Rishis Indian Aroma Restaurant (Review) : Review

Visit Date : Saturday 18th June 2016

Currently, before trying here there was one Indian restaurant in Glasgow that I would recommend (Not tried them all yet, but a good amount). Rishi’s is now on my list as I really enjoyed it.

This visit was a special visit as it was an early birthday dinner for my friend, and Rishi’s was also recommended by our Indian friends as they found it very close to the way it should be.

Normally when I go out I stick to ordering the same things, but now I am trying different items and that’s what I did here.

Starter :

There was a lot on the menu for my starter that I would have tried but I opted for the Methu Vadai.


Methu Vadai : Fried doughnuts made of urid dal, ginger, onion, curry leaves & green chilly with a soft centre & crunchy exterior, served with special chutneys & Sambar*

These were nice, and I am glad I tried them. After you have had one, the sauces are needed to add a little more flavour but this could just be me and my sweet tooth. One of my friends ordered the Dosa which looked really nice, and I tried a little and I would try this next time.

Chicken Chettinad with Coconut rice: A spicy Chettinad preparation, combining Ground coconut, curry leaves, fennel and sesame seeds. (spicy)

I was worried about ordering this since it said “spicy” as I am ok with just spicy and no more, and my normal dish is a korma. I found this very nice, and yes it was spicy but it wasn’t overpowering I lost all sensation.

Would I order this again…not sure as there was just a taste in it I wasn’t sure off, but now that I am doing more blogging I would try something else and review that.

Dessert :

Gulab Jamun : Fried dough soaked in sugar syrup.


This is my favourite to order anytime I go to an Indian restaurant, it’s a shame that you only get two balls as I could easily eat double that as it’s too nice….more so if you have a sweet tooth like me.

Overall :

There were 5 of us this day, and I was pleasantly shocked at the cost of the bill as I found them to be very very reasonably priced. Normally what we paid for 5 is what I pay when it’s just 2.

If you like Indian food and have not tried it here please do as my first visit I was very impressed and will be going back.

Patisserie Valerie Afternoon Tea (Glasgow)  : Review

Visit Date : June 20 2016

Afternoon tea used to be a big thing, but then it seem to die off. Now it’s back with a vengeance and more popular than ever. Nearly every restaurant offers it at some point, and 99% of the time they are fully booked.

I have tried several places in Glasgow for afternoon tea and there is only a small amount that gives you good value for money and makes you feel nice and relaxed. You would be surprised to learn that two of the big popular places and fancy hotels/restaurants might not be on my list….but that’s for another review.

Patisserie Valerie is one of currently 3 places in Glasgow that I think gives you good value for money, makes you feel welcome, and also relaxed.

The selection is always very good here, and also the service. Also unlike a lot of other places you do get normal-sized sandwich slices rather than tiny finger sandwiches. The staff is always very pleasant and very helpful and this is every time I have been here and not just a one-off.

The price for afternoon tea is a good price, and as I said it’s really good value for the money. Do keep watching sites like Groupon and LivingSocial as Patisserie Valerie does sometimes put deals on and they are not to be missed.

Patisserie Valerie is one of the three I would highly recommend if you want to have afternoon tea in Glasgow, keep watching my posts for the next review, or feel free to contact me and ask.

Afternoon Tea

Lunch at the Waldorf Astoria (Edinburgh) : Review


Visit Date: 13 June 2016

I like to take a trip to Edinburgh so when I visited it was about lunchtime, and to be honest I never really know of any good places to go to.

Normally I wouldn’t have gone over to the Waldorf as it gets a costly name, but I thought I wonder what the cost of lunches would be.

When I got close to the Waldorf I saw a menu on the outside of the building, and wow very costly even for simple dishes but then again it’s a fancy place so the more costly the prices. I was about to leave when I thought let’s take a look inside, just in case they had a lunch menu or something similar.

I am very glad I did as inside they have a very nice bar/lounge/lunch area, this is very nice and very posh but when I sat down I found it very nice and relaxing.

For lunch, I ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap, as you can see it’s very nicely presented and it was very very tasty. It was filling enough for a nice lunch, and when I do go back and I will be I will order it again.

Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

This is just a short review as when I go back I will take more photos, and try a few other items.

If you are in Edinburgh do check here out and just go inside and enjoy a nice lunch.

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