I am always happy to hear from anyone, any kind of feedback is always welcomed so I can make this a better blog for everyone.

I am happy to work/collaborate with the following :

  • Brands / Companies / Restaurants
  • Giveaways
  • Product Reviews
  • Shops
  • Paid Posts (yip, as it helps pays the bills)

Collaboration/Gifted Terms & Conditions

All posts are 100% my own thoughts and if its a sponsored/paid post it will state that it’s sponsored/paid either on my blog or VLOG. For Instagram I will add “#gifted” and all posts are posted in order they are gifted.

Advertise on my blog: Have your image displayed on every page on the right-hand side for £50 a month (paid via PayPal). The image/advert has to be in keeping with my blog and will be linked to your website.

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