Sugar Dumplin (Glasgow)  — Rum Club Pampero Event

Event Date : Sunday 5th June 2016

If you know me you know that I am a regular at Sugar Dumplin, as I have been going here since it opened last year. I have visited Sugar nearly every weekend since the opening, so all the staff all know me by first name.

I will do a review for Sugar and my previous visits soon, but this one is about tonights rum club event.

The first event was about Angostura, and a good crowed turned up. What made the first one special was this event was held on Sugar’s 1 year birthday which was a slight shock at how fast the year had been for me. We got to watch a video for this one, and tried many shots of Angostura from different years.

This is the second rum event that Sugar Dumplin Glasgow has put on, and the second one I have been to. The rum tonight was Pampero.


Sugar did a great job at organising this, and they also were generous enough to put on some free food to go along with the events tasting shots.

This one wasnt as large as the first, but to be honest I think it was a lot better as it felt a little more personal. Everyone all seemed to enjoy it, plus I saw a few faces from the first event so was good to meet them again.


Again the presentation from the rum company rep was very good, and we all had a good time and good laugh.

I look forward to going to the next event, as its great to learn about the different types of rum plus its good to meet a new crowd.


If you have never been to Sugar Dumplin, please do check it out the staff are very nice and friendly, the cocktails are amazing and the it has a very relaxing atmosphere.

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Miller & Carter Steakhouse (Glasgow) : Review

47 St Vincent Street
Glasgow G2 5QX

T: 0141 404 2914
W: Miller & Carter Glasgow

Visit : 28 May 2016

Miller & Carter recently opened up a new restaurant in Glasgow, and since its been opened I have heard good things about it. Miller & Carter specialise on steaks, which for me I am not keen on but I did notice they did burgers which I like.

I tried to get in about 2 weeks ago but there was about a 3 hour wait and I didn’t feel like waiting. I did the smart thing and book online, so I knew I could get in and try it.

The restaurant has been done up very nice, its very smart and modern inside and very spacious.

On entering the staff were very welcoming and I was shown to my seat. The waiter introduced himself and explained the menu etc.

Starters :

For my started I ordered Dusted Calamari.

Dusted Calamari

I have to say this was very nice, and probably the best Calamai I have had so far in any Glasgow restaurant. The portion size was perfect and yes I would order this again or recommend it.

Mains :

For my main I ordered the bacon and cheese steak burger with sweet potato fries.

bacon and cheese steak burger with sweet potato fries

Overall I was a little disappointed with this, as I felt the burger didn’t really have much flavour to it as the bacon flavour on it came over more. Don’t get me wrong It was nice and yes I am in a restaurant that focuses more on steak, but It just lacked something for me. My friend he ordered the T-Bone steak and it did look really nice, and I tried a small bit and coming from someone who doesn’t eat steak I really liked this and would give it a try.

Dessert :

For my last course I ordered the Crème brûlée.

Crème brûlée

I have always loved Crème brûlée and this was very nice, as you can see by the photo it comes with 2 strawberries on top to be honest this wasn’t needed as its nice just on its own and the crust could have been harder but that’s me being fussy.

My final part of the meal was an After Eight cocktail which was amazing, thats all I will say and yes I would have more of these anytime.

After Eight cocktail

Overall :

Overall my experience was very good, the only letdown for me was the burger but it is a steakhouse and focuses on steaks. As I said i did try the T-bone steak and i was surprised how good it was, as any time I have tried steak I have hated it and this T-bone was very very very nice.

Would I go back?…..probably! and I would be willing to try the T-Bone next time but since it’s costly might wait a while till my pennies build up again.

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Gusto Italian Restaurant (Glasgow) – Review

14-18 Bothwell Street

Gusto is open:

Sunday – Thursday: 12pm–10pm

Friday to Saturday: 12pm –11pm

T: 0141 227 6270
W :

Visit Date : 14 May 2016

There are a good amount of Italian restaurants in Glasgow, and Gusto is one of the new kids on the block. I have tried Prezzo, Zizzi, Tony Macaroni, Bella Italia etc and found them nice but nothing special. I have a special place in my heart for Italy and Italian food so not finding a good Italian was a little disappointing.

Recently though I did find an Italian that is joint place with Gusto for me, but thats another review.

I tried to get in to Gusto a few weeks ago but due to it being very popular there were no tables free, but I have to admit the girl that was on the front was very pleasant. So I did the smart thing and book in advance.

The interior is very nice, its got a nice posh but casual atmosphere. It even has a small section outside at the front, that on a nice sunny day (granted Glasgow doesn’t get many) it would be nice to sit outside.


I started with the mixed olives while waiting for my meal, these were very nice but sadly they had seeds which put me right off them so I only took half.

Calamari deep fried with lemon mayonnaise

Calamari deep fried with lemon mayonnaise

My starter was Calamari deep fried with lemon mayonnaise. This was very nice and was a good sized portion something I would have again.

Main :

My main course was Spaghetti Carbonara, one of my favourite Italian meals. This was done the correct way with eggs, and not cream and very tasty. If your a Carbonara fan get this, I also got a side of Polenta chips which worked very well with this.

Spaghetti Carbonara


Last I got a Chocolate Fondue which is to share and yes before you think what a pig I did share with my friend. To be honest its a good size, but I could have easily had one to myself.

Chocolate Fondue

Overall :

Overall my first experience at Glasgow Gusto Italian was very good, this and the Italian Cafe are currently my 2 fav Italians in Glasgow.

Next time I go back i will try different items.

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