Buying A Trike For Your Child This Christmas

Every kid should have the joy of going on their trike when they are children. As we become older a lot of our fond memories of our youth revolve around a picture of us riding around on our little tricycle without any care. 

Plus, if you want to go on a family cycling holiday or trip, you need to start your child off early. This is why it makes sense to get your child a trike for Christmas if they do not have one already.

If you are thinking about purchasing your little one of the kids’ trikes then you will certainly want to make certain you buy is the best one. In order to help you guarantee that you go for a grand bicycle, this blog post will offer some guidance and advice concerning what to search for.

To begin with, you certainly must think of the price of the tricycle. You should spend some time putting together a tight budget about how much you can afford to put toward on your kid’s trike. Then you should certainly seek trikes that fit into your cost range. Whilst I am not telling you to go for the most costly option, it is not advised that you choose the most economical trike you see. After all, you are expected to experience from a lack of quality by doing this, and this will only end in disappointment.

The following thing you need to contemplate is the age of your kid as this unmistakably has an immediate influence upon which kind of trike you will be searching for. For example, most tricycles are usually aimed at those between the ages of two and four years old. Nevertheless, you can discover many trikes with detachable features meaning the tricycle can be used for kids under the age of one and then changed as they get older. By choosing such a trike you can make certain that you are spending on a value for money merchandise, as it will last you a long time.

Moreover, you must acknowledge the brand of the bicycle you are purchasing your kid for Christmas. After all, you must be safe knowing that your kid is riding in a high-quality trike in order to stop any injuries. The greatest way to get a feel for whether the business or brand is reliable or not is to do a fast search on the Internet to discover what past customer’s thought about the bike they purchased. If people have been left unsatisfied then they will be pleased to voice their opinion and this will teach you about any things you should be cautious about, which you may not have known before.

As you can see, plenty must be considered when you are searching for a trike. If you take note of everything that has been discussed above in this post, you can be confident you will find the ideal one for your child.

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Showcase Cinemas UK (Paisley) – Home Alone


The guys over at Showcase Cinema asked me to come along back to the cinema and see Home Alone, which is the first Christmas movie to be shown this year.

We all need a good Christmas movie to cheer us up, as its been a terrible year for everyone in some way or another so I said yes and added to my calendar.

Now most of us here have seen Home Alone, either from childhood or you may have shown your own kids.

I had not seen this film in ages, so I was very excited to see it again and in the cinema.⠀

Time for the film

On arrival, I popped on my face-mask, got my ticket and sat down to watch the film. Everyone was spaced out, and the seats just like last time were mega comfy.

There were so many parts to this film I forgot happened, and I got lost in the whole experience and enjoyed it from start to finish.

The whole experience of going back to the cinema was great, I have really missed it and its is and always will be the best way to see movies.⠀

A BIG thanks to ShowCase for my invite, and I highly recommend you book something and take a visit to your cinema or see what I saw and book Home Alone and get into the Christmas mood 🙂

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have been here or even gone to see what I saw in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

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Festive Menu Launch at Blysthwood Square Hotel (Glasgow) : Event


11 Blythswood Square
Glasgow G2 4AD

V: 30th October 2018      T:  0871 423 4917.      W:

Child-Friendly: Yes (well-behaved kids)      Accepts: Cash & Card

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..and the Blythswood Square Hotel is in the festive mood.

I was lucky enough to be invited to come along to the Blythswood Square Hotel, where myself and other bloggers etc would be treated to Christmas themed canapes and fizz and here all about the festive offerings….plus a special guest (I wonder who that could be)

We all gathered around a big table, where we took many photos and mixed with each other. On the table were the festive canapes, all looked very good.

Tonight was about the new Festive Lunch and dinner menu


We were told that the Blythswood Square Hotel was recently taken over, and they were trying to make improvements to several aspects of the hotel (to be honest I liked it before so how could they improve it?). All of the things they mentioned sounded very good, but the main one was the impression it gives people.

They wanted to make the menu and hotel more relaxed, and rather than a “you only go there if your loaded” anyone can come and enjoy a drink or a meal or even both which is good and the way it should be.

After enjoying the drinks and the food, we all had to participate in a little game…..

We all had to decorate the tree’s on the table, and someone special would be the judge


This was my tree…and unfortunately, I didn’t win but hey it’s not the winning that counts its the taking part 🙂

Guess who the special guest was…… was SANTA!!!! and we all had a photo or selfie taken with him.


Yup and I got a photo too 🙂

Overall tonight was very fun and everyone enjoyed the night……and loved seeing Santa again.

As I said the hotel is now doing a Christmas lunch or dinner in the restaurant, and it will only cost £20 which is really good. The festive menu is only on from the 1st of December till 24th, so give them a call and book you and your family or friends or even both in for a little festive treat.

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