Homemade Sweet Popcorn : Recipe

If you have tried my buttery popcorn recipe, then you will love this as they are a perfect texture and not too sweet but super morish.

You may find at the bottom of your pot some are burnt due to the sugar, don’t worry the more you keep the pot moving the less this will happen.


  • popcorn kernels (handful)
  • 3 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 3 tbsp white sugar


  1. Don’t start your hob yet, keeping the pan cool will give you the best result for popcorn.
  2. Pour in your oil and add your sugar
  3. Now mix the sugar into the oil so it dissolves and created a liquid
  4. Now put your kernels in your pan
  5. Give your pot a good shake making sure every kernel is coated in the sugary oil.
  6. Turn your hob on to a high temperature
  7. Now place the pan on the hob for a few mins, then lift and give a good shake to keep the kernels coated. Keep repeating this step till the first one pops.
  8. Once the first one has popped repeat placing it on the hob and lifting and shaking till the very last pop.
  9. Pour in to a bowl and enjoy.
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Author: krismunro

Glasgow Food Travel & lifestyle blogger on a mission to discover all that is dynamic & diverse.

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