Monty Hitchcock Art Exhibition ‘Unlocked’ Part 3 2021 : Review

It’s been a while but finally Monty Hitchcock is back, to show off his amazing art plus a few new pieces.

Remember to keep watching his Instagram and Facebook page, for future dates and send him a message to get an invite as you have to see his art in person to appreciate how detailed they are.

About Monty Hitchcock

Monty is a award winning film production designer and is currently designing the 3rd series of Netflix series pennyworth. He was in Forbes magazine as one of the top 7 art exhibitions to see in London last year with his 1st solo show. 

After 35 years as an art director in the film industry, events in Monty’s life compelled him to begin expressing himself on canvas. Two years of self-exploration resulted in an extraordinary collection of large scale paintings of richly layered paints that pulsate on the canvas in a language which is, in parts, abstract, figurative and expressionistic

Tonight Visit

The showing was in the same location as last time, but the layout was a little different so more of his art work was on display.

Monty’s Wall of Sketches

Over the year Monty has sketched many different things, some from on his journeys and others for part of his movie career.

Kids from Kingspark Secondary school visited the night before, and they got to meet Monty and decide on this placement. From what I heard they were amazed by all the art work, and loved meeting Monty.

I stood here for a long time taking in each sketch, but I needed a second, third and even more look at each as every time more details stood out and more grabbed my attention.

Two on here really caught my eye, one was a sketch from the Tom and Gerry movie and the other from Pennyworth the TV series. The colours, contrast and lightening effects in these sketches were amazing.

NEW – Dancing Heads Series x4

Just look at these, how cool do they look. I loved how Monty used his now signature blue in each of these, to depict the dancers yet if you look again you see what looked to me like tribal masks… on two later which is very cool.

The contrasting colours, and depth to each of these was great.


I have loved visiting and seeing Monty’s new art work, and seeing everyones reactions to his art.

I aim to keep following Monty on his Glasgow journey, and visit his events in the future.

If you have liked what you have seen from my posts, and blog please do follow his Instagram and Facebook page to keep up to date on when the next event will be.

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See you soon.

My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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