Damasqino Restaurant & Cafe (Takeaway, Glasgow) 2023 : Review

The Delivery

While the daily grind at work usually involves ordering from our trusty local spots, my colleague and I decided to spice things up one Tuesday afternoon. Instead of sticking to the familiar, we ventured further afield for some exciting lunch options.

My previous experience with this takeaway had been rather mediocre, so I was hoping that trying something different would do the trick.

As soon as our order arrived at our shop, the tantalizing aroma wafted through the air, immediately whetting our appetites.

The Food Order

Special Sandwich Chicken £9.99 (BOGOF)
Roasted thin slices of marinated chicken, sesame sauce, garlic sauce, and pickles with toasted Lebanese bread. Served with chips.

First things first, the portion size was nothing short of astonishing. We’d scored a “buy one, get one free” deal, which meant we were in for a feast that didn’t break the bank. At just £10 for both dishes, plus delivery, it was already off to an impressive start.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the chicken wrap. It was a symphony of flavors in every bite. The generous filling was bursting with a medley of tastes that delighted my palate. The pickles added a tangy zing, the onions provided a hint of crunch, and the chicken itself was incredibly tender and well-seasoned. It was a delightful fusion of textures and tastes that made each mouthful a pure joy.

What truly stood out was the authenticity of the Lebanese and Syrian cuisine. This was my first foray into these culinary traditions, and I was pleasantly surprised by the use of pickled items in the dish. While I initially had reservations, the pickles worked harmoniously with the other flavors, creating a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

One of the things I appreciated the most was how filling the meal was. Unlike some takeout experiences that leave you hungry shortly after, this left me content and fueled for the rest of the workday.

Dish Flavour★★★★★
Serving Size★★★★★
Value for Money★★★★★

Final Thoughts…

In hindsight, I’m glad I decided to give this takeaway joint another chance. The chicken wrap I had this time around was a game-changer, miles apart from the lackluster chicken shawarma I’d sampled previously. If you find yourself craving a flavorful and filling lunch option or happen to be in the area, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this dish a try.

To sum it up, this Lebanese and Syrian takeaway experience was a revelation. It’s proof that venturing outside your comfort zone can lead to extraordinary culinary discoveries. I’m looking forward to exploring more of their menu in the future, and I can confidently say that this place has secured a spot in my list of go-to takeout joints. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor these delightful flavors; you won’t be disappointed.

Service / Staff★★★★★
Time between Courses★★★★★
Overall Value for Money★★★★★
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