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Sunday 2nd July 2017

Kelvingrove Park

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This was my 4th Mela, and I enjoyed the last 3 so I was really looking forward to todays event. I have to admit the past 3 times I’ve been, 2 out of 3 its rained none stop so I was hoping for a nice day which we kinda got.

The weather today said dull cloudy with light rain, and this was accurate as we did get rain on and off but mostly off so that didn’t put a downer on the day. Todays Mela was the busiest I have seen, which was good for all the stalls and acts that were here today.

If you have never attended a Mela you have many stalls that sell clothes, jewellery, food, toys etc all mixed. Then you have a few stages where there are several types of acts performing, these can range in dancing, singing, both etc so there is definitely a lot to keep you entertained.

My last visit I tried something called a Jalebi, it’s a traditional Indian sweet mostly eaten on its own or in warm milk and is an important part of festivals and celebrations. If you have a sweet tooth this is for you, if not then avoid but do be warned its very addictive well it was for me.

The event starts at 12 and finished around 7pm so it’s a good long day, so if you want to see the acts you have to get there early to catch all the performances.

I won’t go into full details about every act, I am going to mention the ones that stood out for me or you would be reading for hours and hours… will keep it short for you.


Abhinaya Dance Group

These girls were very good, they performed several times to different style of music and dances. Each move was perfectly times, and a smooth transition between songs and dances.

The colours were visually stunning, and the dances were perfect.

Kennedy Cupcakes

Twitter : @kennedycupcakes
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This groups is a 1940’s/50’s inspired dance group, all the dances are performed to popular songs from the 1940’s/50’s and they were similar outfits.

This was very cool to see and fun to watch.

Roshan Prince

Twitter : @roshanprince


Video : View Video

Roshan Prince is a Punjabi singer, producer, musician, songwriter and actor.

For me Roshan Prince was someone I didn’t know, films or music (had a look when I got home) so I didn’t know what to expect. When he was introduced the audience went wild, and even more so when he was singing and not just from the girls.

He was very energetic and what I liked was he interacted with the crowd a lot, so it was a very fun performance to watch.

Overall : 

This years Mela was really good, and I was very pleased to see such a large turn out and even more so the rain didn’t last long.

Just like the previous years, I was introduced to more performers, dancers, singers etc which is always good.

Please do visit this next year, as you will see when you get there you will have lots to do and see.

See you next year Mela!

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Quick Post : My First Time Running

First Run Date : Sunday 30 April 2017

I am not Mr fit, but then again I am not overweight or in bad shape (if I say so myself). I used to do a few sports when I was younger Swim, Karate and Tennis, but then as most kids do they give them up.

My weight over the past 3 to 6 years has been up and down but mostly up, so I thought lets give it a shot plus with all the food I am eating for my restaurant reviews I need to keep in shape.

I didn’t know what I needed to buy to start, so I hit the shops and took a look at what was on offer.

I learned that there is a large amount of sports clothes, I kinda knew this but didn’t know exactly how much as its an area I have never really looked at. I knew I had to get trainers and also I wanted an arm pouch for my iPhone so I could measure how I do….and obviously the rest of the clothes as I don’t think running naked in public is the way to go.

So I got all my gear and I was ready.

Today I started running for the first time….

The morning of the run…

I woke up and thought “what am I doing?” part of me wanted to go back to sleep, the other part thought no lets do this. I think this is the hardest part for running or even going to the gym, the motivation of actually getting out there and starting and keeping it up.

The location we set for the run was Kelvingrove Park, I have walked here many times, been to the Mela here and it was a nice location for a run….plus the weather today was going to be dry and slightly sunny so a win.

Kris Munro Running Outfit

Throughout the run I did have to slow down to a fast walk to catch my breath, but once it was back I started up again.

After the run…

Active Calories : 245 CAL
Total Calories : 318 CAL
Distance : 3.77KM
Elevation Gain : 68M
Avg Heart Rate : 130BPM
Avg Pace : 10'37 /KM

I actually did better than expected, well I think I did. Total time running around the 30mins, with 5 to 10 mins walking in-between when got out of breath.

The next day my legs were sore, but this was to be expected.

I will continue as my aim to run for 1 hour without stopping, so lets see how I do.

My next run is on Tuesday 9th May 2017

Will keep you posted.

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