Smoke Barbecue Restaurant (Glasgow) : Review

2 West Regent Street
Glasgow G2 1RW

T: 0141 442 0420


Visit Date : 3rd July 2016

I had heard about another restaurant called Smoke opening, and thought it was the same as Smoak just a second branch. This is a completely different one, plus the spelling is different.

Before going I took a look at the menu to see what I would have, and thought lets start safe and try a burger and maybe next visit try something else.


The new restaurant looks really nice from the outside, and on entering it did inside to. We were welcomed, and shown to our seat plus a the waiter put a small glass of popcorn on the table to nibble while we waited for our order.


We were told that they had ran out of burgers today, which was a dissapointment to me as thats what I wanted to try so I had to re-think what I wanted. I can only guess they had a really busy day, and everyone wanted a burger.

Main :

So I decided to have the Pulled Pork Pit Plate, with some Mac & Cheese as my side. When the plate arrived I really didn’t expect it to be as big as it was, I thought to myself I should be able to finish this but it won and I lost and have to leave some on my plate.


Overall the Pulled Pork Pit Plate was nice, but for me as it was so large I started to get bored of the taste close to the end which made me want to stop even more.

Dessert :


Even though I was very full, I had to force myself to try a Banoffee Pie to finish things up. It was nice, but I did have to force myself to finish it.

Overall my first impression of Smoke is very mixed, the food was nice, the service was good, but they didn’t have any burgers and I overheard no sausages left and due to this they lost several customers when I was in as they just walked out.

I felt the place was missing something, and am not sure if it was some sort of atmosphere….I just don’t know and cant put my finger on it. Would I go back? probably and I would try a burger if they had them in.

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La Bonne Auberge Afternoon Tea (Glasgow) : Review

Visit Date : Sunday 19th June 2016

This was a special day for me, as my gran was 83 and my mum and I wanted to treat her to an afternoon tea as part of her birthday gifts.


I have been to La Bonne Auberge a few times now for Afternoon Tea and enjoyed it very much. The atmosphere is very relaxing, and the staff are very pleasant and dressed very smart which adds to the atmosphere.


I have always felt very relaxed here, and also never rushed like the staff are desperate to get the table back.

The waiter this day was very helpful and very friendly, which for me is always a plus as it makes your day that bit better.

For me La Bonne Auberge is in my top 3 afternoon tea places, it is between the Corinthian and here and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys trying Afternoon Tea.


As you can see from the photo, you get a good selection of sandwiches and cakes and lots of tea and coffee.

If you like afternoon tea then please check it out.

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Rishis Indian Aroma Restaurant (Review) : Review

Visit Date : Saturday 18th June 2016

Currently before trying here there was one Indian restaurant in Glasgow that I would recommend (Not tried them all yet, but a good amount). Rishi’s is now on my list as I really enjoyed it.

This visit was a special visit as it was an early birthday dinner for my friend, and Rishi’s was also recommended by our Indian friends as they found it very close to the way it should be.

Normally when I go out I stick to ordering the same things, but now I am trying different items and thats what I did here.

Starter :

There was a lot on the menu for my starter that I would have tried but I opted for the Methu Vadai.


Methu Vadai : Fried doughnuts made of urid dal, ginger, onion, curry leaves & green chilly with a soft centre & crunchy exterior, served with special chutneys & Sambar*

These were nice, and I am glad I tried them. After you have had one, the sauces are needed to add a little more flavour but this could just me and my sweet tooth. One of my friends ordered the Dosa which looked really nice, and I tried a little and I would try this next time.

Chicken Chettinad with Coconut rice : A spicy Chettinad preparation, combining Ground coconut, curry leaves, fennel and seasame seeds. (spicy)

I was worried about ordering this since it said “spicy” as I am ok with just spicy and no more, and my normal dish is a korma. I found this very nice, and yes it was spicy but it wasn’t over powering I lost all sensation.

Would I order this again…not sure as there was just a taste in it i wasn’t sure off, but now since I am doing more blogging I would try something else and review that.

Dessert :

Gulab Jamun : Fried dough soaked in sugar syrup.


This is my favourite to order anytime I go to an Indian restaurant, it’s a shame that you only get two balls as I could easy eat double that as its too nice….more so if you have a sweet tooth like me.

Overall :

There were 5 of us this day, and I was pleasantly shocked at the cost of the bill as I found them to very very reasonably priced. Normally what we paid for 5 is what I pay when its just 2.

If you like Indian food, and have not tried here please do as my first visit I was very impressed and will be going back.

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