Bibimbap (Glasgow, West End) : Review

V: 28th December 2019

I have never been to Bibimbap in Glasgow before, but now that I stay in the West End I spotted that Bibimbap opened a new location in the spot where Nam Tuk Tram Stop was….so I had to to check it out.

Looking Around

One of my favourite places to visit was a place called Nam Tuk which Bibimbap now occupies so I knew how funky inside was… how was it now?

The layout inside is excatly the same, but the design is different.

The first thing I noticed was that the funky wall artwork has now been removed, and that the bar now looks much more minimalistic and cleaner.

What I really liked was the cool multicolours umbrellas and the neon signs on the grassy wall….that was very nice.

The Food

As I said I had never tried here or any Bibimbap before, so it was going to be a very random choice tonight.


Ya Chae Man Doo (v) £5.20

Vegetable Dumpling

So I have had dumplings before in the past, so I thought what better way to start and compare the food here was to try these.

These were very nice, really good flavour and had a slight crunch to the texture. Dipping them in soya sauce also enhanced the flavour, and I really enjoyed these.

  • Presentation : 4
  • Flavour : 5
  • Value For Money : 4
  • Overall : 4

Main Course :

Saeu £10.50

Korean style sweet & sour prawn

I spotted that this said it was spicy, but to be honest I thought maybe it would have a tiny kick to it….well I was wrong…

WOW firstly this was VERY spicy, but that could just be me as I am not that great with mega spicy foods.

Secondly the flavour was amazing!!!, if this didn’t have such a kick this would have been a perfect main for me.

  • Presentation : 5
  • Flavour : 4
  • Value For Money : 4
  • Overall : 4

Visit Overall :

I am very impressed with Bibimbap, and glad I visited here.

Tonight food wise was really good, but WOW that main was super spicy for me….next time something not as spicy and I will double check with the waitress lol

Review Scores –

  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu Choice : 5
  • Service : 5
  • Food : 4
  • Value for Money: 4
  • Overall : 4.5

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Additional Details

  • Child Friendly : Yes (well behaved kids)
  • Payment : Cash & Card
  • Vegan Friendly: Yes
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Bing Soul (West End, Glasgow) : Review

90 Dumbarton Road
Glasgow G11 6NX

V: 18th February 2018      T:  0141 339 2338

Child Friendly: Yes (well behaved kids)      Accepts: Cash & Card

I have passed here many times and looked at the window and thought mmmm on display is some displays of what desserts you can have and they all look so good.

I started to check out Bing Soul on Instagram, and what I saw I knew I had to 100% visit as it looked amazing!!!

So I finally did….

On entering we were seated, I opted for the window seat so I could enjoy the outside view of people watching.


So I wanted to order something MEGA sweet, and also I was recommended to try something from a member of Bing Soul staff on Instagram so I kept my promise and ordered it….and I am so glad I did!!

What I Ordered…

Cheeky Choco Waffle


WOW! this is what I said as it arrived.

To be honest I wasn’t sure how to start eating this, but I thought if its going to be messy so what and I just went for it.

It was amazing, packed with waffle, ice cream, cream, oreo bits soooo good perfect for my sweet tooth.

Word of warning after eating this you will be very full for the rest of the day.

I cant wait to have another.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5
Value for Money : 5

And also…



What can you say about a coffee, hmmm well this was a really nice coffee and I would have another on my next visit.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5
Value for Money : 5


I am so glad I did finally stop in at Bing Soul, this is a place I will now visit for any of my sugar fixes!

I can’t remember the

Review Scores – 

  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu Choice : 5
  • Service : 5
  • Food : 5
  • Value for Money: 5
  • Overall : 5

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2nd Visit to Nam Tuk Tram Stop (West End, Glasgow) : Review

Nam Tuk Tram Stop : Sign

2 Partick Bridge Street
Glasgow G11 6PL

V: 1st November 2017      T:  0141 357 0330  W:

Child Friendly: Yes (well behaved kids)      Accepts: Cash & Card

** Since this visit I have been here many times, so just finally getting round to posting these as i’ve had a lot to write up.

This is my second visit to Nam Tuk, as I really loved my first (view first review) and thought lets see how it is second time round and to try different food.

Some people won’t know this but the location that Nam Tuk is located on, has been very bad luck for other restaurants etc that have tried to open here. Normally they close after a while due to not being very busy, but I can’t see that happening to Nam Tuk as from what I have experienced I think it will have broken the bad luck spell.

Again on entering I got that cool vibe, it just looks a fun place to eat. Just like last time the music was at a good level, there was no need to shout at who ever I was with (this is one of my big pet hates)

So I really wanted to order what I had last time as I enjoyed that, but I knew I HAD to try something different so did it? …..

The Food…

Korean Chicken Katsu 5.95
Panko breadcrumbed chicken, Ton katsu sauce, mayonnaise

I was recommended this by Nam Tuk to try on my next visit (which is today), so I thought lets give it a go and see what its like.

On arrival this looked very interesting, and smelled good so so far Nam Tuk were off to a good start with this recommendation.

So I got the Egg Fried rice with this dish (see next part)

OH MY GOD this was so good, full of flavour and the sauces really added to the flavour. The chicken was cooked perfect and everything about this was really good and one I would have again (if the manager was to not slag me off for getting it again :p )

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5

Egg Fried Rice (v) 2.95


Cant really say much about rice, but what I will say is this is the best Egg Fried rice I have ever had.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5


BBQ Pork Skewers 5.95
Thai style BBQ moo ping


Firstly there is one skewer missing from my photo, as I took one then remembered I forgot to take a photo.

These were very nice, the pork was very tender and tasty and the side sauce gave it just that extra something to boost its already good flavour.

For me I am not sure if I would order this again, not for any bad reason just to try a few other dishes.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 4
Presentation : 5

I went back the following night but I wasn’t too hungry so I ordered the following

Veggie Spring Roll 4.95 (vgn)
Thai style spring roll, cabbage, carrot, grass noodle, sweet chilli sauce



These were very very nice, the flavour was really good and they were just crunchy enough.

The sauce was a sweet chilli sauce which give it a little kick, but for me they were perfect just the way they were.

Portion Size : 5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 5


I am very impressed again with this visit, and look forward to heading back again soon to try more things.

The waitress tonight recommended me to try the Green Thai Curry so I will let you know how that is on my next visit.

A solid 5 out of 5 again, no issues….service, food and atmosphere perfect!

Review Scores – 

  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu : 5
  • Service : 5
  • The portion sizes & taste : 5
  • Value for money: 5
  • Overall : 5

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