The Dispensary Bar – NEW Espresso Martini Cocktail

About The Cocktail

We’ve created an espresso martini using only Scottish brands! We’ve paired Sutors Gin Vodka and Dear Green cold brew with our own blend of coffee liqueur using Old Mother Hunt golden rum, coffee, vanilla pods and demera sugar for an incredible serve. Now available from our online store. 

The Drink

I was gifted 3 cans, so I knew my weekend was sorted.

Firstly this is very cool having a cocktail in a can, as its easy to story and also easy to drink either from the can or pour into a glass.

The labelling I really liked as it looked very classic, and modern at the same time.

Now time to taste…

I had put the can in the fridge to keep it nice and cool for a few hours, before I opened it and poured.

The smell was really nice, similar to the way they smell at the bars…but with a slight twist which I am guessing is due to the contents…maybe the rum?

I took a taste, then another taste hmm the first thing that struck me was the fizz this was a little off putting but ignoring that the flavour was very smooth and really nice.

I finished my glass, and right up to the last sip I thought the same as when I first tasted it.

I decided to put the remaining opened half a can back in the fridge to try the next day, as I knew the fizz would have fully gone by then to see how it was the next day.

The next day I poured the contents in to a nice glass, sat down and finished it. Yes! this was so much nicer, no fizz but all the remaining taste much better! I am guessing to keep it nice and fresh that’s why fizz is added, which makes sense.

So much better the next day, and I enjoyed it very much.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall :

Firstly a big thank you to The Dispensary Bar for the Espresso Martini’s, and making my weekend extra special with a lovely cocktail.

I have no hesitation recommending The Dispensary Bar’s Espresso Martini, or any of their other cocktails.

If you do get this I would say if you want optimal taste to what you are probably used to, crack open the can the night before and chill over night then drink it.

Please do check them out as they do great cocktails, and the guys behind the bar are really nice 🙂


My Rating :

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Promo : Gifted

The review posted was not influenced in any way just because it was gifted, all comments and thoughts in this blog post are my 100% honest opinion.

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Teleprompter by Leeventi : Product Review and Vlog


The guys over at Leeventi sent me their Teleprompter to do a VLOG review on, you can check that out below or continue reading and also read the Blog review.

What Arrived

How good does this look, very smart and a good size….I wondered how easy it was to build.

Time to do my DIY


The one common complaint is this package doesn’t come with any instructions, but it does tell you to visit their YouTube channel for the full video instructions which I did.

Following the video I copied everything the guy did, and it didn’t take to long before I had my fully built product.

Finished Product

Visually this looked very cool, and was a good and portable size.

After building you then have to visit their website, where you enter your registration code (you get this with every purchase) which gives you a years access to their Teleprompter website.

Once I did that, I then had to pair the remote to my iPad which again was mega simple.

With the Teleprompter website, you have to copy and paste your text on to it and then click the remote to start the scrolling feature. Its probably best to watch my Vlog as you will see it in action.

This is where I had my first and only issue, for some reason either something I did or due to an iOS update when I clicked the remote to start and stop the scroll feature it brought up Siri

I tried for a few days to see if I could fix this but I couldn’t, I will leave it for a few days and come back to it with fresh eyes.

Overall :

Note : Just because this was gifted, that has not influenced my thoughts in any way. The above is a 100% honest review of the Teleprompter from Leeventi

UK listing

Firstly a big thanks to Leeventi for sending the Teleprompter, I can easily recomend this as it did what it said on the box.

If your wanting to vlog, film etc or like me who sometimes forgets what I want to say then this will be great for you. Its cheap, does the job and easy to use.

My Rating :

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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New Town Gin Blackberry & Winter Spice Liqueur (Wharf Distillery) : Review


The guys over at Wharf Distillery sent me their new gin liquor “Blackberry and Winter Spices” to try and do a vlog review on.

About the gin

Autumn berries and subtle warming spices. The perfect combination for those winter evenings and festive celebrations. Add a shot to your choice of fizz for that perfect celebration tipple.

How good does this sound? plus you can make a wee cocktail with it to mmmm

What Arrived

How nice does this bottle look? I love the label design for this, as before you even drink it, the label gives you a nice warm feeling due to the colours…well it did for me 🙂

I opened the bottle and smelled it, WOW this smelled amazing.

Fruity, with hints of spices ohhh I think I am going to like this one 🙂

The Drink

This is a Gin liqueur which means its going to be sweeter than just normal Gin, which is perfect for me as I have a sweet tooth and am sure this will hit the spot.

Tasting time…

ohhh YES!!! this hit the spot, the closest I could say to how it tastes its like a gin version of mulled wine.

This is soo good! and lovely flavours and scents.

Yes it does come over as a more festive gin, but you could easily have this any point throughout the year. Its great flavours, makes it such a nice and lovely drink to sit down and relax with.

Overall :

Note : Just because this was gifted, that has not influenced my thoughts in any way. The above is a 100% honest review of the gin.

Firstly a big thanks to Wharf Distillery for sending me their amazing gin.

As I said in my review above, you can easily drink this gin all year round. I highly recommended it, as its just a lovely flavour and very smooth and easy to drink.

At some point I will check out more gins from New Town Gin, as I was very impressed with this one.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

….also check out the VLOG review I did for this….

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