September Degusta Box : Review


The guys over at Degusta Box asked if I would like to try their service, and told me a little about them.


Enjoy 10 to 15 products, many are completely new to the market! Receive your Degusta Box every month filled with goodies.

All for a cheaper price than you would pay in the shops!

The Delivery

Wow this was a big box, and I loved how careful it was all wrapped.

I opened it and started to take out all the items, it felt like it was never ending.

Look at all the goodies.

The Goodies

NOTE : Costs shown in this blog may vary depending on the supermarket/store

Hartley’s Jelly Pots
Delicious pots of wobbly jelly, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

£0.55 for a single pot, £1.65 for 3 pots

I have not had jelly for many years, and always remember when I was a kid I used to have loads.

These sounded very nice, and I couldnt wait to open and dig right in to the wibbly wobbly jelly.

WOW these are amazing!! The flavour was perfect, and not just there like other jellys.

It was really good and so light I had to finish two pots.

  • Overall : 5/5

McVitie’s V.I.Bs
Mcvitie’s new Very Important Biscuits. Combination of golden biscuit, topped with a layer of chewy caramel and coating of the iconic milk chocolate.


These look just like the classic Mcvities we all know and love, with the lovely chocolate top layer. The one that we eat as is, or dunk in to our favourite hot drink.

I decided to eat it as is at first to taste how it was, as this one is the V.I.Bs Caramel Bliss flavour.

I bit into this and instantly had that familiar taste but then the soft chewy caramel hit me. These are mega moreish dry or dunked, and I could have easily had the whole packet…but I decided to be a good boy and save some.

  • Overall : 5/5

Peters Yard Original Sourdough Crispbread
Award winning crispbread made with natural ingredients including their signature sourdough starter.

This was a new product for me, I have never really seen this or heard of this but that’s the fun part here as I love finding new things.

This packet is great to have in your pocket for a quick wee snack, or to have with cheese or a spread.

I decided to take this just as is, as that way I could taste exactly as it is.

These are lovely and thin, nice and crispy and had a really nice taste. I then tried with some butter, then some cheese and all worked really well with these.

I would get these again, as I was very surprised and enjoyed them.

  • Overall : 5/5

EMILY Veg Thins

I started with the Chipotle BBQ packet, as it sounded very interesting.

These had a really nice flavour to them, and one that I wouldnt want to dip as it would spoil it…but thats a personal preference.

These were so light, full of flavour I finished the packet in one sitting. I didnt feel full, so these would be a perfect mid day snack to fight those hunger pangs.

Next on to the Sea Salt packet.

These were very nice, a good amount of salt to give it some flavour and again very moreish.

Just like the other packet, these were very light and easy to eat and again would be a perfect mid day snack.

  • Overall : 5/5

Amy’s Kitchen Organic Vegetable Barley Soup
Classic comforting flavours.


I am not really a soup person, I will take it if its put down to me but its not the first thing I would order when I go out for a meal unless there wasnt anything else I fancied.

This was actually ok, it had a nice flavour and very filling and doesn’t have many calories which is good if your someone who is calorie counting.

If I spotted this and I did fancy soup, it is something I would try again.

  • Overall : 4/5

Naked Five Minute Noodles – Japanese Chicken Yakisoba
A delicious range of asian stir fry noodles.


I decided to try these just as they are, rather than add anything else to the mix so I got a true flavour.

These were very easy to prepare, and very fast to prepare which is great if you want a quick meal.

With my first bit I could taste the flavour, and it had a very very slight kick which added to the really nice flavour. For me I wish I did add something else to the mix, but to be honest I was very impressed with this and it was fine to eat it as is.

  • Overall : 5/5

RHYTHM108 Sweet ‘N’ Salty Almond Bar
Made with smooth almond butter


Unfortunately almonds is one of the nuts I am allergic to, so I had to get help to review this item.

Made with smooth almond butter⠀

This is what they said “These bars are amazing! The perfect combination of sweet and salty, and so addictive. They have a really great chocolate flavour, and could have easily had another “⠀

  • Overall : 5/5

Thatchers Cloud Lemon
Perfect balance of sharp notes from lemons and sweetness from specially selected apples.

£5.50 per 4-pack

I have recently started to try more ciders, and have enjoyed them as a change to beers or wine.

I have never tried a lemon cider, so this was going to be interesting for me.

This was a very interesting cider for me, it had a nice flavour and a nice aftertaste but it just didnt hit the spot for me as I prefer the other flavours of cider.

