In 2017 I decided to set myself a challenge, and try and arrange a few Blogger meet ups in Glasgow. The reason for this is I saw a lot of Glasgow Bloggers saying that there wasn’t a lot of just meet ups, where down south there was so this is where I came in.

I had organised a few events in the past for a cancer charity, and they were very successful but like all events the amount of people invited that say yes never is how it ends up (normally less) so I had to keep this in mind.

Unfortunately these events the person invited will need to pay, as I don’t have enough money or any sponsors to help with the cost….but I thought if I select good places where the food isn’t too expensive this shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Chaakoo Bombay Cafe – 28/01/2017
  2. Chaakoo Bombay Cafe – 03/03/2017 (Reason it was Chaakoo again original place shut)
  3. Topolabamba  (20/04/2017)

This was a very interesting and challenging experience, and one I would maybe try again in the future.