brel Bar : Outside

39 Ashton Lane
Glasgow G12 8SJ

V: 16th August 2017      T: (0141) 342 4966     W:

Child Friendly: Yes      Accepts: Cash & Card

So I decided to go back to Brel and give them a second shot, plus we had a voucher that was still unused from my last visit.

My last visit if you read was a little 50/50, the starter was good, main not good and waffle was just so so.

I decided that I wouldn’t have the same food as last time, and try something different. I was thinking either a burger or macaroni cheese…….tough choice I know.

The Food :

I opted for the burger as it was a safe bet…or was it?

The Brelburger £N/A as itison voucher


I added the following :

  • Crispy Pancetta £1.00
  • Jalapeños £1.00
  • Smoked Applewood Cheese £1.50

I am very happy I ordered this as it was a very nice burger, for me it did need the extra as I think on its on it would have been just ok. The chips were very nice, I love thin skinny chips so there are a win for me.

This was a nice burger, not my number 1 in Glasgow but its was very nice.

I did try the mac and cheese as my girlfriend opted for this, it was ok I am glad I didn’t order it as I think I would have got bored of the flavour half way through so the burger was the best choice.

Portion Size : 5
Value for Money :  N/A
Flavour : 4
Presentation : 4

Overall :

Overall this visit was a lot better than my last, the burger was good and the service was good.

For me I don’t know if I would go back, at the time of writing this I am very 50/50 but if you haven’t tried it please do check it out….remember this is what I thought you may have a different experience etc

Review Scores – 

  • Atmosphere : 2.5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu : 4
  • Service : 5
  • The portion sizes & taste : 4
  • Value for money: N/A as voucher
  • Overall : 4
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