My Undiscovered Scotland : Rest and Be Thankful

Elevation: 245 m

Slowly going through my ever growing list of places to see in Scotland, Rest and Be Thankful was next to see.

I decided to take a drive to Inveraray and on route stop at Rest and Be Thankful and check it out.

The Rest and Be Thankful is called this as its where travellers in olden times would stop, rest and be thankful that they had reached the top of their steep climb, before continuing on to their destination.

The drive there is very nice, but you do reach a part just before it where you have to wait for a while due to traffic lights as they are doing major road works…but its worth the wait.

On entering there is a carpark which is free and also a food truck but no toilets.

Now for the view…

I did a vlog on my visit so take a watch so you can see it better.

Have you been here? let me know in the comments.

Rest and be Thankful, Scotland 4K

I have always heard people talk about this place but never visited it.

Todays random drive for me was to Inveraray, and on route I decided to make a stop and check it out for myself.

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