Why Choose Rentals Over Hotels on Holiday

When you are booking a family holiday, it can be difficult to find the space for all of you in one place. For some families, hotel rooms have to be split because there are limits in hotel rooms for how many can sleep in them. Every single holiday destination has hotels that you can enjoy being in, and if you choose a hotel for your family holiday you would be just like most people. Have you considered a rental instead? 

Whether you book an AirBNB or you see Ocean Florida for any of their villa options, you should consider a rental rather than a hotel for your next family holiday. There are so many benefits to choosing somewhere to stay away from a hotel and once you have the right accommodation booked, you’ll be able to go much further with your trip. So, why should you choose a rental over a hotel?

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  1. The value for money. When you go self-catering for a family holiday, you get so much more freedom. You don’t have to stick to meal times set by a resort or hotel, and you don’t have to be stuck in one room. For the same price of a hotel room for all, you can get an entire villa or apartment and still enjoy an amazing holiday.
  2. You can live like a local while you travel. When you choose a rental, you can immerse yourself in the resort areas and you can enjoy a much greater understanding of the local culture, the local way of life and some of the local cuisines, too. You can practise your language skills in a new place and you can experience so much more than you think!
  3. You get more space. A rental gives you more rooms. You’re not just encroached in the floor space of a bedroom; you get living spaces, a kitchen to cook in, a bathroom and bedrooms. You might even be afforded a private swimming pool so that you can swim in peace without other people. It’s a nice way to spread out when you are travelling as a larger family and it makes the holiday much more fun.
  4. You can set your routines. You don’t have to stick to the timings of kids clubs and resort meals when you are in a villa or an AirBNB. Instead, you can set your own meal times and routines and if you fancy sleeping in, you can have a later breakfast and that’ll be just fine.
  5. You can remain flexible. You can book excursions if you like but they don’t have to be booked through a hotel. Being flexible with your holiday is important but you can do that with a rental. You can book the days out that you want and you can BBQ in the backyard. You can even have lazy days around the rental pool.

Hotels offer certain luxuries on holiday but when you’re going away with family, you might want to spread out into your own space. Choosing a rental allows you to do that!

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