Ristorante La Terrazza (Venice, Italy) : Review


Website : http://www.laterrazzavenezia.com

Most of you that know me knows I love Italy and I try and go once a year, and when I am there I always make a point at visiting Venice.

I have tried a few popular and well known places in Venice, for example Harrys Bar. For me it was a disappointment, I only went in for a drink but the main area there isnt really much to it. It looks like just a local bar nothing special about it, I have heard that the restaurant is better but first impressions I wasn’t a fan.

I have also been to another popular place, Cafe Florians just on the main square. Cafe Florian’s is the oldest coffee house in Europe, and is mega popular with tourists all year round. As soon as you place an order in Florians you instantly have about 6 euros each added to the bill, as you can hear the orchestra outside. If you don’t mind this then it is really nice to do at least once to say you have done it. I have been in Florians about 3 times and enjoyed it very much.

This year I did visit Florian’s but I found this new place La Terrazza. Normally with my long walks about Venice, every time I pass here I tend to just look and walk right past. This year I decided to stop and take a look at the menu and see what the prices are like, to my surprise the menu displayed was ok and not as costly as you might think.

I went for the snack menu where you could get a sandwich and a tea/coffee or coke for about £10 and also after that you could get a cake and a tea/coffee or coke for £9. The good part is unlike other places service charge was included so it was a nice ok priced lunch, and I felt a little more relaxed here than I have done in Florians.

Next time I go back to Venice, I will just be going here for any snacks or meals and if you go why not give it a try.


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Sugar Dumplin (Glasgow) : Review

Review Date : 29 July 2016 (but been many many times)

It’s about time I can hear some of you saying, as I have been going to Sugar Dumplin many many many many times.

Sugar Dumplin opened last year in Glasgow Princes Square, and located on the top floor where Mings the Chinese restaurant used to be. To be honest it wasn’t a shock that Mings closed, as more recently to the end the quality of the food was really bad.

I had seen on Twitter that a new restaurant was opening in Glasgow, but didnt know where and then I saw more promotions for Sugar Dumplin.

I tried to get in on the opening day, but we were turned away as it was an invite only event. That didn’t stop me, and went back and managed to get in.

Since last year till now there has been a change in a lot of staff members, not for any bad reasons all just wanted a change, moved away etc. The staff at the Glasgow Sugar Dumplin are all really nice and friendly, even the kitchen staff and manager. You can go in and relax and know that you will have good service, and if you need anything you can just ask.


As I have said I have been going a lot for either meals or cocktails or both, and due to that all staff know me by first name and have a chat with me which is really nice as it adds to all over feel and charm of the place.

Food wise Sugar Dumplin is different to what you can currently get in Glasgow, and its also full of flavour due to all the spices used. Check out the website to see the menu online, and take a read at the descriptions.

Cocktails in Sugar Dumplin for me are the best in Glasgow, the cost and also the measures they use are perfect. My friend Chris has tried nearly every cocktail on the menu, where as I have stuck with a few that really grabbed me and loved. Here are my four favourites in Sugar Dumplin and recommend you give them a try if you come here.

  • Short Skirt
  • Pornstar Martini
  • Amaretto Sour
  • Espresso Martini

More recently Sugar Dumplin have started doing a Rum Club once every month, I have attended three and at each event there has been a different representative from different rum companies and its been fun and educational plus Sugar have been nice enough to put on some free food.


Please do check them out, if your unsure keep checking your local deal websites as they sometimes put up deals and that would be a perfect way for you to try them out.

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Sugar Dumplin Rum Club Santa Theresa (Glasgow) : Review

Event Date : Sunday 3rd July

This is Sugar Dumplin’s third rub club event, and this event was hosted by Santa Theresa Rum. The gentleman that was giving us information on this rum, was very nice and very informative.


Again very much like the last time it was a nice small cosy group, and there was a familiar face which was good to see.

Like the previous 3 times Sugar Dumplin was nice enough to give us all some free snacks, which is really nice and I think it was more than anyone of us could actually eat that night.

I really like the fact that its a small group, as you can hear what the host has to say about the different rums, and also you can easily ask a question.


I found this time round, I started to like rum more. I don’t know if it was this type of rum, or the fact am getting used to rum more I didn’t feel a lot of throat burn which I really hate as thats why I hate whiskey plus I don’t like its taste.

I really like my cocktails and I like liqueurs, so one of the samples from tonight was a nice coffee liqueur. This was amazing and this is the first time, out of the 3 events so far that I will be purchasing a bottle.


For me I enjoyed this one more, probably since I enjoyed the rum more this time round plus I liked one of the samples so much I am going to purchase it.

If you are interested start following Sugar Dumplin on Facebook, they post the events on there.

Yes I know I have not done a proper Sugar Dumplin review, I will soon as I am just waiting till the next time I go back and I will make it a good long review.

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