Sugar Dumplin Restaurant (Glasgow) : Review

Princes Square
48 Buchanan Street
Glasgow G1 3JN

Opening Times

  • Mon – Wed: 12.00pm – 10.00pm 
  • Thurs – Sat: 12.00pm – 12.00pm 
  • Sun: 12.00pm – 8.00pm

T : 0141 248 2255

Visit Date : Friday 30th December 2016

Finally I am back at Sugar Dumplin for some food, and I brought some friends to see and try the place. So why have I not been back for food you ask? Well, just there are so many places in Glasgow to try and on my list….But I do come here for cocktails so it balances out I think.

Sugar Dumpling is a home from home for me, myself and my best friend have been regulars nearly every single weeks since it opened. The staff (even though its changed) know us by our first name, and are always very welcoming.

We hired a shack for the evening, which was perfect for all of us.

Starter :

Jerk Ribs £5.95 (GF)
Jerk ribs covered in irie sauce topped with sliced chilli and spring onion

Sugar Dumplin Glasgow Jerk Chicken
Sugar Dumplin Glasgow Jerk Chicken

So far for me there are two places that do really good ribs in Glasgow (yes I know I’ve still lots to try but at this point in time). The first is here and the second is Nippon Kitchen.

These ribs were cooked perfect, the meat just slide off the bone and it was tender and really full of flavour.

If you visit this is a must to have as your starter.

Flavour (out of 5) :  5

Main :

Curry Goat £11.95 (GF)
Slow cooked, curry goat off the bone with mixed pepper, potato and Carrots


Sugar Dumplin Glasgow Curry Goat
Sugar Dumplin Glasgow Curry Goat

For me the rice part was a little lacking in flavour, yes I could have added some sauce but it was the first time trying this so I thought I would take it as its made.

The goat well that was a different story it was full of flavour, very tender and just broke up in my mouth.

Flavour (out of 5) :  4

After and well during the meal we had some drinks and cocktails, but the main part after the meal was shots.

The shots we had  :

  • Cafe Patron Tequila
  • Tequila

You may be shocked to read this but the only time I have had tequila is mixed in a cocktail, and never on its own so this was the first time trying it. I didn’t use any salt or lime, which I know you should as I didn’t actually mind the taste and it was smooth to drink.

The Cafe Patron Tequila now this was am talking about, this was  coffee flavoured Tequila and yes its meant as a shot but you can easily have it as a sipping drink. First time trying this, and also won’t be my last as I liked it a lot.

Visit Overall :

Overall just like anytime I have been in I had a really nice meal, and felt very relaxed. Everyone I was with also enjoyed the food, and we had a very nice evening.

  • Child Friendly : Yes
  • Service : 5
  • The portion sizes and taste : 4.5
  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Value for money : 5
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Bikes against Bullies UK (Glasgow)


Website :

Facebook :

Twitter : ‪@bikes_against 

Bikes Against Bullies UK is a group set up for bikers, but not limited to them. Anyone can get involved! The aim is to create awareness surrounding bullying and offer support to victims and their families. Our children deserve to be safe, and to be empowered and to live their lives without fear.

If you or your child is a victim of bullying and you would like our support, please get in touch.

I thought I would do a blog post on Bikes against Bullies UK, in case you know someone who could need their help or a little boost in their life.

Recently I heard of Bikes against Bullies UK, as someone I know asked them to come and help build the confidence of a family member. This is a great idea and a fantastic thing to do plus the service is free, and everyone in this group is really wanting to help the person in a big way and show loads of support.

Bikes against Bullies UK is a Non Profit Organisation, what happens is you ask them to help support someone who is being bullied at school and they organise an event. This event is sent to all the many bikers that want to help, and are able to come on the specific day.

They all turn up on their motorbikes and this is a sight to see, I was lucky to see some arrive at a recent event and all you heard was revving and the bikes passing me. Once everyone turns up they make you a member, and give you a little goodie bag.

  • photos above were taken from the recent event at time of post, they are taken from their Facebook page and do not show the person who was being bullied.

What this member status means is, anytime the person that is getting bullied can call and speak to someone from this organisation for some extra support. They can also request to be picked up from school by a few bikers, to show the bullies that they have bikers as friends.

This again I think is great, everyone is doing this because they care as most of us or even all of us have been bullied at some point in our life and know how it makes us feel.

Know someone that is getting bullied and would like a little confidence booster, then why not check out Bikes against Bullies UK. Its not just based in Glasgow, they have a few all over the UK and parts of the world so check them out on the website and Facebook page.

To all the group members I would like to say keep up the amazing job your doing!!!

