Bella Italia (Glasgow) : Review

47-49, Sauchiehall Street,
G2 3AT

T: 0141 319 8793

Bella Sauchiehall Street is styled in Bella’s metro look to reflect the dynamic and gorgeous city of Glasgow. We’ve got something for everyone to enjoy, from plenty of quirky seating, Mediterranean inspired artwork, buzzing atmosphere and delicious food all served up by our dedicated and caring team!

Visit Date : 15th January 2017

I have tried Bella Italia before (a good few years) but it just lacked something for me, so recently I decided to give it another shot.

This Bella Italia is fairly new, and this was my first visit.

On entering we were welcomed and shown to our table, and asked if we would like to order a drink while we looked at the menu.

Decor : 

This place has a very modern Italian design, very bright very colourful and very funky.

I really liked this as the previous ones I have been in, have had a very classic Italian design. This could be a redesign I don’t know, but it was nice fresh and colourful.

Main :


For me this was the best part of the meal, the flavour from both was amazing. My favourite was the Salted Caramel this was sooooooo good, I could have had lots more but I was being good this evening.

Overall :

Overall tonights visit was just ok, I am not sure I would go back. If I did I would try something different, as I would go to Paesano Pizza or Pizza Punks for pizza. For me they did a better pizza, one more to what I think is a good pizza.

The staff tonight were very friendly, and very helpful so I can’t fault the service.

  • Child Friendly : Yes
  • Service : 5
  • The portion sizes and taste : 3
  • Atmosphere : 3.5
  • Value for money : 4
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Venice Italy : My Second Home from Home

Venice Italy Lagoon View

After my Lido Di Jesolo post, I am now doing one on my other favourite place in Italy…Venice.

I have been going to Italy since I was 9 months old, and every time I have visited Venice. Now I am 33 (at time of posting) and I know Venice probably better than I know Glasgow.

For me Venice is a magical city, its like stepping back in time. I am not that in to history or architecture, but when I come here I know a little history and I love looking at all the different building designs.

Even after all these years there are still streets, and parts I have still to visit.

When you come to Venice you need to expect if your at a tourist spot, or near the front you will pay that little bit more and maybe a large service charge. If you travel to the back away from the main areas, you will find cheaper places to drink and eat.

If you do visit Venice, here are a few places I would recommend you visit. If you want any history about the places mentioned below, just do a Google search.

Harry’s Bar : 


Harry’s bar is a very popular place to visit, its also the location of the famous Bellini cocktail.

I was told by many people I had to try here, it was amazing and the place was nice and even more so the food. On entering you will notice it’s a small place, and its just like an old fashioned bar.

I didn’t order a Bellini when I was here but I did order a small cocktail.

The service was good, the price was very costly but I did expect that before going in so I didn’t mind too much.

Overall it was just ok, I wasn’t as impressed as everyone said I should be as it was just so so for me….but I did tick it of my places to visit so I was happy.

Cafe Florians :

Café Florian is a very famous Café in Venice and Europe.

It is the oldest coffee house in Europe and has been visited by many royals and celebrities.

TIP : You will have a music charge per person as soon as you order, even if the music has just stopped or not started. This is to pay the live band that is playing.

This is a very nice Cafe, and has a very relaxing atmosphere when you are either sitting outside or sitting inside.

I have been in Cafe Florian’s a few times and enjoyed every visit, yes it’s a little costly but it’s a nice thing to do more so since it’s a once a year thing for me.

St Marks Square :

Well, what can I say? This is your main area in Venice.

Standing here gives you an amazing feeling, with the amazing architecture and the buzz of everyone from many different countries.

I have walked about here many times well over 40 times, and every time I notice some detail I have never seen before.

There is a lot of history here, too much for me to go in to so if your interested check Wikipedia.

If you want to do the sights here like go up the tower etc you will need to visit Venice very early in the morning, as if you wait too long you will have to wait for more than 2 hours or more then 5 hours.

The square looks a lot bigger from end to end than it actually is, as it’s an optical illusion if you take a look at some aerial photos at its shape you will see.

Bride of Sighs :


Everywhere you go in Venice, there is a lot of history attached and this bridge is one of them.

Years ago when prisoners were going to get executed they would walk over this bridge and stop at the two small windows. They would look over the magical view of the lagoon and sigh, as this was their last view before the execution.

This view here has a lot of people standing taking photos, here is a little tip if you get to the other side it’s a lot less crowed and you still get a really good photo.

Rialto Bridge :

The main bridge in Venice, and one that is very well known.

For me the shops along each side are nice to see, but the best part of this bridge is when you go to either side at the top you get a really nice view.

La Terrazza

I have already done a blog post on this restaurant, but I do recommend you check it out. The prices are good and the service is good.

Link : VIEW

Caffe del Doge


I had recently watched a few podcasts of Venice, and this was a place to visit if you liked Coffee.

Caffe del Doge is a small cafe situated over the Rialto Bridge and a short walk.

For me it was ok, it felt like a bar but one that does coffee instead of beer. If I was having a coffee I would go to La Terrazza as thats more my style.