Dont get me wrong, it was very nice and refreshing but for me I think I need more than just lemon.

  • Overall : 4

Nakd Drizzled Chocolish Bars Multipack
Perfect for a chocolate lover looking for a healthier alternative


Due to this containing a type of nut I am allergic to, again I needed to get some help in reviewing this item.

This is what they said “This is a great wee treat to have daily, and know that it’s not going to add too many calories on to your daily amount. They have a great flavour and very moreish”⠀

  • Overall : 5/5

Whitworths Chocolate Biscuit & Hazelnut Treat Mix
A new snack that you can feel good eating.


Unfortunately I cant do Hazelnuts, as its one of the nuts I am allergic to so I had to get help to review this one.

“The combination of the biscuit, hazelnut and fruit was a perfect mouthful and very addictive”

  • Overall : 5/5

Lucozade Revive
New from Lucozade, Revive is a naturally inspired uplift.


I have tried nearly all of Lucozades drink in the past, and enjoyed all the new flavours so I was excited to see how this was compared to what I had in the past.

Firstly the labelling was very nice, I liked how I could see the colour of the drink and it wasn’t too in your face.

I decided to take this to work, and drink it there.

This was a very refreshing drink, and one that I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

The lemon and lime flavour was not overpowering, it was just the perfect balance and left me wanting more.

  • Overall : 5/5

FULFIL Chocolate Hazelnut Whip Bar
A smooth chocolate hazelnut whip


Due to this containing a type of nut I am allergic to, again I needed to get some help in reviewing this item.

This is what they said “These are delicious. They have a crumbly cookie texture, and an incredible flavour.”⠀

  • Overall : 5/5

St Lawrence Gold Pure Canadian Maple Syrup
A delicious tasting maple syrup


Now who doesnt love pancakes and syrup? these were a fav when I was a child and still is….I am a big kid 🙂

I got the two wee bottles and couldnt wait to pour them over a pancake and dig in.

To start with I poured a little over one pancake, and took a taste to see how it was.

This was really nice, a perfect amount of sweetness that made the perfect bite.

  • Overall : 5/5

Overall :

Note : Just because this was gifted, that has not influenced my thoughts in any way. The above is a 100% honest review of the products and the DegustaBox

Firstly this is a great idea, you get a box every month with surprise products. This for me was very cool, as I got to try some products that I might never have thought to try.

If you like what you saw and read, check them out even for one box….you never know you may keep it going and get a box a month 🙂

Website :

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have been here or even tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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The Bee Bros Honey with Cocoa : Review


The guys over at The Bee’s Bros, sent me a sweet gift.

As you can see they really spoiled me, and they also allowed me to do a competition to win some pots (its now ended)

The good thing about all The Bee Bros products are they contain ZERO sugar and ZERO palm oil, but still pack a fantastic and moreish taste.

Time to taste

As you can see they sent me a lot, and wow they really did spoil me. This was a tough decision to make, but the wafers just called out my name.

Wafers with honey & cocoa

These were very very good, and to be honest half a packet just disappeared very fast and very easily lol .

If your a wafer fan and like the sound of these, I would highly recommend you try them.

Buy Now

Biscuits with honey & cocoa

These were very very good, and very nice with a tea or a coffee.

Buy Now

Grab & Go Travel Packs (Chocolate, Strawberry & Bananna)

This is a great idea, and a great little packet.

The top screws off, you squeeze and bingo you have your amazing honey.

I think these would be great for trips with the family, or to add to your kids school lunch.

All of these were very nice, but the main chocolate one was the one that won my heart.

Buy Now

Honey Spread with Cocoa (Cherry & Blackberry)

These were the last two to be opened, and now nearly finished.

WOW the flavours for me for both these jars was amazing, it wasnt too sweet or anything just perfect.

I have been savouring these as I really love these.

Buy Now


Firstly a massive thanks to The Bee Bro’s for sending me this amazing gift, it was mega appreciated and finished mega fast to 🙂

As you know I am 100% honest when it comes to reviews, if its bad I say its bad, if its good I say its good…..and these were AMAZING!!!!

I highly recommend these products!!! the flavours were just perfect and if you love honey and want to try something different then these are the products you need to try.

The link for all these can be found at the top of the review, throughout for each product and below. Please do check them out!!

My fiancee and I will be ordering more soon as we really enjoyed them.

Shop Now :

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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