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Christmas at the Boclair House Hotel : Review

Boclair House Hotel
100 Milngavie Road,
Bearsden. Glasgow. G61 2TQ.

T : 0141 942 4278
e :


Date Of Visit : Sunday 25th December 2016

Boclair House Hotel Christmas Lights

So this years family Christmas dinner was spent at the Boclair House Hotel, I had only been here just the once and it was for a family members funeral so it was nice to come back and have a nice happy event and meal.


The Menu : 

Christmas Day Menu


  • Trio of Scottish Salmon With a leek terrine, beetroot cured and hot smoked rillette. Served with braised leek and caviar
  • Duck Liver, Orange and Whiskey Parfait : Red onion marmalade, textures of beetroot with ciabatta wafer
  • Twice Baked Lanark Blue Cheese and Walnut Souf é (v) Poached mulled wine baby pear and toasted almond salad
  • Ayrshire Chicken, Pistachio and Foie Gras Terrine Pickled cucumber and apricot chutney


Parsnip and Honey Soup (v) : Rosemary and garlic crumb


  • Traditional Roast Turkey : Roast potatoes, vegetables, chipolatas with sprouts and turkey jus
  • Lightly Spiced Monk fish Tail : Braised puy lentils, cauliflower fritters with crisp pancetta and citrus dressing
  • Seared Medallions of Prime Scottish Beef Fillet Dauphinoise potato, truffle scented mushrooms and madeira jus
  • Wild Mushroom, Leek and Spinach Wellington (v) Confit new potato, shallot purée and herb dressing


  • Traditional Christmas Pudding : Courvoisier brandy sauce
  • Clementine and Nutmeg Crème Brûlée : Orange scented biscotti biscuits
  • Sugar Coated Brioche Doughnuts : “Jack Daniel’s Honey” chocolate dipping sauce
  • Selection of Scottish Cheese : Grapes, biscuits and celery with winter fruit compote

Freshly brewed tea & coffee with festive mince pies

Adults £85 | Children £29.95

Visit from Santa & free gift for every child


Everyone knows that when you go out for Christmas dinner its never going to be perfect, it’s a very busy day for the location and staff so something has to go wrong….well most of the time.

My Starter : 

Duck Liver, Orange and Whiskey Parfait
“Red onion marmalade, textures of beetroot with ciabatta wafer”

Duck Liver, Orange and Whiskey Parfait

For me you can’t really go wrong with pate unless your one of those people who prefer smooth over chunky, I like both so am ok.

This was very nice, the pate was full of flavour and I really enjoyed it.

What I do hate but this applies to every restaurant that does pate is, you always get more pate than what it comes with to spread on.

Intermediate : 

Parsnip and Honey Soup (v) :
“Rosemary and garlic crumb”

Parsnip and Honey Soup

For me the soup was very nice, again you could easily taste the honey and the parsnip. The amount you were given tonight was perfect, as there were still a few courses to follow.

Main : 

Wild Mushroom, Leek and Spinach Wellington (v)
“Confit new potato, shallot purée and herb dressing”

Wild Mushroom, Leek and Spinach Wellington

So recently I have been trying to be a little good and go for a healthier option every now and then, so I decided to try this as the other items didn’t really appeal to me.

This was nice, maybe not as full of flavour as I would have liked but it was nice.

Sweet : 

Sugar Coated Brioche Doughnuts :
“Jack Daniel’s Honey” chocolate dipping sauce

Sugar Coated Brioche Doughnuts

What can I say anything sugarcoated or has chocolate sauce is a winner for me, and yes this was very nice.

Overall :

I had heard this was their first time doing Christmas dinner and unfortunately it did show, the time between courses was just too long. I know we weren’t in any rush, but it was just a little too long.

The reason for this was there was no set time for people to arrive, just turn up at a pre booked time rather than the hotel saying “there are two sittings one at x time and the other at x time”. so this caused a little problem, and the staff were all over the place.

This pre planned sittings would have been better, as all coursers were coming out of the kitchen at different times so some tables would be starting and some would be finishing. This meant that there were delays with some times in getting courses, and we unfortunately were included in the delay area.

Atmosphere this was just ok, there was Christmas music playing in the background and some Christmas decorations. To be honest I don’t know what it was missing, maybe the tables could have had some more decorations, I just don’t know but it was an ok atmosphere but didn’t really feel Christmasy.

Apart from the delays, I can’t really fault the food it was very nicely presented and also tasted nice.

Atmosphere : 3
Service : 2
Food : 4
Overall Score (out of 5) : 3.5


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