Gondola Ride

I have only done this once, it’s not something I would do ever year mostly due to the cost. What you will find is there are a lot of places you can get a Gondola Ride, but everyone charges different prices so if you want to take a ride on one you may need to bargain with the owner or move on to the next.

This was a very nice experience, and one that was very relaxing. My ride was for 40mins, and it cost 80 euros each. Was this a good price? I really don’t know as I didn’t ask about.

I think you need to do this twice, first time take a lot of photos and second time sit and enjoy it. I feel I didn’t enjoy it as much as possible as I was too busy taking photos, so maybe one day I will have my second Gondola Ride.

Overall :

There are many places in Venice to visit, the above is just some of the main things I would recommend. If you do visit any of these places or have done, feel free to let me know as it’s aways good to hear what people think about here.


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Temaki Bloggers Event (Glasgow) : Review


113 Hope Street
G2 6LL

Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @TemakiGla
Instagram :

Inspired by New York. Made in Glasgow.

Healthy. Tasty. Casual. Roll with it at Temaki Glasgow.
Far East meets Mexican as we bring our street food to Glasgow’s city centre.

Prepare to have a new CRUSH. Sushi Burritos are our thing. Hell, it’s ONE serious food crush we have and believe us when we say that you won’t taste anything like these elsewhere, anywhere. It’s all your taste buds ever wanted.

Event Date : Thursday 12th January 2017

I was lucky to get invited to tonights blogger event, I had heard of Temaki but only that it was opening soon in Glasgow. I saw a few things on Twitter, but then nothing till this invite which I was so glad I did as I was looking forward to trying here.

Before attending I was sent the menu via email, I had a quick glance and it sounded very nice. One item was the Sushi Burrito which stood out to me, and was a must have for me to try.


On arrival the first thing I noticed was its location, I knew the restaurants at either side but I couldn’t think what was here before…still don’t know. Another thing I noticed was it was a small location, but I soon learned this was intentional (you will find out later)

On entering we were greeted by the owner and shown to our table, and given the menu for this evening.

I had a quick count and Temaki can seat about 25 to 30 people, as I said it was a quick count so its somewhere around that number.

The Food

As you will see below its a lot of food tonight, luckely I was hungry so I was looking forward to it.

Salmon Sashimi, Maki, Nigiri Spicy Kimchi Edamame


Roasted shredded crispy duck with cucumber, cabbage, avocado, crispy onions, hoisin sauce, wrapped in seaweed and hand
rolled with sushi rice


A signature noodle staple


Green Tea Ice cream


Hite beer
Jun Maidai Daiginjo Sake
Eastern Rickey
Yuzi Sour

Starters :

Salmon Sashimi, Maki, Nigiri Spicy Kimchi Edamame & Sushi Burrito

I started with the Sushi, and you can’t really go wrong with Sushi. It was nice and fresh and I loved every mouthful.

Now this was what I was looking forward to the Sushi Burrito!!!

The Sushi Burrito is set to be one of this years biggest health food trends, and I can see why.

I loved this and could have had more!!! it had all the flavours I loved and more. The duck flavour added that extra taste that enhanced what was already nice and tasty.

If you visit Temaki DO try this!!!

Main :

Chilli Chicken Ramen

I have never had Ramen, I have only ever heard of it.


This was very nice, I asked for the milder one as I am not too good with very spicy food. Unfortunately I had to leave most of it, not due to the taste but more due to my lack of Chopstick skills. I am sure I would have finished it all if I could use chopsticks.

Dessert :

Green Tea Icecream


I have never been a fan of any kind of tea, but one ice-cream flavour I have never tried is Green Tea. For me this was just ok, but other people there who like Green Tea loved this so do give it a try if you like the flavour of Green Tea.

Drink :

Eastern Rickey Cocktail


I can’t remember what was in this cocktail apart from Lychee, so it was a very nice and refreshing cocktail.

This was a perfect choice of cocktail for tonight, as there was a few spicy dishes so this just worked well with them.


The Owner

After the meal I managed to get a little time to talk to the owner. The owners name is Kasia and she is a lovely girl.

The idea for Temaki was from her experiences in New York and San Francisco, and the Ramen was from her visits to Asia. Kasia had tried many Sushi Burritos when in NY and SF, and thought why is nobody doing this over here….and thats where Temaki comes in.

As soon as Kasia tried the Sushi burrito at these places, she knew she wanted to bring it to Glasgow.

As I said this location only seats 25 to 30 people has another good reason, Kasia said that she always felt that when one person went out to eat it looked awkward. So having this layout where your sitting at a bench or a long table etc and close to others, this helps reduce that and gives a nice cosy atmosphere.

Kasia is very passionate about Temaki and I have the feeling this place will do very well, I will be going back as I fell in love with the Sushi Burrito.

Overall :

Overall I had a fantastic night, and fantastic food.

At the time of writing this post, Temaki do not have an alcohol license. They are aiming to try and get one, but please don’t let that put you off going here.

I would like to thank Temaki for the invite, and thank Kasia for the little chat.

You will see me soon so get the Sushi burrito’s ready 🙂

  • Child Friendly : No (too small a location unless they stay seated)
  • Service : 5
  • The portion sizes and taste : 5
  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Value for money : N/A for tonights visit.
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