V: 2nd January 2020

As always after every invite I always go back to a restaurant for a second visit, to see if everything is as good the second time round…well was it?….continue reading.

The Food

As you saw from my first visit (Read Here) I had a very good experience, and very good food so it was time to order something different and try more Romanian food.


Platou Casa Timis / Casa Timis Sharing Board (2 People) £30.00

The sharing board contains grilled pork collar, grilled chicken breast, lamb pastrami, 2 skinless pork and beef sausages, grilled sausages served with fries, pickle salad and mustard.

RO : Platoul continue ceafa de porc, piept de pui, pastrama de oaie, 2 mici, cranaciori la gralar servita cu cartofi prajitl, salata de muraturi si mustar

I went with my financee and my best friend (Chris) who you have probably seen in my more recent Romania Vlog so a sharing board was a good option so we could sample a lot of different items.

Everything on this board I tried, and was cooked perfectly! the grilled pork collar was REALLY good as I think it was cooked in a wine and it kept the amazing flavour.

The board is meant for two people, but for the amount of food you get on it I would say 3 people…but 3 people who are getting starter, main and dessert as you get a lot of meat as you can see from the photo.

  • Presentation : 5
  • Flavour : 5
  • Value For Money : 5
  • Overall : 5

Main Course :

Crap romanesc prat sau la grader / Fried or grilled Romanian carp fish £12.50

Fried or grilled Romanian carp fish served with polenta and garlic sauce

RO : Crap romanesc prat sau la grader servit cu mamaliguta si majdei de usturoi

So the first time I had Crap or Carp as known here was when I was near the Danube in Romania, but it was a soup and very nice so I thought lets see how it is on its own and not as a soup.

I tried some carp on its own and with the polenta and really liked it, for the garlic sauce was SUPER strong so I just left that and took the rest.

The fish was cooked perfectly, and had a nice flavour.

  • Presentation : 4
  • Flavour : 5
  • Value For Money : 4
  • Overall : 4

Desert :

I am sure you guessed what I got tonight 🙂


Romanian Doughnuts

I got these to take away a few days ago (at time of writing this blog) and they were nice, but sitting in here and mega fresh is the only way to eat these mmmmmmm so so so good!!!!

  • Presentation : 5
  • Flavour : 5
  • Value For Money : 5
  • Overall : 5

Visit Overall :

Just like my first visit I really enjoyed all the food tonight, and the service was very good.

I can only fault the main course, maybe there could have been a little more fish but sine I was getting close to being full due to the starter I didn’t mind.

Just like last time I will also be posting a VLOG so keep a watch out for that to.

Overall a good visit, with good food and I cant wait to return to try some other dishes and get more Papanasi.

Ne vedem în curând (See you soon)

Review Scores –

  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Staff : 5
  • Menu Choice : 5
  • Service : 5
  • Food : 4
  • Value for Money: 4
  • Overall : 4.5

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have been here or even tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

Additional Details

  • Child Friendly : Yes (well behaved kids)
  • Payment : Cash & Card
  • Vegan Friendly: Yes
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