Dakota Deluxe Hotel Bar & Grill (Glasgow) : Review

179 West Regent Street
Glasgow G2 4DP

T: 0141 404 3680
W: http://glasgow.dakotahotels.co.uk

Visit Date : 13 August 2016


The Dakota Deluxe Hotel is a new kid on the block as it’s only recently opened in Glasgow (spring 2016).

The night I was going here was for a family members birthday, and I hadn’t seen the hotel since it had opened though I had heard it opened. On entering the first thing you notice is how low lighting the entrance is, but it has a warm feeling to it. We were also greeted by the staff and they couldn’t have been more friendlier.


We were taken down the lift to the lower level, and again the decor is very nice and its also low lighting but don’t get me wrong it was nice and had a warm feeling to it.

We had a room to ourselves which was good as we required this as two members were in wheelchairs.

As you can see it was a very good sized table, and we had more than enough space. This room is the same style as the rest of the restaurant, so as you can see its nicely decorated but just a little dull.

We were given a few minutes to sit and order our drinks, after a short time we all ordered from the Market Menu which has an ok selection for each course and is priced ok. While we waited for our starters we were brought a nice bread dish to nibble on. It was a tomato sauce with a goats cheese centre. This was very good and very moreish!!


Starter :


For my starter I ordered the Creamed Sweetcorn Soup with morel mushrooms & creme fraiche. For those of you that know me I am not a soup person, for me soup is an older generation dish and I tend to never order it. I did this night and I am glad I did, this was very very nice and I would loved to have had another bowl.

Main :

For my second course I was toying between two dishes, but I decided on Confit Chicken Alsace bacon, black pudding & fine beans.


Presentation wise this was very nice, but my first impression was it looked good but not what I had in mind. Overall I was disappointed with this dish, the black pudding was dice sized, and there wasn’t really much flavour to it. Would I get this again….No! Granted it was off the Market Menu so its similar to a deals menu or a online voucher so the dish will be smaller, but it just didnt feel ok enough for me.


For my last course I ordered the Creme Brûlée fresh cherries & shortbread. I have always been a big fan of Creme Brûlée and if its done right it’s amazing. We were told this was a popular choice this night so the chef would need to make it fresh as they had run out of any that were ready, and would be about 20mins which was fine as it meant we could have coffee / tea and have a good chat.

After about 20mins it arrived, and looked really good. The top to the creme brûlée looked just right, but little disappointed when I smashed through it as it was a little runny. It still tasted amazing, but I think due to it being made fresh it could have done with spending a little longer cooking and maybe rushed a little to save everyone waiting much longer.

Overall I was impressed with Dakota, and yes I would go back but I probably wouldn’t order the chicken again and try something else.

Score (out of 5) :

  • Service : *****
  • Menu Choice : ****
  • Taste : ****
  • Overall : ****
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Obu Pan Asian Restaurant (Glasgow) : Review

Visit Date : 7 August 2016


So when I started doing my blog posts I decided I would try not to go back to the same place for a while, and order the same thing. Well I went back to Obu Pan Asian on the 7th August, and happy to see some familiar faces from my last visit

Starter :

To start with again I had the pork boa, just like the last time this was full of flavour and one of my favourite starters at Obu. It says its for two but if your hungry you could easily eat the two.


I also had the Tiger Prawn Tempura with Spicy Kimchi mayonnaise dip, again my aim was to try new items and review them but it had been a while and i really liked both these starters I had to have them again.


Main :

Obu Pan Asian have a new menu, currently at the time of doing this review the menu is only available in the restaurant and not updated on the website. One of the new items was a Thai Green Curry, I chose to have the Thai Green Chicken Curry as it sounded nice and it was something I haven’t tried here before.


This was very nice and a very nice size of portion, as it wasnt so much that you feel very full after it. The flavours were very nice and complimented each other, it did come with a spicy sauce but it was too spicy for my tastebuds.

Dessert :

I am not long back from my summer holiday, and want to start my diet again and didn’t really want to get anything else…….but I failed and got the donuts.


Since Obu opened the donuts have changed but the ones I got were the original ones, these ones are more tastey and loaded with sugar. I was told that the reason they changed from the original ones to the new ones, were a few people said donuts should be round rather than this way….who cares these taste a lot better and are great if you have a sweet tooth like me.

As always the staff were very welcoming and very helpful, again just like before please do check here out you wont be disappointed.

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Ristorante La Terrazza (Venice, Italy) : Review


Website : http://www.laterrazzavenezia.com

Most of you that know me knows I love Italy and I try and go once a year, and when I am there I always make a point at visiting Venice.

I have tried a few popular and well known places in Venice, for example Harrys Bar. For me it was a disappointment, I only went in for a drink but the main area there isnt really much to it. It looks like just a local bar nothing special about it, I have heard that the restaurant is better but first impressions I wasn’t a fan.

I have also been to another popular place, Cafe Florians just on the main square. Cafe Florian’s is the oldest coffee house in Europe, and is mega popular with tourists all year round. As soon as you place an order in Florians you instantly have about 6 euros each added to the bill, as you can hear the orchestra outside. If you don’t mind this then it is really nice to do at least once to say you have done it. I have been in Florians about 3 times and enjoyed it very much.

This year I did visit Florian’s but I found this new place La Terrazza. Normally with my long walks about Venice, every time I pass here I tend to just look and walk right past. This year I decided to stop and take a look at the menu and see what the prices are like, to my surprise the menu displayed was ok and not as costly as you might think.

I went for the snack menu where you could get a sandwich and a tea/coffee or coke for about £10 and also after that you could get a cake and a tea/coffee or coke for £9. The good part is unlike other places service charge was included so it was a nice ok priced lunch, and I felt a little more relaxed here than I have done in Florians.

Next time I go back to Venice, I will just be going here for any snacks or meals and if you go why not give it a try.


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