Kebabish Grill Re-Launch Party (Glasgow)

Kebabish Grill
323-325 Victoria Road
Glasgow G42 7SA

V: 21st July 2019. T: 0141 424 1879. W:

I was lucky to be invited to the re-launch party for Kebabish Grill on Victoria Road, which was destroyed by a fire in November 2017.

Kebabish Grill has always had a very very good name, so I was super excited to attend.

Tonight around 200 guests were invited, plus Hollywood film writer Mark Millar, Outlander star Scott Kyle and MSP Nicola Sturgeon.

The official opening is Monday 24th June 2019.

Before everyone went inside we were treated to the sounds of VIP Dholies, this was a great way to kick off the night.

Check out the video on my Instagram.

Looking Around

Kebabish was always on my list to visit, but my list keeps growing and growing so I cant comment on how it used to look.

Looking around wow this was very nice, I loved the style and the layout inside.

The Food…

As everyone arrived, and sat at tables we were all given a sample dish for our starters.

I can honestly say that every mouthful was perfect flavours, and perfectly cooked I could have easily had seconds.

The main course was a buffet, and the line for it was growing and I couldn’t wait to see what was being served.

Since it was buffet I didn’t take a photo of what I choose, as my presentation isn’t the best but I will say WOW again just like the starters the food was amazing.

As I mentioned at the start of the post, Nicola Sturgeon came tonight. I did get to say hi and a photo, but it was a very quick chat as everyone wanted to to say hi and get a photo with her.

Someone I did get to speak more than a few words with was Scott Kyle from Outlander, Scott is a really nice guy and very funny…he told me a story about a curry while we waited to go up to the buffet.

Scott if you are seeing this, thanks again for the photo and the nice chat.


Firstly two things, big thanks to Kebabish Grill for the invite and a massive! compliments and thanks to the Chef’s tonight!!!!!!!

Officially re-opens on Monday 24th July 2019

GUY THIS IS A MUST!!!!! you have to visit here and order many many dishes!!! I cant wait to return and try many many dishes!

I will be adding Kebabish Grill to one of my top spots to visit!

Amazing food and amazing night!

See you soon guys.

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Innis & Gunn NEW Brewery Taproom : Event (Glasgow, West End)

tap room

Innis & Gunn Brewery Taproom
44 Ashton Lane
Glasgow G12 8SJ

V: 20th June 2019. T: 0141 334 6688. W:

I have been to Innis & Gunn on Ashton Lane a few times, for food, drinks or both so when I got an email for an invite to their Tap Room launch I had to accept.

I have been getting in to the beer scene in a big way this year, so I was very excited to see what they have done to the place as its been a while since my last visit.

Official Opening : 21 June 2019

Looking Around

When I entered I instantly noticed a massive!! difference!! the place looked so much more modern from the last time and had a very good vibe tonight.

They have created a new Scottish soul food menu, and £5 before five lunch menus which is really good. It also has its own brew room which will be used for tastings, so this again is going to be very cool and I am sure attract a lot of people.

I actually learned tonight and its bad saying this, as it shows how much attention I payed when I visited my last times…..there are several floors in here! yip tonight I learned its not just a ground floor place, there are a few above….shame on me.

The second floor was more for eating, and again just like downstairs it had a very modern look and a really nice feel to it.

The top floor is the cocktail area, which just like the other floors has a very nice modern look.

As I said I never really knew that there were more floors here, so I cant comment on the changes made to them.


Firstly thank you for my invite tonight guys 🙂

I had a great night tonight, and really loved what changes has been made and the feel and look of each floor.

Looking around at everyone when I stopped at each level, everyone was enjoying looking around, having a nibble and having some beer.

Some little food nibbles were passed around the whole night, and the ones that I sampled were really good so I aim to go back for some food and a beer at some point.

If you have been here before or fancy checking out the new Tap Room do take a visit, you will see many good beers and have a great night.

Official Opening : 21st June 2019

Chat to me on here via the comments below, or on my Twitter or Instagram and let me know if you have been here or even tried what I had in this review. I want to hear from you so lets have a wee chat 🙂

Kris Eats: Romania 🇷🇴 – Mici in Nicolae Romanescu Park Craiova VLOG

Hi and welcome to my YouTube Series Kris Eats, in this video while I was staying in Romania I visit a park in Craiova called Nicolae Romanescu Park where I had a boat ride and my favourite Mici.