Tea at Tiffanys (North Berwick) 2022 : Review

The Visit

I wanted to go a wee drive and North Berwick came to mind, the weather was cloudy but dry but that didnt bother me as its a nice wee place to go for a walk.

The last time I was at Tiffany’s and decided to pop back in and try something else.

Todays Order

Today I fancied a toastie…

Tuna Mayo Toastie £6.25
choice of filling with salad garni

I didnt know what I wanted as my filling but a tuna melt jumped out at me.

On arrival, this looked really good, though I knew I wouldn’t really have the salad…not a fan.

This was a nice toastie, a good balance of tuna mayo and cheese and the brown bread was toasted very nice.

I could have easily had another one.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Apple Pie and Custard

I spotted this on the menu, but forgot to take note of the cost.

I knew I would be walking about so having a wee treat would be ok.

This was mega warm on arrival so after it cooled down a little I took a bite…

mmm I have not had this for many many years and it’s still just as good as I remember.

The apple pie was lovely and had a good flavour. I highly recommend this.

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Visit Overall

I am so glad I tried something different at todays visit, just like last time the staff were very pleasant and the service was very good.

If you come to North Berwick do stop in and try a few things.

Overall Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cheese Posties – Jaffa Cake : Review

Subscription Type : One a month
Box 1 : Jaffa Cake

So until recently I had never heard of this company, it was only last week I was scrolling through my Instagram I saw this advert and thought “this sounds interesting”.

I went on to Cheese Posties website, and had a quick glance and played the video on the website and I thought why not give it a try and see what its like.

The joining process is extremely easy and quick, there is nothing complicated about it and before you know it you have created your account and selected to have your first box delivered.

You can have the boxes delivered weekly, for nightly and monthly. You can select savoury or sweet or a mix of both. The one part I thought was really good was the option if you don’t like or can’t take nuts, you can opt out of this which was good for me as I am allergic to nuts.

Unboxing : 

Opening the box you are presented with a few things, and also a few are hidden under what you see first.

  • 1 x Collectable card : This tells you what flavour your boxes contents will be
  • 1 x Booklet : This booklet tells you how to make your toastie, either with your toaster, in a pan, a sandwich press or if you stay near a volcano how to make it with one of those. Also the collectable card, you can use it to play a Cheese Postie card game.
  • Letter : This letter talks about the iOS app and the toastie bag

It was at this point on the back of the booklet I noticed something, for every postie the person that is buying it it provides a meal for a hungry child via Mary’s Meals. This is a great idea and even if you only get one once a month, you know that your are helping a charity.

Food Contents of this box : 

  • 2 x slice of bread
  • 1 x packet of grated dark chocolate
  • 1 x packet of marmalade
  • 1 x packet of Irish butter
  • 1 x packet of mascarpone cheese

It was now time to assemble the toastie

After about 3 to 5 minutes in the toaster TADA it was ready to eat.

I have a very sweet tooth so I was interested to how this would taste, at first I thought it would require more marmalade but after eating it it really doesn’t.

Does it taste like a jaffa cake? not really…I don’t really know what its like as for me it was a little too sweet? is sweet the right word? I don’t really know but it was just ok. Could I have had two of these no as it was too sickening for me but it was ok.

Overall : 


Overall my first experience was just ok. I think for this one it was just too sickening, but I am going to wait another month for my next one and give that a try to.

This is a very nice concept, so I look forward to seeing what is in my next box and I will do another review of that one.

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