My Heverlee Beer Delivery

The guys at Heverlee Beer contacted me and asked if I would like to try their beer and since I always like trying new food and drinks I accepted.

I received it just over a week ago, but due me driving more I couldn’t drink it till tonight.

I was at work when a BIG box arrived for me, and I knew this had to be the beer but I didn’t expect it too big this big.

It was time to open the package and see what was inside…


Wow, this was very cool, I never expect to get so many items so it was a great surprise.

I took the box home and emptied the contents


This was a great delivery, so it was time to check out the glass.


And there was more….even some chocolates đŸ™‚

When Heverlee contacted me, to be honest, I only half recognised the name so I took to Google to have a little read about them.

Heverlee is a Belgium beer and a very nice light beer.

Heverlee is normally served in a chalice glass which is to preserve the beer head. The foam is then normally sliced off with a knife, which is known as ‘beheading’ and doing this removes the larger bubbles, which tend to cause the head to deteriorate faster, protecting the liquid underneath from exposure to the air and maintaining the head’s bitter aromas.

The artwork on the case, the beer, bag and glass were designed by the world-renowned Belgian street-artist DZIA. If you want to see more of his artwork click HERE

As I said at the start of this post, I had the beer for just over a week but only just getting round to drinking it as I have 2 days where I won’t be driving.

This is a very nice light beer and had a really nice taste to it. Heverlee will be now added to my top beers to order when I go out for a drink.

Thanks to the guys at Heverlee for contacting me, this was a great gift and a really nice beer.


The Tennent’s Story New Attraction (Glasgow):​ Review


Wellpark Brewery
161 Duke Street
Glasgow G31 1JD

I was lucky enough to be invited to the pre-launch event of Tennent’s new visitor attraction on the 21st Novemeber as the official launch was 22nd Novemeber.

On arrival everyoe was welcomed from the outside by a band playing some cool tunes, which was a very nice touch.

Tennent’s have spent £1 million pound on this, which tells the story Tennents Lager from the 1500s to present and the story of Hugh Tennent.

Tennent’s already do the distilary tours, and now they have this new Tennent’s Story to bring even more beer lovers and tourists to the site.

When you enter you walk around learning all the history, and seeing some of the older Tennents products.

One part that stood out for me was a bottle that was 150 years old, it was found by a deapsea diver in Australia and he traced it all the way back to this building…very cool and you can read the full story when you go and visit.

Once you have read the information, sampled a few beers you can take a look at the merchendise all of which look great gifts.


Firstly I would like to thank Tennent’s for the invite, as I really enjoyed it from start to finish.

If your a beer lover, or a Tennent’s lover or even someone who enjoys history then this is a great attration for you to visit.